April 9, 2020
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My name is Kevin Walker
I’m 23 years old I play football for GIF Sundsvall Football means the world to me
I grew up with it my dad used to play as a pro in England for many years I first took interest in music when I was very young It was back home, in Ireland, visiting my
he sang with a very deep voice I looked down his throat, trying to figure out where the sound came from since then I’ve been fascinated by the whole music thing, I guess – Hi.
– Hi. – How are you?
– We’re fine, thanks, how are you? – I’m fine. It would mean a lot to me to make it through to Idol,
because I want to see how far my music can go. – What are you going to play? – I’m going to play Soldier by Gavin DeGraw, in my own way. – This is going to be exciting, go for it. – Well, that was easy for you, Kevin. – Do you score goals just as easy?
– Yeah. – Oh, that’s humble! – Sometimes, I’m a central midfielder, so… – Can I just say something? It isn’t very practical to look like a rock star if
you’re on the pitch playing football, right? A bit clumpsy running around with platform shoes and what have you, isn’t it. Well, looking at it the other way, it’s really not all that fun
to watch a guy sitting on stage looking like a football player. Everything immediately turns Irish pub. I’m telling you this, straight away, because you rock. You’ve got a really good voice. You’ve got a really good voice. Don’t listen to him, I think you’re clothes are great. This is what I think of you. I think what you just showed
us is really cool. But are you prepared to quit football? But are you prepared to quit football? Quit football? I would like to combine the two, if possible? How are you going to pull that off this fall, then? – I don’t know. – In my opinion,. you should say good-bye to GIF Sundsvall. You should
do it right here, in front of the entire tv audience. – You could do that, because you just earned yourself a golden ticket. – Thank you very much. Kevin Walker was absolutely the most obvious that
Norrland had to offer this year. There is something about him that feels like “aaah”. We’re welcoming Kevin to the final auditions in Stockholm, Idol 2013. Thanks!
See you there! Well done!

Tony wyaad