March 29, 2020
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Military Tools for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Pro: Using Military Symbol Editor

Welcome to the tutorial video for using the Military Symbol Editor, Military Tools for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Pro This tool allows you to create operational overlays with miltary symbology You can design, modify and save military standard symbols The supported symbol standards are MIL standard 2525 Bravo change 2 and 2525 Delta To get started click the military tools ribbon and click the Military Symbol Editor button Before you create symbols, choose which symbol standard you want to work with by clicking on Settings We want to add an infantry unit symbol to our operational overly We’ll start by searching for infantry in the Search tab I’ll type in the keyword and click enter You can see that many infantry symbols appear in the results list Select the symbol you want You’ll see a preview of the selected symbol Now we’ll use the Symbol tab to customize the symbol components In this example we will add ab echelon modifer to the symbol You can also add labels to your symbol using the Label tab We’ll add a unique designation At any point you can add your symbol for the map, or add it to your favorites. We will go ahead and add this symbol to our map If you have a specific coordinate location where you want to add your symbol you can do this using the Enter Coordinates tab If you want to edit symbols that are already on the map, you can use the Modify tab Click on the Select tool and choose a symbol you want to modify Let’s change the affiliation of this unit Click on the symbol tab and make the change I’ll now save the edits Let’s add this symbol to our Favorites In the favorites tab, you can view a collection of symbols you use frequently You can also share this collection with others by saving your Favorites as a JSON file As you can see the Military Symbol Editor is an easy way to create and share military standard symbols in ArcGIS Pro Thanks for watching this video For more information please visit the Military Tools for ArcGIS web site

Tony wyaad