February 17, 2020
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Dave what what what you see the largest
North American Texas mammal right here now oh shit are you nervous hell yeah I’m nervous
Judah G2 precision Mart 12-team never quit addition dude we’re
good how big is this thing I’m not nervous
anymore but it’s fucking huge okay let’s go I did okay that’s gold my song
oh what a report on you take the gun you’re the sniper I’m the medic I spot
ok I’m ready yes go shit you sauce run board hey what’s up guys Sean Ryan from
vigilance elite here with Mark Luttrell 15 never quit
and we’re gonna do a initial impression of the team never quit
mark 12 18-inch SPR righty two-person g2 precision rifle this thing’s pretty sick
it’s got a carbon fiber barrel 18 inches with this muzzle break on it should
super flat the thing is like light as a feather man and so comes with the scope
Leopold illuminated reticle eight power which i think is like just one step up
its to step up from exactly what our snipers are using in the teens back in
what way yeah it’s an adjustable on both sides it’s illuminated reticle and it’s
that that’s just it’s basically the same setup that I had when I was in
Afghanistan yeah the mark 12 we carry our sniper
suite and it’s built for the operator so in our world answers or pounds and this
is what it’s designed for from the proof barrel all the way down the upper and
lower receivers are matched up I had a fixed stock while I was in I prefer the
collapsible stock like I said it’s a patrolling sniper rifle yeah I can
adjust for accordingly and even in the house with a long barrel you can work
the short barrel and it’s in the field they’re kind of that limits what your
range can be and you know we get in there we want all the bells and whistles
hanging off of our rifle and everything like that but ultimately it should be
streamlined with your reconnaissance yeah grabbing all over and this doesn’t
this is definitely designed for if you notice when you grab even with a whole
mag it feels like a shape yeah right so it’s a the guy who’s got out we
actually came in to the Navy around the same time he’s in two five he was class
before me and your goals named after doing his pumps
through the Vanilla’s and it went over the tubes and X got a lot of time there
and got out and then got into crafting his own rifles and basically was trying
to explain see earlier remember when the analogy I was using Carol she all began
to make yeah nothing to beat out all the other fancy our rivals but what do you
do he’s kind of streamlined amid significant hardcore made that deal
everything was precise and cut down for weight that’s what that’s what happens
though basically Gary got out and then the armor from Dam Neck they’d been
there forever those who got together and built this that’s awesome so they took
they took an operator over you know is he retired yeah retired operator SEAL
Teams went over to Dam Neck which is six and
teamed up with the armor over a dam net which is top notch and don’t like the
perfect two states trigger and for anybody who does the long-range students
short-range with the combination yeah ultimately packing all that weight right
and the optics should always be able to have to shoot the rifle a lot of people
make mistake is a good expensive rival and they put a clip some bullshit right
right they’re shooting the scope I’m not shooting the right yeah just some other
things that I’ve noticed they’re different it’s got two Radian or Raptor
ambidextrous I mean this charging discharging an old mag release sticks out a little bit more
our notice bilateral changes and yep it’s got ambidextrous safety and this
the mag release is you really appreciate all right so check out g2 position on
their website well let’s sort of our sponsor real clip okay so the team never
quit podcast with marcus luttrell gay brother furred and the wizard the
mysterious blizzard alright check them out there’s a lot of good shit coming
out okay cute podcast and yeah check out marcus
luttrell at control everyone checked me out Sean right seven six two
all right next week

Tony wyaad