November 13, 2019
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Military Spouse Career Training | Military Spouse Employment Training Services

Military Spouse Education Benefits
Military service members are eligible to identify some of their Post 911 GI Bill benefits to
a spouse or military dependent. Local colleges and schools nationwide supply
additional grant awards for military spouses and dependents to use. Family support service
locations at U.S. military installations offer grant funded scholarships and intern programs
for military spouses as well. Military Spouse Career Training Information
Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps offer some type of job training assistance
for the military partners. Government agency employers proven military employment choice
codes, change assistance employment teaching, internship applications or paid civil-service
jobs for military members of the family. Military Spouse Employment Training Services
Include: Resume-writing
Resume advertising abilities Meeting techniques
Occupation networking On-Line job assistance services
Skills review examination Volunteer Employment Programs
Military volunteer backed programs require volunteers to retain a list of the duties,
responsibilities and skills acquired throughout a specific volunteer period. Partners ought
to keep an eye on all volunteer program hours and listing all volunteer commitments as career
knowledge. A number of military couples sacrifice their
time volunteering for the military area. As a volunteer, military couples are representing
and promoting military functional efforts to bolster comfort. Help for Military Spouses
Foreign partners of U.S. military service members may receive additional job training
assistance. Military service members or partners who speak a second language might classify
the proficiency as a transferable skill. Military Spouse Employment Resources
Online military job sources are accessible. Analysis information regarding existing military
job fairs, free career workshops, and free education certification programs offered to
military service members. Some military occupation websites need extra information to confirm
dependent position.

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