February 20, 2020
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– Let’s meet the person who requested You Look Good. Where is Marci at? Where you at Marci? Hi, Marci! – Hi Kelly. – Oh my god! You have a special reason for picking this song right? – I do indeed Kelly. For the last ten months,
I have worked so hard and I have dropped 83 pounds. (cheers and applause) – [Kelly] That’s amazing!
That’s a lot of weight! Way to go.
– Thank you. Yeah, thank you.
– [Kelly] Incredible. – I started back in January. My husband got deployed. He’s an Army reservist
and he got sent away to Poland and Germany and when he left I contacted
my friend Shelly over here and I said, let’s get healthy for him, let’s make it a surprise
for him when he comes home. – Oh my god and for you, that’s amazing! That’s something to accomplish! – [Marci] It is, it is.
– I have lost weight and gained weight and lost
weight and gained weight. Yep, yep.
– [Marci] I hear ya. – It’s not easy, Marci, it’s not easy. – And what else wasn’t easy I
kept it a surprise from him. He didn’t know what I did. So we would Facetime
and I would be careful just to show my face, and I’d be trying to you know
bring back my double chin. (laughter) Like hi, hi, how are ya? – You’d do the angle way
down here “hi, honey.” (laughs) – And Shelly here was my partner in crime and we said ooh, how can
we keep this from him? And so when he came home two weeks ago he met me at the airport thinner, sexier, healthier. – Was he freaking out? Cause that’s a lot of weight to lose! – [Marci] Yeah, he was, he was saying– – Yeah. Or he’s like, “who the hell are you?” – Exactly, yeah, yeah I had to say “honey, I’m here, this is me.” And he came over to see me, yeah. – Well our friends at
KSL5 TV in Salt Lake City were on hand the moment
Marci surprised Tom at the airport. (indistinct chatter) (applause) So Marci, have you had
a chance to celebrate your accomplishment? That’s a big thing, that’s awesome. – Thank you, it is, we
haven’t had any time at all. You know he’s been home just two weeks and so we’ve been just
getting him back into civilian life, trying
to acclimate him back to life here with me. – All right well I have
something special planned. Right now Tom is backstage and has no idea Marci is already out here. He doesn’t even know, oh he looks so sharp, c’mon now. He doesn’t even know the show has started, he thinks they’re coming
out together to talk about this story but let’s give
him one more surprise. I’m hooking Marci up with my glam squad for a head-to-toe makeover. Tom is gonna lose his freaking mind, Marci are you ready? – I think I’m ready. – You deserve this! Get back there! Thank you not only for your
service but your family’s. I’ve learned this from the Allens family, I will forever say that now but thank you, your family
has sacrificed so much for us and I really appreciate it. – Well thank you Kelly,
and thanks for having us on the show. It’s a great pleasure
and I’ll tell you what, it’s great to be back, it’s great to be back home. – Yeah oh I bet, I bet getting back home. So we saw the video of
your wife surprising you at the airport. Were you just shocked and freaked out? – [Tom] Let me tell ya– – 83 pounds man! – I know, 83 pounds, it’s amazing! – I mean I’ve lost a lot of
weight but that’s like yeah– – That’s like half a person.
– I find it too, but yeah. – That’s like half a person!
– Yes. – That’s like half a person. We get cheaper airline flights. – I love it, I love it! (laughter) Were you seriously just shocked when you saw her?
– I was! – She hid it, right? She didn’t show you right off the bat. – She did not tell me a thing. – Yeah.
– I was a little bit suspect. (laughs) You know, I kind of thought there was something going on, Kelly, because of the way that
she would talk with me. I knew that she was exercising. – Yeah. – I knew that she was
eating better and everything but I never, never understood the total impact of what she was actually doing. When I walked down
– Incredible. – that ramp at the Salt
Lake International Airport and I kind of turned a
corner and there was Marci and I’m going– – Who the hell’s that? – Is that my wife? I actually said that in my mind, I’m going, is that Marci? That is so awesome! She just looks great. And I’ll tell you what, Kelly, is it’s not just the
physical transformation. – Yeah. – Of course, it’s the mental and the spiritual transformation as well. Her confidence, Kelly, is so much higher than it was before I left, so much better, and her self-esteem is amazing. She wants to go out.
