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MUTTON PULAV, PEPPER CHICKEN, KHEEMA UNDE At New Govind Rao Military Hotel| 110-Year Military Hotel!

This piece of meat has all the goodness, has
all the juices of the pulav. Mmmh! That’s a piece of chicken that’s big in flavours. We’re in Cottonpet Main Road here in Bengaluru… … and we are here to lunch at an establishment
that lays claim to a culinary legacy of over… … a hundred years.
We’re here at New Govind Rao Military Hotel. Mr Kishore
-Hi So I’m here with Mr. Kishore Kumar who is
the owner of New Govind Military Hotel. -This is an 110-year-old hotel, one of the
oldest hotels in Bangalore. -Since 1908, it was established.
-Established by our grandfather. Govind Rao Idli Paaya, Biryani, chicken, mutton. Purely healthy concept. So what Mr. Kishore Kumar just told me is
that there are a few reasons that makes… … New Govind Rao popular.
One is of course, the fact that it has a culinary… … legacy that spans 110 years
Secondly it’s the use of the ingredients… … that are still maintained, that are still
prepared in the same way they used to decades ago. – 6:30 morning, Tuesday to Saturday. Alright. The eatery opens at 6:30 in the morning but
we are here at one o’ clock… … 1:45 actually, but we are here just in time
for lunch. But before we sit at the table, I’m going
to take a quick peek at the kitchen… … and see how they prepare the food here at
New Govind Rao Military Hotel. So the pulao here is interesting. So they cook the rice separately with the masala in that pot here. And then they cook the meat also separately… … with the masala.
And the stock of the meat is then added… … to the pulav which then lends it all
that flavour. So this is a mix of fresh herbs.
There’s some spinach. There’s some pudina which is coriander. So now this will go into the hot oil. So there is also some turmeric that is going in. -Yes, turmeric. So the herbs have gone into the pot and I
can smell all the aromas. Next, I’m told, that the Mutton Sherva or
the Mutton stock with spices will go into that urn. That will shortly have the rice. So there you go, that’s the Mutton Sherva. So I’m told that the ingredients that they… … use here are Naati or local. And the sherva has just gone into the urn with the green, fresh herbs. So the pulav is well underway here at New
Govind Rao Military Hotel. So in that pot there you have the green herbs.
That is, the spinach, the coriander… … the curry leaves and a few things that have gone in.
Followed by the turmeric and of course the… … robustly flavoured Mutton sherva which is the stock that is spiced and then put into that pot. We’re now waiting for that mix to come to… … a boil. We’ve also added some water.
Before the rice goes into that. I can already smell the aroma as I’m standing
here in this tiny kitchen of New Govind Rao Military Hotel. So, what’s interesting here is that rice is… … cooked separately and the meat is cooked separately. So the rice and the meat do not necessarily… … meet each other when they’re being cooked.
And that’s what makes the pulav here interesting. So on the menu you will also find an item
called Khaali Pulav. And Khaali pulav is nothing… … but the rice that is cooked with the all goodness of the herbs and the Mutton Sherva So the rice has all the flavour. All the flavour
of the meat. Oh my goodness!
So I’m told that’s an… So ser is basically a unit of measure that
was used in the past. Just tp provide some context. That urn there, can serve 35 people he says. So he was telling me that these days, people
don’t eat as much So that’s why that’s about 30-35 people
that it can feed. But in the good old days, perhaps about 15-20 people
would have eaten from that pot. So the rice is going into the pulav vessel
-Pulav pot Pulav pot as Mr. Kishore refers to it here So the rice has gone in. And in about 9 or 10 minutes, that pulav will
be ready for dum So once the rice is ready, then it is kept on dum. And after which, before it is served… … you have some. You have this liquid called pandeer… … that goes on top of it for that aroma. … for that aroma. I can’t really place what that aroma is.
It certainly smells sweet. I can see the rice bubbling away in
that pulav pot. So 10 more minutes and this pulav will be
ready. So while that pulav pot is getting cooked
for it’s final dum. We have another pulav pot here which is
already ready As you can see, it’s only the rice in this
pulav pot. The rice that’s been flavoured with the
goodness of the Mutton Sherva that’s gone … into it. And also all the herbs that have gone into that pot. Lovely! As you can see the mutton is ready.
And the juice of this mutton… … is what makes for the sherva that goes into the rice.
When you order for the pulav here… … you get the rice separate and then you
get the mutton pieces. -This is Kheema ball.
Kheema ball. Kheema Unde
-Yes Kaima Unde This is the Kheema balls or the Kheema unde. You can have it either dry or with the gravy, with the sherva again So the sherva is basically the gravy that
the mutton has been cooked in. This is the chicken? – Yes this is the chicken.
Fresh chicken? That is also prepared upstairs. Yes So you can also order the combo here at New
Govind Rao This is where we’ll come and eat.
But before that we’ll take a look at the… … other kitchen which is upstairs.
We’ve already looked at the pulav kitchen downstairs… Now we’ll look at the other kitchen upstairs. It’s fascinating to see enterprises that
exist in cramped spaces like this But they’ve made the most of all the space
that’s available. Sir, this is Shivaji Rao.
