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Is “Stranger Things” TV Show Actually Based On Real Life Military Project?

In the 1990’s a man named Preston Nichols
went public and started saying the strangest things. He said he’d been involved with
a series of military projects, and after uncovering repressed memories he said he now remembered
working on things such as mind control, teleportation, telepathy and even time travel. This was all
top secret, of course. The experiments he said had taken place at a U.S. military black
site in a place called Montauk in New York State. Other people have also come out and
said the U.S. government has conducted similar experiments that sound like science fiction,
but just how credible are these people and how does this tie in to Stranger Things?
Before we get back to Mr. Nichols we first need to tell you about something called the
Philadelphia Experiment. You see, Nichols said that the experiments that he took part
in were a kind of follow on from this alleged experiment. We’ve done a full show on this,
so we will just give you a recap now. As the story goes, while the USA was fighting
in world war two it was developing a ship, but this was no ordinary ship. Called the
USS Eldridge, the destroyer was by some accounts out of this world in many respects. It’s
said in 1943 an experiment took place and the ship just disappeared from the eyes of
those who stood by. This was apparently teleportation and the technology was created by Nikola Tesla.
One man said the ship was surrounded by a blue light and then poof, it was gone. That’s
not a bad thing to have in a war. How do we know any of this?
Well, a man who claimed to be a whistleblower told a writer and the writer relayed the tale.
It was even written that when the ship remerged things hadn’t gone so well as men were mangled
on the ship, some of them actually fused to the thing. Conspiracy theorists have written
that some of those men ended up in mental asylums, while others died. The problem is,
can we believe this happened on the account of one man, a man who would change his story
over his lifetime? Well, now we must talk about another man and
his name was Al Bielek. He claimed that after watching the movie The Philadelphia Experiment
once-repressed memories came back to him and he too now realized he had worked on these
secret projects and he said he had also seen a ship teleport.
He went further, though, saying after that experiment he became part of the “The Montauk
Project”. He claimed the USA was working on time travel and indeed he had been sent
into the future himself. He claimed to have been onboard one ship and after it disappeared
he awoke in a hospital covered in radiation burns in the year 2137. But that wasn’t
all, he also said he’d visited the 28th century and gone as far forward on one journey
as 6037. The question again is, do we believe the words of this one man? It’s not as if
he has ever come forward with any kind of substantial proof, we just have to take his
word for it. We should mention a man named Jacques F. Vallee.
He wrote a piece called “Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later”
in an attempt to better understand why some people were saying such things had happened.
His conclusion in some part was that indeed the USA was trying to develop technologies
that would make ships difficult to be hit by magnetic weapons, but there was nothing
otherworldly about this. The technology wasn’t that great at all. He said perhaps this might
have planted seeds in people’s minds and that’s why folk started talking about disappearing
ships. After the war, say conspiracy theorists, the
USA started doing things in tune with the TV Show Stranger Things. We should say that
the original title of the series was actually Montauk, but the Duffer brothers changed their
minds on that one. One of those things was seeking out children with psychic sensitivities
and basically taking them from the streets and conducting experiments on them.
Now this is not so over the top, because the CIA had had a mind control program that definitely
did exist and this was called MKUltra. The CIA wanted to try and figure out how to control
someone’s mind, and to do this they did things such as give people the powerful drug
LSD. They also tried hypnosis, sleep deprivation, isolation and forms of torture. It was secret,
and as it turned out, very unethical. This is a far cry from experimenting on children
who might have the power of telekinesis, though. That’s being able to move things with your
mind, such as “Eleven” can do in Stranger Things. It’s also very different from telepathy,
being able to read someone’s mind. There is no evidence that either is possible, but
it makes interesting TV. The men who have talked about such things,
Bielek and Nichols, both say like Eleven young children were strapped into chairs where they
would have their psychic abilities tested. This chair in the project was called the Montauk
Chair. It gets stranger, though, because in the 1940s
a man called Jose Silva did create something called “Silva Mind Control.” This was
supposed to better a child’s IQ score, but Silva also thought it might bring out a child’s
psychic abilities. This man and his tests did exist.
One man named Duncan Cameron claims to have taken part in one of those tests, but then
said he was recruited by “Men in Black.” Cameron claims to have experienced psychic
abilities first as a 12-year old and later he was made part of the MKUltra program. He
said he was abducted and forced to take part in the Montauk Project, and in that Montauk
Chair some crazy things happened. We’ve seen him on YouTube talking about his mind-bending
experiences. We should say now that Bielek claims that
when his memories came back to him he remembered that his real name was Ed Cameron, and he
was in fact the brother of Duncan Cameron. In one interview, Duncan Cameron said, “I
was involved in a number of research projects back in the 70s and 80s that actually created
a fixed time loop back into the 40s.” He was apparently traumatized by this as any
