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Israelis: What would you do if Palestinians put down their weapons?

Modiin If Palestinians were to put their weapons down not use any violence What do you think
Israel’s reaction would be? or Israelis Wow, it would be… Look, I am more on the left
side of the political map But I am now going more right wing There is no left or right anymore
I don’t know If a situation like that actually happened because it would have to come
from both sides in some way so it would be amazing there would be no problem giving land would not be the point Do you think…
Their fear in Gaza for example is that we will come throw them out of Gaza or in the West Bank, that
we would come take more land They say that is why they use violence No No, in Gaza, I will tell you In Gaza they could have
built the new Middle East like Hong Kong
Like what Peres said They could built a new Hong Kong They had all the conditions
all the opportunities They worked in Israel
Their standard of life rose It was… It is like in Egypt I think
(his parents are Egyptian) the simple people are very nice very welcoming and hospitable but whoever ends up ruling them maybe as a result of ignorance as a result of, I don’t know what He brings them to extremism If someone comes… I don’t see… They had the opportunities
It’s not like they didn’t have It’s enough, I am not willing
to go on a second (peace) process It may be that we also do bad things But I think it’s mostly… Do you think… I think it is mostly their religion (Islam) the ignorance there that they feel they have nothing to lose That’s what happens But do you think there is something that they see the Jews as,
if they don’t throw stones, that we will come take more land or we will exile them to Jordan No, I will tell you what the point is There wasn’t an issue with land here I don’t think there was a land issue Also when we gave back land in Gaza the fact that we returned land in Gaza It was a mistake to give it back I wouldn’t… I also served in the army in Sinai and I was against giving land I said “hold on” “don’t give back the land” You have to to bring them to a situation where they have raised their standard of living and have more contacts between us Because as soon as you give land
the extremists take over there and now we have rockets shot at us all the time we have had 8 or 9 years of rockets It’s impossible We are in a strange situation Even as someone who was
on the left politically I said wow, you know what If I could I would bomb all of Gaza and erase it competely How much can I be shot at? Look at the people living in the south (near Gaza) We shouldn’t have it because
extremists took over there Not just that
also Abu Mazen’s people (Hamas) threw them out of windows It’s not… I don’t see the connection
between what the Jews do when it comes to that and their behaviour
and their violence Look at the facts of what they
(Muslims) are doing in France in lots of other places There are lots of Muslims who
went to Sweden and other places in Europe and there is lots of violence in their name ISIS also If Palestinians put down their
weapons, what would happen? Gur
Tel Aviv I think it’s a hypothetical question It’s really hard to answer because
in the Middle East, nothing is hypothetical But I think if the Palestinians would lay down their weapons it will be a bit easier to solve the problems But it’s also Also the Israelis need to
adopt a different approach not only the Palestinians First what would think would happen? If Palestinians suddenly put down
all weapons, all stones, all guns What do you think the reaction
of Israelis would be? I think they would mostly be surprised but I think eventually it will lead
to a softer approach opinions would be less militarized I think it will be a good idea to do But I don’t think it will happen We are talking fantasy here The question is, if the Palestinians
put down their weapons do you think Israelis would take more land in the West Bank would throw them out Some parts of the Israeli society would try to take as much land as they can because some ideologies in the Israeli society are based on the greater Israel, the whole state Would it include throwing
Palestinians out of the country? Yes It is not the main, ruling ideology in Israel but some parts would want to do that I think it is our job as the mainstream as the most powerful sector most powerful sector in Israel to try to defend the Palestinians as well as the Israelis from that group I think the more peaceful acts from both sides
that happen the easier it will be to solve Shachar
Bat Yam If Palestinians put down their weapons what do you think will happen? It won’t happen If it were to happen It couldn’t happen It’s not reality
We want it to happen but it won’t happen Let’s say as a fantasy What will be the reaction? That we will be in our area
and they will be in their area It will be best for everyone in my view And if it won’t happen if everyone will be together in one country but then they will have to do
what I do as a citizen in this country Serve in the army
or serve in some other way But there are lots of things to weigh like can they be members
in the parliament or not This is a situation of yes we want,
no we don’t want so they should be in their areas
we will be in our areas two nations in one country
It will all be good That’s what I believe That’s what I would want Underneath we are all human beings
before ethnicities or other things and if you go back in history we are the same nation So why don’t you want to live with them? I didn’t say I don’t want to live with them You said they will be in their areas… They should be in their areas… Again, there is a thing called… Hold on, what about Jaffa?
Everyone there lives together They live together but… What about Lod, Ramle,
everyone is together As long as… My work in in Lod and Ramle
and all the buildings are mixed Arabs and Jews There’s no problem, I believe… So why did you say…
That is their dream There is that idea Hamas They are terrorists in all ways I don’t accept that Our soldiers are killed
our servicemen are killed There are things they you can’t do You want to live with us in peace? Do what you want on your side
and not on our side You want to co-exist? You have to give up some things
and we will give up some things and it will all be good What things do they have to give up? You are now going deep into
politics and I don’t know what to say I am not a politician Idan
Rishon Lezion If Palestinians put down their weapons what do you think will happen? If they put down their weapons? I think so You think so? No, what will happen Ah, what would… I thought you meant their
economy would be better It would likely happen Peace you mean? Yes OK, how will Israelis react? Suddenly, no one there… No, it couldn’t happen in one day Let’s imagine, it’s a fantasy I am sure it would happen Like when we made peace with Egypt
and returned all of Sinai for peace that’s what would happen with them (Palestinians) People will agree to give up parts of our land (West Bank) the majority of people, not everyone the majority will agree for peace But you don’t think that
people will take advantage of it and try to create more settlements? There will be some The vast majority would not some people will try… and they will agree in the end for real peace What is real peace for you? Putting down their weapons If they stop saying they want to kill us
like they say now Idan