– That’s awesome. – She wants to go out, she
wants to do some bike riding. – And you’re pretty active,
right, so you love it. – Oh yeah, yeah, as a matter of fact I was telling the guys backstage I’m gonna have a hard time keeping up
(laughs) with Marci now. – That’s awesome. Serve it to him, Marci. (laughs) Are you wondering where she is now? – Absolutely, I thought
I was gonna come out here and I thought she was gonna
be here waiting for me. – Nope, nope, well I
have a bit of a surprise. Everyone here already met Marci
earlier actually this hour. She’s amazing, we fell in love with her, we get it, we get why you did. (laughs) We saw how big Tom’s reaction
was to her weight loss, but now there’s more to see. That’s because this whole hour Marci has actually been undergoing a full head-to-toe makeover courtesy of my fabulous, yes, fabulous glam, she deserves it, that’s a lot of weight! I’m like, yes! So are you ready to maybe see Marci? – I guess so! – Yes you are! – Yes I am! – Come on out, Marci! (upbeat music, applause) – [Kelly] Yes! You look beautiful! You look beautiful! – [Marci] Thank you. – Oh my god! I love your hair! – [Marci] Isn’t it awesome? – Yes! Come on over here, sexy! – [Marci] Hi, sweetie! – All right! I mean what
do you think of your wife? Check this out! – It’s amazing! – Yes, she looks beautiful! – She’s always, she’s
always been beautiful. – Good answer, Tom. – She’s always been beautiful. – Isn’t he great? – I’ve learned after 23 years of marriage, but she’s always been beautiful to me. But, seeing her now is just amazing, it just blows my doors open. – And that level of confidence
you were talking about, that spirituality, everything
kind of comes alive a bit more when that confidence comes in. So I get that.
– Oh yeah. – I totally feel that. How do you feel? – Oh, Kelly, I say this a lot lately, but it’s life changing! Certainly. You know I knew before that
I thought I looked good. You know, you lose 83 pounds and how can you help but look good. But now, I know I look good, people know I look good. – [Kelly] It’s so good. – The world is my oyster! – You look like a snack! (applause) All right well Earl Nicholson who runs our show’s glam squad is
actually in the audience. Earl, what’d you do? Look at this! Check this out! – Well we just wanted to
celebrate her weight loss and we had to, so Tara who did her hair, she gave her a more precise cut. She tapered the sides. – [Kelly] Awesome. – And cut a lot off the
back so that we could elongate her neck and really
show off her cheekbones. And Jason, she has hazel
eyes, so Jason used plum and mauve shadows just to bring out the green fleck in her eye. With the lip color– – I have the same color, okay, yes. – Which celebrates with that orchid dress, which it’s a le petite
robe from Chiara Boni. It’s a big name for a simple
dress that doesn’t have buttons or zippers. You just slip it on. But it feels like a second
skin without being too tight. – Or slip it off, Earl! – [Earl] Or slip it off! – [Kelly] Slip it on or off Earl. The choice is hers. – [Earl] That’s right. – Marci you have something you want to say to Tom though, right? – I do. – [Kelly] Okay, go for it. – So, you’ve done a lot for me. You’ve done a lot for our family, and you’ve said all along that this day is about me, but sweetie, I want you to know that everything I do, my weight loss, this
transformation, it’s all for you. (applause) – Oh my gosh, that’s sweet. So wait, when is y’all’s anniversary? – April 4th. – April 4th, a good month. It’s my birth month. So wait, y’all haven’t
been on like a real, you’re always working
right on your anniversary, I heard about this. – Yeah, like five years running I’ve been on duty during our anniversary so. – Well that’s not cool. So five years is way too
long not to celebrate, plus Tom and Marci are both looking real good right now, so we’re sending them on a romantic evening for two! You’re both looking good! (applause) And I’m so excited you’re on this show, and I’m glad you did this for Tom but also for you as well, cause
I do get weight loss and like also gaining it back but also losing it again so I get that it’s a very kind of dramatic thing to go back and forth and get that. It’s an amazing thing that you did. – Well thank you.
– [Kelly] I’m so proud of you, it’s a really hard thing to do that. – Thank you very much. – Keep going. You are killing it.

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