He is the main cook of all the items. So that is the military style spicy
chilli chicken! You can see all the green of the chillies
in this. So this is the mutton gravy that gets served
with the pulav. And this is also called the Sherva
This is the gravy that also goes into the rice… … as it’s being cooked. I can smell the coriander in this. I can smell… … the spices that have gone into it. You have the texture of the coconut as well. Mmmh! This is a flavourful gravy! There’s also some lime that’s gone into it, that’s giving it a bit of a tang.. So this is such a robust, fullsome gravy. Wow!
– Chicken Chilli is ready. Wow, even that Chicken Chilli is ready. Lovely. So I’ve got a piece of chilli chicken just
off the stove. Aah!
You can see it’s steaming hot! Mmmh. The masala in this chilli chicken is certainly a spirited masala. This gets roasted and then gets ground
This is what the mutton, the meat is cooked in. And this is the base for that sherva. So you’ve got chillies, you’ve got garlic,
you’ve got ginger. You’ve got cinnamon. You’ve got a whole
bunch of spices that have gone into it. So this is the starting point of the Mutton
Pulav here. Having seen all the food that’s being prepared here in the kitchens… … I can’t wait to go to the table and taste
some of this. So it’s past three o’ clock in the afternoon
And as you can see around me, there are people still lunching. The interesting thing about this restaurant is… … that they open at six in the morning
And they run all the way up to 10:30… … every single day barring Monday of course. -Sir Mutton Pulav,
Mutton Pulav -Mutton Kheema
Mutton Kheema -Mutton Liver
Mutton Liver -Chilli chicken
Chilli chicken -Pepper Chicken
Pepper Chicken Fantastic! That didn’t take any time at all! In a few minutes, my pathri with the mutton
pulav and all these dishes is already here What is this? Gravy. Oh this is the sherva.
Lovely. Thank you. So I’ve got my lunch pathri here at New
Govind Rao. So of course I have my mutton Pulav which
is right here. Then I have the Kheema Unde or the Mutton Mince. Staying with Mutton, we also have the Mutton Liver. And then we have the Chicken pepper dry.
And also the Chilli Chicken This is the Chilli Chicken that we saw being
prepared upstairs. And then of course, if you need to perk up
the flavours a bit more, you have the gravy. I can’t wait to taste this Pulav.
The Pulav feels warm to the touch. This is the short grain rice that’s used
here in this pulao The first bite, only the rice… This is pulav that’s quite fullsome in its flavour. So you definitely taste that Mutton stock
that’s gone into it. Each grain of rice has swelled with the… … goodness of the mutton stock that’s gone into it. So typically if you ask for the pulav here… … you just get served the rice. But the rice is already cooked in the Mutton Stock. And because I asked for the Mutton Pulao You also have the pieces of meat which is
there with the pulav. Let’s taste a piece of the meat. Now this is not a pulav where the meat is… … juicy, succulent. It’s a robust sort of a pulav. The flavour is definitely in the rice. Let’s taste this with a bit of the gravy. So that’s the sherva or the gravy that the
mutton is cooked in… … with all the spices, with all the masala Mmmh. You definitely need this gravy for the pulav
to come alive. But as I’m tasting the pulav and as I’m
tasting it with the gravy to moisten it Now the pulav is coming into its own. Let’s now taste the Pepper Chicken Dry. It’s got some chilli as well here. Mmmh. You can taste the pepper for sure.
And some of the spices Next we’re going to go for the Chilli Chicken. This was the chicken that was being prepared
when we were upstairs in the kitchen. Let’s taste this. You’ve got all that thick chilli gravy. This is the Chilli Chicken military style. As you can see the chicken is coated in all that Chilli Chicken masala. Mmmh. That chicken is tender to the bite! I’ve got a piece of the meat that’s coated
in all that masala. Mmmh. And I know I’m sweating at the back of my head. But it’s not insanely hot. Mmmh. I’m going to now go for the other mutton dish here which is the… … Kheema Unde or the Mutton Mince balls. Get one of these right here. And pour some of that gravy. Pour some of that gravy just to drench that… … mutton mince ball. Just to get that goodness of all the juices into that mutton mince. The mutton mince is very fine in its texture
and you have a bit of the fat… … or a bit of the sinews that you can also taste in this mutton mince ball Mmmh. I think there’s also some roasted gram flour that’s binding the meat together here. What you need to do when you’re eating here at… … New Govind Rao Hotel is to keep going
back to that pulav. Mmmh. I’m beginning to like the Pulav the more and more I eat it. It’s not a pulav that will blow you away at first sight. It’s not a pulav that will knock your socks off. But as you begin to eat it, you realise that this is… … a satisfying pulav in its own right. Mmmh. This piece of meat has all the goodness, has
all the juices of the pulav. Mmmh. Next we’re going to go for the Mutton Liver. Just get some of that masala on to the piece
of liver. I want the liver to soak up all that goodness
of the masala here. Mmmh! That’s a piece of liver that’s beautifully cooked. Delicious! This looks like a masala where the spices
are well-roasted. Fantastic! Oh! I love this! The mutton liver is cooked fine. But what
really makes a difference… … are the spices. You can feel the.. If you’re in Bengaluru and you love your non-vegetarian food… … do check out New Govind Rao Military Hotel… … for a taste of non-vegetarian oota served
local style. Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road,
stay safe! And happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
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