November 18, 2019
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My Lee Story: Mike Ellis, U.S. Army

I was in the military for nearly 10
years before I came here. I would be part of that initial group that couldn’t find
a job. So I figured I needed to improve my education to actually go out and be
qualified for a lot of these jobs that was qualified for. So coming here I felt
a lot of place for me was an intimidation, it was getting past the
the mentality of school that I was too old for school but then I kind of
integrated into it. It’s become a lot more comfortable for me.
Classroom, I can go look but I don’t even think there’s a classroom with more 25
students to 1 instructor and I actually like that a lot better. If you go look at
the statistics of a university you be sit in a class of 50 or above and not
getting the attention that you get at a small college like this. If you have a
problem you can email them, they have office hours and go get help and if
they’re not able to help you there always able to direct you to somewhere
where you can get tutoring. It is better preparing me for I do plan on going to a
four-year university and I would rather pay the prices here that have to pay the
price at a four year universities for the same classes. I have actually recommended
this school to about half my family and friends. I just tell them come to college. You know i’ll open your eyes up a lot of the world. it really will I’m Michael Ellis, this is my Lee story.

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