April 9, 2020
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– [Interviewer] Whose idea what the snow? – [Both Children] Me. – Me. – No, me. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yes! – My name is Toby, and
I’m eight years old. – My name’s Akyra, and I’m nine years old. – [Toby] We’re brother and sister. – I only get to see my dad a little because he’s in the Army. He is far away. – Being in the military is hard, so we usually see him
four, five times a year. – You can’t really spend Christmas, because you have to fight the bad guys. – Brook is my friend. I want to surprise her because her dad’s in the military. – He can’t come for Christmas. – Brook’s dad is going to be
gone through the holidays. This is the first
Christmas without her dad. I know it’s going to be hard on her. Kids don’t get to have a lot of friends, because he have move around a lot. She was telling me that Brook
was going to remember this, they would be friends forever now. – What I want to do for Brook, I want to put snow in the sky and also put snow on the
floor, so it’s double snow. – My kids have never seen the snow, so it’s going to be something
unique for all three of them. – Bring the snow! – For Brook! – [Both Kids] Snow, snow, snow, cool! – The tree looks so cool. – I made a snowball! I never made one before. Oh my God, that’s cold. Bring the snow! – Surprise! – This makes it really special for Brook. This is her first holiday
without her dad here. It’s nice to give her something special. – It’s good to bring good
memories when the dad is gone. – It warms our heart. – [Akyra] Cookie! – They’re my best friends. – Hi Brook, I wanted to let
you know that I miss you, and I love you. I’m really gonna miss
hanging the lights with you and being there in the morning
when you open your presents. I want you to know that
I’m so proud of you. – I feel like we don’t deserve it, because we just feel like
we’re like a tiny family. There’s people across the
world defending our freedoms, while we get to play in
the snow and eat cookies. – You do deserve this. – [Brook] Snow angel! – Good morning Akyra and Jr. Surprise, it’s Daddy. I want to thank you guys
for showing your courage, to be strong, while Dad is away. And for showing your motivation to other military family and kid. – There’s so many soldiers
over seas that people forget. The simple things are free that you can do to bring smiles. – [Moms And Kids] Merry Christmas. ♪ SoulPancake ♪

Tony wyaad