February 20, 2020
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  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12
Japanese artifacts snatched by bandits!Cheetah soldier 27

Major, you wanted me. The Black Dragon Gang has some cultural relics to be shipped to Shanghai. I assign it to you. Somebody will pick you up when you arrive in Shanghai. Yes, sir. I’m on it. Hold on. This batch of goods is secretly collected by the Black Dragon Gang. It’s priceless. You must wear plain clothes in the mission, and don’t let others find out your identity. -Understood. -Go ahead. Yes, sir. All in place. Get prepared. Go ahead! Come on! Come on! Get off. Come on! Come on! Come on. Go ahead! Come on! Catch them! Don’t move! Over there! Catch him! Stop! Don’t let him get away! Catch him! Come on! Enough, let him go. I got this, please let me come after him, Madam. No need, let’s check the goods now. Sure. Go. Look, Madam. It looks like it’s worth a lot of money. Of course it is. Me, Monkey, Zhenghai got solid information. It’s never wrong. All these goods are ransacked by the Black Dragon Gang. With just several pieces of them, we can buy half a Chaoyang City. OK, OK, I know. Monkey, you’re smart and informed, and never let out a juicy job. OK, guys, take it back. Sure! wrap up and take it back. Well, cover up. Take a look at it. Dad, how’s it? Are you satisfied, dad? Sure, I’m satisfied. I’m quite happy with it. I’m impressed, daughter. You’re becoming more and more capable. These all are priceless. If we change all these into the silver dollars, I’m afraid I have to keep counting money all the time until I’m 80. Dad, what’s going on with you? What’s bothering you? They surely are fortunes. But since ancient times, man has died for wealth, and birds have died for food. It’s often the case that the pursuit of a big fortune, sometimes, would have us get killed. These treasures are from the Japanese’s Black Dragon Gang. We can’t afford to offend the Japanese’s Black Dragon Gang. If they come to us for these fortunes one day, we will be in danger! If lose our lives for the fortunes we grabbed from the Japanese, it’s all in vain, because we draw water with a bamboo basket. Dad, why are you so worried now? We’ve got all the treasure here, anyway. Besides, the northeast is dozens of miles away from us. No matter how powerful the Black Dragon Gang can be, I don’t believe that they can attack us on the top of Ghost Valley Hill. Although it is said so, but here is also a domain under Japanese’s control. The Black Dragon Gang and the Japanese in Chaoyang City are way back. If they send troops to fight us, what we should do, you think? I’ve thought about it. Don’t worry. For what? There are three reasons. First, just think about it. When we robbed these cultural relics, only one Japanese got away, and they didn’t know us at all. So he won’t know anything about us. Second, when we rob the cultural relics, the place was dozens of miles away from our home. They couldn’t think it was us people of Ghost Valley Hill. Third, we are not afraid even if they’re gonna attack us,. Why? What’s the Ghost Valley Hill? With the high hills and the dense forest, it could not well be taken. It’s a place that would make the devil frown. Besides, we got strong fighters and sturdy horses. As long as they defend the only road toward the mountain, they can’t even attack us at all. If we set them off, we’re pretty much doomed. Dad, why you’re getting so timid and overcautious with age? Think about the time Kuomintang army sending a regiment to encircle us. There were not so many fellows and advanced weapons then. So how was it? We beat the crap of them! After all, these Japanese are different from the Kuomintang army. They’re powerful and unstoppable in their aggression against China The Japanese’s not scary. When they first came here two years ago, didn’t we fight with them? In the end, they still couldn’t defeat us or attack our fortified village. Well, yesssssssss… But it still makes me uneasy. Come on, Dad, don’t worry so much. Even if the Japanese actually break into the our fortified village, I have my way to deal with them. If the fortified village is overcome, what else can we do? Daughter, do you have any way to save our lives? Just tell us your opinion. Come on, Madam. Do you have any good idea? That’s the point, Madam. Please tell us know. I do have a method. But I won’t say it now. Uh, you keep us guessing. Come on, dad. don’t worry about it now. Just think about how to find a buyer. So that you don’t have to worry about anything. I think so, as well. Monkey. Madam, what can I do for you? Monkey, you are the most versatile and informed here. The task to find the buyer. I’ll trust it on you. OK. I’m on it. Madam, just my good news. -Dali. -Madam, what can I do for you? Better to be safe than sorry. To prevent the Japanese from breaching our village, from now on, we’ll strengthen our defense and increase the number of mobile sentinels at the foot of the hill. If we find traces of the Japanese, we’ll take care of them on the spot. Sure, Madam. We’ll see. Guys, let’s go. -Sure, ok, let’s go. Dad, you can rest assured now. My daughter is worth a reinforced company. Dad’s little relieved now.

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