Yavne If the Palestinians put down their weapons what do you think will be Israel’s reaction? I don’t think Palestinians would ever
put down their weapons That’s the problem Let’s say in a fantasy, it happens Fantasy, ok, I say we would accept it Israel wants to live in peace we don’t look for unnecessary wars So we would be really happy
if something like that happened You don’t think that people will go to areas where Palestinians live
and take more land create more settlements No way No way I don’t think that would happen Actually I think the opposite would happen It can only bring about good things we would be able to have friendships
between the two nations Go walk around Jaffa and see
how Jews and Arabs live together in co-existance I think it would only make things good if they would put aside the war That’s my opinion Eyal
Ramat Gan If Palestinians put down their weapons What do you think would happen? How would Israelis react? How would Israelis react if
Palestinians wanted peace? Yes The majority of the people
won’t accept it You think? What do you mean by “won’t accept it”? Let’s say no Palestinian throws any more rocks I think in our generation and the
next generation of Israelis won’t accept peace with Palestinians Why? Because it is deep in our roots It is much deeper than another elections
or another marketing campaign or a peace plan with lots of public relations It’s something now…. But what would happen on the ground? The fear for Palestinians… Israelis won’t accept it So they just won’t accept it The question is, will more Jews
go to the West Bank to create more settlements take more land I hope not But do you think it would happen? Would the government let them? If the government let’s them
then yes they would There are many people here
with a Messianic viewpoint “We came to settle the land” That’s what will happen They see it as from God So I understand from the way
you speak that you do not agree No, I don’t The opposite even You asked before if I would move to
Bulgaria and I wouldn’t But I am really thinking
whether or not to stay in Israel In my opinion, there is no future here Why do you think that? Because people here are stupid Because, as you said, they
wouldn’t agree to peace… Mostly Mostly yes Give an example of something stupid that the majority do here In the context of making peace
with the Palestinians or in general? In general People go on vacation to the
Sea of Galilee, and beat each other up You planned a vacation
put a lot of effort into it You get to the Sea of Galilee
put up your tent and then you get into
fist fights What? He got close to my space Of course It’s okay. The other guy is also stupid We don’t progress Kobi
Rishon Lezion If Palestinians put down their arms what will happen? It will bring peace It will bring peace? Maybe What do you mean “maybe”? It’s possible (to have peace) Do you think…
Their fear is that if they stop throwing stones
and molitov cocktails more Jews will go there
and take more land Do you think that would happen? No No, you don’t think? No Eyal
Herzliya What will happen if the
Palestinians put down their weapons What do you think would happen? Peace would break out Don’t you think…
They think that we Jews will take more land No, we have too much already You don’t think we would
go to the West Bank and take more? We have a lot of land, it’s enough Eran
Nahariya If Palestinians put down their weapons what would happen? What would Israelis do? If Palestinians were to put
down their weapons in the future What would our reaction be? The Israeli reaction Panic Panic? Israelis would be shocked if
the situation was calm They can’t live without… What would happen within that panic? Nothing would happen But we are Jews We… It doesn’t matter what’s going on It doesn’t matter which Jewish
ethnicity we are Whether it’s Polish Jews
or Mizrahi Jews we are used to being in
situations of stress I am not talking about myself I am speaking about the older
people I know in Israel and I am younger than them Older people are not able to understand
what it means to be calm in my view But what would happen? On the day Palestinians
put down their weapons? or the next day Do you think we would fight them? No, no no Ler’s say they put down their
weapons, they are still still closed off behind a fence behind the security fence
I don’t know how it effects us or effects our lives here It’s not as if they will put down
their weapons and work on agreements because it contradicts the fact
that they put down their weapons So what you are saying is
a bit problematic That’s it So it will remain the same situation Don’t you think… It doesn’t matter what we
the majority decide to do bottom line is what do
our leaders decide to do True If you speak to the average Iranian
he’ll say “leave me alone, I just want to live my life” But the government in Iran don’t really like Bibi Let’s say we don’t have Bibi
or any of the other leaders You know the average Israeli and what they think What would they want to do? On the day that Palestinians
put down their weapons? Nothing. They will go on with their lives The fear of those who throw stones because they think the Jews are
coming to take more land Repeat that. What do they think? Palestinians say that they throw stones because it stops us from
coming to take more land So if they stop throwing stones I say that it is all about economics Nobody does anything without
receiving a benefit When a child has a tantrum
in the supermarket “mommy, buy me something” he wants her to buy something for him Even if… he acts in abnormal ways Can you move from the entrance? Hold on What else did you want to know? Whatever you want to say They claim that they do these things because For example, in Gaza… Ok, you reminded me of a few things they shoot rockets to stop
us from taking more land That is their claim I claim that for everything there is a reason The reason can be economic If I … live in my country occupied or occupier doesn’t matter here that is psychological and I am not a psychologist But I do know that if I had an interest and they tell me “blow yourself up or throw stones” “doesn’t matter what kind of terrorism you do” We, the group, whether Hamas or another We will take care of your family
we will give you health care for you and your children I assume I would have an interest in doing it especialy because I live in a fenced off country and I have nothing better to do with my life So what I am saying is that it is all
about economic interests All terror organizations
in the Arab world do great work They tell everyone who wants
to be in their organization “we will create hospitals” “we will create organizations” “to help you” “if you join us” Especially since their governments
don’t offer them anything So the mistake Israel made was
not offering Palestinians health care? and other benefits? The Palestinians currenlty
live in a problematic situation I am saying from 1967 if Israel were to have given health care to all Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank No, there are a few elements here that contribute First of all, it is possible that we would have better relations like what we have today with Israeli Arabs But let’s set aside the percentages
because I don’t know them But I do know their financial benefactors are
not only from Hamas they are also from Iran and Iraq I mean Iraq from before would send them money was a big funder of theirs So it’s possible that even if Israel
would have given them hospitals maybe still other strong countries would use Palestinians as a means

