February 17, 2020
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Australia faces a world war.
But not all will answer the call. Ah, I expect young Will, you’ll be clearing
off to join the army soon. Of course you will. Off to fight for your
country. I won’t learn how to kill. It’s stupid.
This is real. It’s war. It’s our country. You always said wars are futile.
Some wars are necessary. These are boy soldiers. Young Australians
sentenced to what was called military training. I’ve been seeing you blokes everywhere.
All are unwilling, but one is defiant. I’m simply here to tell you that if he does
not attend his military training next Saturday afternoon, he’ll be summoned again before a Police Magistrate. I have no choice but to sentence you to the fort. That’s a disgrace. Shame on you, you have no right to persecute these boys. War is wrong. To Fort Queenscliff for three months. I’m your Commanding Officer. Colonel Henderson.
Forces of darkness are gathering over Europe at this very moment. The day when you’ll be
offered the opportunity to show your medals as soldiers, will not be far away.
I can’t wear this uniform. What’s wrong with it?
I can’t wear a military uniform, it’s against my principles.
So now, we’ve dug up a fully-blown conscientious objector.
Filmed on the stunning Victorian coast, where it took place, Boy Soldiers is a dramatic
portrayal of inner conflict. A 14 year old’s loyalty to the country he loves, and his total
rejection of war. Cadet Barnes.
You’re under arrest. Maybe it’s because I’m a coward.
No you’re not, bud. You might be a bit of a mug, but you’re no
coward. Keep your head down, this is live ammo.
I’m not hanging around here to get shot. You don’t believe that.
Stay then. I’m going. Get your hands out of your pockets, boys.
C’mon, let’s go. They’re coming this way. I’m not going.
Are you mad? They’ll shoot you. I’ll risk it.
You go, I’ll take care of them. Good luck.
Eh, Conchi. Know where we’re off to?
Off to fight for King and country. That’s where.
Then you’ll all die.

Tony wyaad