April 3, 2020
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Internship Insight: U.S. Army CCDC with Kaitlyn Nadeau ’20

(upbeat music) – Coming into my first
week, I was a little on the edge because I wasn’t
sure what to expect. Especially the first day that
I had to report for duty. You know, you face the gate
with the security guard, which they are very nice
people, but if you were any regular person you would
be a little frightened. Especially at seven in the morning. I’m Kaitlyn Nadeau. I’m currently at my semester internship. I’m a rising senior at Endicott College. My major is bioengineering. I am currently at the Natick
Soldier Research Center. It is a army base, so we do
have about 50 soldiers on base that could test to the new equipment that we are working on to
increase quality of life for the people that are
serving our country. So we do a lot of soldier research. I am with the biological
science technology team. I’ve also worked with the chemists in the chemical science
technology team, as well. Right now I am currently
working on a fungus that’s affecting the army’s defense tents. The army switched to synthetic
PVC materials for their tent and they are still having fungus problems. No matter where this shelter is set up this fungus is the first colonizer, which then allows all the other colonizers which then ultimately degrade
the synthetic material. For my internship, since
it is more biomolecular biological research, I
got a lot of what I needed from our chemistry labs at Endicott and also the biology labs. You know, they were basic Chemistry 101 or Biology 101, and
they are always helpful, and they taught us, you know, the basics for techniques in the laboratory. So that definitely helped
when getting to here because previously in my internship, I hadn’t done much laboratory work. It was more on the
engineering aspect of it, so I got to get into a little
more of laboratory work, which was very exciting for me. At the end of the day I think I could definitely see myself here, because ever since I’ve
been in high school I’ve definitely been interested in ROTC. I also do have family that’s, you know, been in the army or
been with the military, so it was a good experience I
knew that was coming my way.

Tony wyaad