November 20, 2019
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The Indian Air Force, the Guardians of our skies. In the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and the Kargil War of 1999 Indian Air Force has played a crucial role which played a key role in winning the war. Those who join the air defense are a cut above. Their journey as a part of the fourth largest air force in the world begins here a place that trains the mind and body to lead by example. A place that prepares young flight cadets to become warriors in the skies. The premiere training institute of the Indian Air Force, this is the Air Force Academy… Lets see the life and times of four flight cadets at AFA more closely. I am Mudit Tewari. I have always wanted to fly and I hope I can score good marks And I can be a fighter and I want to fly MiG-21. This has always been my dream I am Flight Cadet Priya Sharma. I am in Stage 1 Pilot Course. My father is an ATC Officer and my uncle is also in the army. So, I have a defence background. I am Flight Cadet Amogh Bhandralia. I’m in the advanced stage of training, that is, Stage 2. I just have one dream – to be good at what I do and that is to be the best fighter pilot for India. I am Flight Cadet Kartik Thakur. I am a Stage 2 Fighters Trainee at Air Force Academy. I have been passionate about flying since my childhood. And I’m feeling very good that I am going to be in Indian Air Force To serve and protect the country the four cadets have to clear many difficult hurdles. And during their journey at Air Force Academy we will be there with them always. The academy’s newest entrant Mudit Tewari leaves his home for the new world and its regime. We’ll see his experiences on the first day at the Academy. First of all he has to get his haircut done. Priya and Amogh take their first steps towards flying in their respective stages. The preliminary training in chair flying and attempt to keep their noses on line during the cockpit flying and taxi run. Kartik prepares for his all important sortie that is crucial in taking him closer to his dream of becoming a flying officer. And, K. J. Singh, the ferocious Warrant Officer, responsible for physical toughening of the cadets, and he is readying himself for moulding another batch of freshers. Close to Hyderabad in Telengana, the Air Force Academy is spread across a sprawling 7000 acre campus. since it’s inception in 1967 this elite training institute of the Indian Air Force, has been instrumental in shaping the nation’s air warriors for nearly 50 years. In armed forces we are here just to win a war. There is no point in coming second in a war. And if you want to win a war, you cannot be a weak link. Fighting a war or winning a war is a team effort. And the strength of the team and the strength of the chain depend on being strong and not leaving any weak link. We don’t want anyone to be a weak link, which may hamper our effort in winning a war. We Have a mission statement that is to bring all the flight cadets to a certain standard of intellectual, professional and of physical calibre to achieve the task and responsibilities of Indian Air Force as future leaders. And make the nation proud of them. The dreams of many flight cadets are made and broken here. One among them, carrying his dream to fly a fighter aircraft is Mudit who is ready to take a plunge from a civilian to a flight cadet. When you choose your career you want something that you enjoy, you want something that you love and you want something that will give you immense joy as well as honour. So, it all has been there with defence forces. Joining the forces is more than just flying. The primary goal is to serve your country. If you are a citizen of this country, then you have the duty to serve your country in all manners. Mudit’s first milestone when he enters the academy is to earn the coveted blue uniform of a flight cadet something that is neither easy, nor guaranteed. You will be moulded according to the defense requirement. Your mind and body capabilities are increased since you have to perform a rigorous routine there. Academy is a place where your body is moulded into steel. I know I have to work hard, and I am ready for that. I have to do this anyhow. As part of our academy, the branch of which cadets are selected, they are divided into flying faculty and ground training faculty. The ground training faculty comprises of training in Administration training, Logistics, Accounts, Education, Meteorology and Aeronautical Engineering. And those who are going to become pilots, they are all part of the flying faculty. The flying branch training at the AFA is divided into 3 stages of 24 weeks each Stage 0 Pre Flying Training Course or the PFTC is the beginners stage that Mudit will be entering in to. He will undergo 6 months of theoretical and outdoor training but no flying. Meanwhile Priya, is in Stage 1 Flying. In this stage the basic information of flying a fighter plane is provided. And flying training on the basic trainer aircraft Pilatus PC7 Mark 2.

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