Tony wyaad



  1. Looai Posted on June 10, 2015 at 9:20 am

    This is such a bullshit.. Lol like palestinians have a lot of weapons.. It is you the zionist who get billions of money from usa to invest it in bombs tanks warplanes drones…

  2. Blackrose 78 Posted on March 24, 2016 at 9:52 am

    You cant build a HONG KONG without an airport and sea port. Get real…

  3. ice man Posted on April 14, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    strange question, israel and palestine are still in war and there are more setlments so in time of peace the oposit will happend? i don't buy it

  4. ice man Posted on April 14, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    12:59 …A very wise man…

  5. Whiskey Leaks Posted on May 11, 2016 at 4:05 am

    13:15 is the exact reason america shouldn't be involved..its not our fight

  6. letitbe letitbe Posted on June 19, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    which weapons? do they mean the stones in the handy of little palestinian children? oh yes, they get arrested for throwing those stones.. stones vs top-of-the-line weapons

  7. litesp Posted on May 7, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Bearing arms or not, the settlements will continue. If they have zero arms, some radical individuals will create false flag events to justify military action nonetheless. So sad for the majority of Israelis and Palestinians who want a chance to live in peace. Just as anywhere in the world, there are individuals who profit from the suffering of others.

  8. Deborah J Posted on June 4, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    If Palestineans ever laid down their guns, many Israelis would welcome and embrace them, and help them enjoy freedom, true freedom and lucre. It would be amazing!!

  9. Deborah J Posted on June 16, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    Is anyone willing to send me a carton of Imperial cigarettes???

  10. Deborah J Posted on June 16, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Bottom line, if Palestineans and Isrealis could ever get together, they would be the strongest and richest people in the world. If only they wouldn't focus on their leaders, and instead, on the beauty and strength inside them.

  11. Assaf V Posted on August 14, 2017 at 4:06 am

    12:00 stupid man
    I am ashamed of such an Israeli

  12. Tyler Burns Posted on August 21, 2017 at 1:15 am

    So Palestinians aren't allowed to have weapons at all while Israel is. I think the truth comes out in this question.

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    Israeli= double standard and lies!

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  15. ليبرالي مصري Posted on January 11, 2018 at 2:32 am

    By watching many videos I have observations about the Israeli mentality. You do not know what you want. They say that we are against the two-state solution because the Palestinians will attack us while they are against the one-state solution because they are afraid of the Palestinian majority in voting.
    So what remains for the Palestinians the state of apartheid or the forcible displacement of the other Palestinians and transfer them to refugees in the Arab countries?

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