February 17, 2020
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Our spectrum of potential work is above and beyond almost any other rate in the Navy. We do underwater ship’s husbandry. We do salvage and special warfare support. We can also do a lot of deployments. We go all over the world. That’s kinda our motto. “We dive the world over.” Underwater ships husbandry is the repair and maintenance of underwater holes and hole appendages on Navy ships. We might need to go down and perform some kind of structural repair. It’s a large part of Navy diving. Salvage, that’s when we’re gonna do walking on the bottom deep diving. The real down and dirty kind of diving that Navy diving is known for. If a plane or a jet were to go down out in the middle of the ocean, Navy divers have to go get it. We officially verified a sunken U.S. vessel in Indonesia that was a war grave from World War II. U.S. Navy divers responded to the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Navy divers helped with the aftermath of Katrina. Navy divers helped with recovery efforts in the Philippines, in Haiti, in the Caribbean, in South and Central America, all over Asia. I’ve salvaged a tank. I’ve done numerous helicopters. I’ve deployed to places that I didn’t even know where they were on the map. And there’s guys that do way above anything that I’ve ever done. Job satisfaction with being a diver is immense. I think honestly what pushes me about this community is the people. The divers, the Seals, the EOD that I’ve had the opportunity to work along with, that has definitely been the biggest motivation for me.

Tony wyaad