February 24, 2020
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When your workstation is at 30,000 ft above sea level then failure is not an option. Placing the security and honour of your country above yourself is in the job description. The cadet’s training progresses and the academy raises the ante as it grills its future officers, preparing them to take on any challenge in any circumstances. This is the breeding ground for the future air warriors. This is the Indian Air Force Academy. Mudit has completed four months in the academy, and now he is going to face the toughest one week at the academy. It’s Camp Harvard he needs to survive. Priya in Stage 1 flying braces herself to go airborne for the first time in her life. But once up in the air, she needs to land back down safely. And that is a challenge for her. Amogh in Stage 2 flying gears up for the moment he has always dreamt of… his first solo sortie. And exhaustion is taking a toll on Kartik as he flies relentlessly to complete all the sorties he needs to be able to pass out as a flying officer from the Air Force Academy.. Why are we here? To fight a war! Nations security lies in our hands. You learn here to destroy the enemy in a war. And to destroy the enemy it’s important to have a calm mind. And for that, I’ll teach you Yoga. Have you ever seen a lion in the forest? The most powerful animal but it always remains calm. Physical strength is not enough. You have to first be strong from here (mind), then from physical. Being mentally strong is integrated part of military training. A calm and cool mind strengthens your body. Close your eyes. Rub your palms and feel the warmth on your eyes. Think about your parade. Even in the cockpit you have to keep yourself calm. Your body will go through a lot of changes. A calm mind also helps channelize the aggression required for ground combat. The shout should be very loud. Your eyes should be wide open and it should be evident from your face that you are going to kill. Our main task here is air defense An aspiring air warrior first needs to be strong on the ground before he’s able protect the skies. Incase we face any threat on the ground, we, first, have to protect our premises The Bayonet fighting technique is very important in a soldier’s training. Especially during war, if ammunition is running low, and we are in close contact with the enemy, this technique helps us to fight the enemy and kill them Block! Elbow Attack! We teach Taekwondo and Martial Arts to the cadets for their self defense. Each drill taught at the academy has a practical application test that the cadets need to clear. Bayonet fighting, and unarmed combat are two critical exercises that Mudit needs to learn and ace it, because he will be tested on them in a few days from now at Camp Harvard. First attack is he is coming to grab you like this forcefully so you’ll do a double hand block hold the head and nail him down. Now he is trying to grab your hand from behind. Block! Elbow attack Face! Side! In a soldier’s life there might be situations where they might not have a weapon or any arms. In those cases, they can defend themselves with Taekwondo and Martial Arts Priya, stage 1 flying cadet, had to undergo an aeromedical test before getting into the cockpit. After that it was the simulator tests and her performance in the first session was disappointing. But in a true warrior spirit, Priya fought her way back and cleared the remaining two sessions to advance to the next phase. After a month of ground exercises, Priya is ready to fly her first dual sortie. In stage 1 flying, they have designed the syllabus in such a way that the techniques you have learned in previous phase actually helps you. It’s only after you pass the first phase that you go on to the next phase. Cadets are taught various maneuvers of flying. like general handling, how to take off and make a circuit approach and landing. They are also taught instrument flying and pilot navigation. And over all aim is to achieve good self-confidence in handling the aircraft in its complete flight envelope. And Priya needs to be most confident about the landing. The memory of her first simulator session is still fresh. This is the first time Priya will be airborne and she’ll be attempting to land the aircraft.

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