kid would be, and it took some time to adjust back to normal life. He said he was abducted
in total 13 times, groomed by the military to do exactly what they asked of him.
On his website it’s written about his time in the chair, saying things such as this:
“His focused awareness became one with the greater field of consciousness and his awareness
became one with his surroundings. The linear sequence of time changed. Space enfolded and
events happened synchronously.” This is what Nichols wrote about this talented
child: “The first experiment was called ‘The
Seeing Eye.’ With a lock of person’s hair or other appropriate object in his hand, Duncan
could concentrate on the person and be able to see as if he was seeing through their eyes,
hearing through their ears, and feeling through their body. He could actually see through
other people anywhere on the planet.” You can watch interviews with both Nichols
and Cameron, and the two discuss these secret projects. Talking about the teleporting ships
under the Rainbow Project, aka, the Philadelphia Project. They also talk about The Phoenix
Project, which was essentially a mind control program which also started in WW2.
If you read the comments below one video on YouTube you’ll find many people believe
them and some people claim to know others that were part of these projects. Here’s
an example comment: “These experiments are still going on in
sub basements beneath the east end of Long Island and I intend to prove it. These experiments
never stopped – they just hid them beneath the ground! Long Island is a test lab for
the shadow government’s projects!” In one of his books, Nichols went as far to
say that during one experiment on the young Cameron a kind of monster was created by his
subconscious, and that monster caused havoc on the base. According to that story, the
monster wouldn’t quit causing trouble until the chair was destroyed and the experiments
stopped. This is how Nichols described the creation
of the monster: “Duncan let loose a monster from his subconscious.
And the transmitter actually portrayed a hairy monster. It was big, hairy and nasty . . . it
showed up somewhere on the base. It would eat everything it could find. And it smashed
everything in sight.” Now you are really seeing how these stories
acted as inspiration for the TV series, but let’s not forget that these men are all
deadly serious. Nichols wrote that there were other subjects,
all young people, and he called them the, “Montauk Boys.”
Others have investigated the stories of these men and some are not convinced they are making
it up. One writer said he had visited the creepy base and indeed there were underground
tunnels and bunkers. He told The Huffington Post, “At first I didn’t believe their
stories. These men have not benefited financially — they didn’t gain anything from this,
and they’ve endured ridicule as they maintained their story.”
Thanks to that story we found another man who claimed he was one of the Montauk Boys
and his name is Stewart Swerdlow. This is something he has said about his time at the
base and in the chair: “Beatings, a lot of torture, electrical
shock, burials, near-drownings — they’d bring you to the point of death and then they
would save you, and the person doing this would be your rescuer and would say, ‘I’m
the one that saved you and remember that.’ And that became your handler.”
He said the experiments didn’t just involve gifted kids, but sometimes kids who were orphans
or addicted to drugs would be snatched from the streets. He said a lot more kids could
have been involved. In interviews he has said things such as this:
“The aim was to fracture your mind so they could program you . . . they would
change the temperature from very hot to very cold, starve you then over-feed you. And they
loved to hold your head underwater until you nearly drowned. That was effective — it
makes a person likely to listen to and obey their ‘rescuer’.”
We went to his Facebook page where he calls himself a “gifted Hyperspace Intuitive”
and says he can also move his consciousness beyond time and space. He claims to be a clairvoyant
(he sees into the future) and can even, in his own words, “see auric fields and personal
archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns.” He has claimed that during
the experiments he once visited Mars and on another occasion he was sent back to biblical
times. We should tell you that Cameron passed away
in 2019. Nichols and Bielek are also dead. Swerdlow is alive and well.
Many of you after hearing this will no doubt question the veracity of these stories. You
might ask if clairvoyance or other special psychic abilities exist. We had a look around
for some proof that they could exist, but it seems most experts believe anyone who claims
to have these abilities likely only has some mental issues such as schizophrenia. In some
forms this could not be as bad as to make life difficult for that person, and at times
they may just have a feeling that they have psychic abilities and just carry on living
a normal life. To date, there is no peer reviewed scientific evidence published anywhere that
proves people can have these abilities. But the claims have happened throughout history,
and you might even say people who claim to have spoken to a higher power are not too
much different from the people we have discussed today. People and groups with a bit of cash
behind them have even said they give quite a lot of money to anyone who could prove their
psychic abilities when being observed formally. One American magician even said he’d lay
down one million bucks if anyone could do that, and you know what, he’d never paid
out any cash. We know some secrets experiments were conducted,
but without evidence do you believe anything as crazy as these men claim have ever taken
place or was it something else? Tell us your theories in the comments. Now go watch “Evidence
That Aliens Have Made Contact”. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t forget to
like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

Tony wyaad



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