February 20, 2020
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– Alright, I’m in an
abandoned military base. Super top, top secret, just
off the M4, near Swindon, and we’ve got something special for you. We’ve got (laughs) well, first off, we have a smoke grenade and
Olly Wilkins, what the hell? – This is heavy. – Are you ready? This is our mini kicker challenge. (intense classical music) Rules of the game is, you
have to use the wooden kicker, the mini kicker. You have to use it that’s
the aim of the game but we get two flag pulls,
like the white flag, peace out. I am not, hell, gonna do that. Alright, guest Olly Wilkins, mission number one, your choice. – Amazing looking place but I reckon we should start exactly here. – I reckon there, let’s make it small. – It’s actually more scary than I thought. The landing looks really
nice so I’m thinking Blake, I’m thinking throwing
a spanner in the works. – [Blake] Alright. – We land in stoppie. – What, land to stop? – First run, landing on the front wheel, using the front brake to balance. – Well, is it too early to pull the flag? Yeah, alright. – Watch this. – Oh, the classic, watch this. Dropping in, he’s peddling, oh. – That’s was quite good, wasn’t it? – That was really good,
that worked so weirdly well. – Blake, you got it dog! He looks really good actually,
in his GMBN camo jersey. Yeah, oh, oh. Way better than mine, what’s the point in you doing
it way better than mine? It’s my challenge. – I think I smoked you. I got one, there’s trails here,
it’s over there somewhere. – Should we do it? – Please, I reckon if we jump
off that, put the ramp there, we’ll land on the ramp. – Really? – Yeah, on the ramp there, put it there. – So, you’re landing on that? – Land on that. – You’ll go, you go first. It seems a bit, dude,
it seems a bit close. – No, just like this, alright, watch this. – (laughs) I’m sorry,
there’s absolutely no chance. He’s crazy, Blake, why
are you so far away? It seems too close, oh
my goodness (laughs) Well, you didn’t really
touch the obstacle, but I’m gonna give it to you
because it was a massive drop. – I went a bit too fast. – You did, didn’t you? – I wouldn’t recommend going that far up. Let me move the, I landed
about there, right, yeah? – No. – Where did I land? – (laughs) – Go on Ollie, don’t
land on the ramp, please. You’ll break it, Oh, whoa (laughs) – Oh, I thought there was
a rock there or something. – So did I, I thought this was
a rock, I thought this lump. Look where you landed, look where the rock is that
was like ankle trap territory. – So I think we’ve learned a lesson here. It’s important that we provide lessons, through these challenges. You need to check the landing area, before you go off the drop. Always look, before you leap. We narrowly missed that one. – Think we just… – Are you alright? – We need to find a
better way to carry this. – (laughs) The next one, we call it a hostage situation
so we need to get in, get the hostages and
get them out of there. – Alright. – To carry on with the
military theme, right? – Yeah. – ‘Cause of the hand grenades
and stuff, so we come in, up here, through the enemy lines, across this rooftop area here,
collect the hostages, yeah? And then, we just para drop off here. – Para… – And, oh, you’re not allowed
to touch the floor as well, ’cause the floor is also lava. I know it’s a lot to take in, um. – Another jump to flat. – Yes, come on. – I’m coming right at you. – Uh-oh, oh, now that is skillful. That, oh my, you have
done this before, ah. Here he comes, his going
quite quick, uh, huh, huh, that’s lava, you get a second
try, you get a second try, so you just breached the
front door and got shot. The first guy that they sent
in but you get two guys. Maybe were making it, are
we making this too violent? – No. – Okay, just go slower,
just relax, alright? This is a hostage situation, it needs to be dealt with
sensitively, alright? That’s better, that’s more like it. Nice, nice, nice, really
nice, really nice. Ninja kick, military move.
– Ninja kick. How do I do this? (Upbeat afro-pop music) – Aww, his using the
bouncing camel technique. Very nice, so that’s a successful mission. – I’m gonna move the ramp. – Are you, okay, his moving
the ramp, his moving the ramp. It’s quite a nice run in. (laughs)
– (laughs) – Well, we’ve already blasted
through the tank defenses. Now, we’re going over them. (lively pop music) (gags) – (laughs) (lively pop music) – His going well fast, ah-huh! – I like manualed down this bit here. – Alright, let’s see the replay. – On that little replay I
touched down the bottom, I touched down the bottom. – The mission was a success. – The mission is a success for Mr Samson, now for Mr Wilkins. Do you want me to move my bike? I can’t see it, it’s camouflaged. Where is it? Come on Olly. – I’m doing an air strike. – (groovy jazz music) – Ah, you jumped the whole way. Why don’t you just hold it like this? – Alright, this isn’t that comfy. – (laughs) – I need to readjust my slag, okay. – [Blake] (laughs) – It’s that way, let’s go. – Really, are you ready? – I think so, innit? I’m on this vehicle. – [Blake] Yeah. – So welcome to this next challenge, you’ve got to jump off the
ramp, onto the top here, slowly. It’s gonna be a slow, almost
trials challenge, yeah. Then, from the rock, you
need to get over here, make it down this side, yeah? This challenge is quite unclear but sometimes things are unclear. – Oh my gosh, you see, you
don’t actually, Olly, you. Oomph, oh, oh (laughs) that was brilliant. Yeah, that went a lot more
precise than I thought. You got it dude (laughs)
that’s allowed, that’s allowed, that’s fine, yeah, you’re using your surroundings
to aid you in your battle. (laughs) alright, come
on dude, you’ve got this. – How do I get? – Get hopping, get hopping,
get a hand on, get hopping. Come on, ah. – It’s scary. – You’ve got another
go, its fine, it’s fine. – You’re really good at trials Olly. – You’re a lion- hearted champion. Whoa, yes dude, yes. Yes, yes, yes, just
drop that, huh, (laughs) – That was not pretty, I struggled but I think
I got the mission done. (laughs)
– Success! That was good, that’s hard, wasn’t it? – Yeah, I think that was really hard. – You’ll go down there. – Olly, we’re gonna bridge the gaps. Now, the thing is, you
gotta jump from there. – Yeah. – Land on here but your front
wheel has to land there, not there, back wheel,
front wheel and then, your back wheel has to touch this so you’re gonna have to like,
it’s another trials move. It sounds easy saying it
but I think it is hard. – Yeah. – If you look, actually,
there’s a big drop over here, so it’s actually quite dangerous. – Hang on, this is quite deep. – Yeah, I mean, if I step here as well, it’s quite deep, isn’t it? – You’re six foot as well. – Yeah and it’s sinking,
its sinking sand as well. – Oh, no. – Its sinking as well, I can’t, yeah, I think it’s best that you get on and do this challenge
before I sink too deep. Yes Blake, yeah, aw, that was good. (slow rock music) Huh, ah, (laughs) does that count? – No. – No, yes, yes Blake, yes Blake, aw, that’s a real shame, disaster. – I might have another go because it is mini kicker
challenge, not a game. Yes, you’re challenging yourself. – We learn from our mistakes. – Yeah. – You’re a mistake. – (laughs) – Ah, phew, bl, bl, bl. (slow R&B music) – Oh, wow (laughs) – (laughs) – (laughs) speeds your friend, wow, now, I’m gonna do, um, uh. – It doesn’t count does it? – It counts, you got through, should we do the trails, should we try it? – Yeah, let’s do it, yeah.
