February 20, 2020
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Navy Cryptologic Technician Collection – CTR

See it, pick it up, collect it, analyze it and forward it for intelligence production. Our job is to go out and collect signals of interest using various types of communications intelligence. The signals that we’re looking for are both known signals of interest as well as signals discovery to figure out what new types of communication and signals are out there. We were hanging out off the coast of Somalia for two and a half months hunting pirates. The piracy operations included monitoring some shorter wave communications, and then when we would come up to a pirate dow our search and seizure team would board those vessels. It does help if you’re good at puzzles, then you can look at something and pick out a pattern. And that is really, really useful. I had no idea what a CTR was prior to joining. You can only learn so much about it before you join and get your clearance. And that was actually kind of a cool thing. It’s kind of like, “What am I going to be doing? I don’t know. Let’s find out!”

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