– Yeah, let’s try it. (slow R&B music) I want to try it again, yeah. – Yeah, I’m just quite
happy with my one, keep it. – I’m not. – You seem to enjoy this one Blake. – And we successfully did it. – Who’s challenge is it now, my challenge? – Your challenge. – I’ve got a good one that’s
gonna involve less thought. – Brilliant. – Let’s go. – Okay. – Blake, this is the next challenge. – This is like, right at the
front line, this ones massive. – I think we’ve just reached
the front line of this battle. – So the aim of Olly’s challenge is, you’re gonna have to jump
up and get up on top of it. Olly, I (sighs) – Oh (laughs) – Easy (laughs) – Oh, man. – Look how high you’re
gonna be up in the sky if, you fall off. – I don’t know about this challenge. – Olly’s gonna do a
run in and have a look. – (grunts) – (grunts) oh my God, what? – What do I do now? – I would jump off. – It’s too high. – How did you get up there so easily? – I don’t know? – We’re both stunned on
how you got up there. – Honestly, I’m amazed at this. – How did you get up there? – I haven’t thought through what we’re gonna do when I’m up here. – Alright. – Maybe we can find out how
I got up here, in the replay. No, now I’m up here, I need
to get off here and then, the challenge will be complete. It’s so horrible. – (laughs) why do, why do? (laughs) – I don’t know if I can even do this. – I don’t know either. (slow jazz music) – This time I’m nervous. Oh my goodness, how am I this scared? – (laughs) – I never thought about this. (slow jazz music) – (laughs) – How am I this scared? Come on Olly. – Alright, flippen hell, look how close your wheel is
to the, oh my goodness me. – (laughs) – (laughs) – This isn’t funny, this
is a failed mission. I think this is a failed mission, should we throw the white flag? Dude, I think I have
to white flag this one. – Yeah, me too. – I’m too scared up here, mission failure. – Mission failed. – Doesn’t really answer
how I’m gonna get down, does it though? – (laughs) jump into my arms. – (laughs) – Alright Olly, I call
this one the great escape. We’re gonna have to jump over
it like the great escape. – It looks tough, I don’t really like the
look of all of this. – It looks gnarly, if you
case that big rock at the end, you’re gonna die. – Probably, yeah. – Probably, yeah. – Look, his got some
speed, phew, huh, nice. Dropping in, their maybe,
right on your tail, oh wow. We’ve kind of done this one. – Yeah, I’m feeling that way as well. I think I know what you mean. – Yup. – Let’s go to another. – Let’s go to another. – Right, I’ve come up with
the final challenge, yeah. – Yeah. – I know we just did the
great escape over there but this is the greater escape, huh? – Ooh. – Into it, so, what we have to do, you can see your ramp here, firmly ramp. His gonna be here, we’re
gonna hop up onto there. – Yeah, uh, easy– – Nose whip, nose wheely across, ’cause that’s what makes it greater. – Right. – You understand the sort of… – Nose, like land on your front wheel. – Nice front wheel, yeah,
onto this nice grippy, uh, grippy substrate up here. – That’s not grippy. – Sorry? – That’s not. – Okey-dokey so if I’ll
go first, if you could um, keep the ramp in place that’ll be amazing, oh yeah (laughs) – Are you ready? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Oh, this is horrible, oh, I heard a wheel touch. – I think I clipped my rear
wheel on the sharks tooth at the end. I think I went along with
that on my front wheel. – Wow. – That’s accurate isn’t it? – That’s very accurate. – Blake, I really believe and
I’ve believed in you all day but I think it’s an
important part of teamwork and I think you’ve got this. (upbeat jazz music) Did he do it? Yes, first go! – Yeah! – Whoa! – Wow! – Perfect. – That was so good, it just goes to show that you don’t really need
the best trails to have fun. You just need one of these
little wooden kickers and a good friend. – And a Russian military base. – Oh, yes, yeah, yes, off the M4 Swinley. – That’s the one, yeah, that’s the one.
– That’s the one, yeah. Thanks very much for
watching this rad video, hopefully you enjoyed it. Let us know in the
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