February 20, 2020
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>>There’s complete chaos and division within
the military surrounding the alleged war crimes committed by a Navy SEAL by the name of Eddie
Gallagher. And Trump’s involvement in it has made things
much worse. So the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has
decided to force the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer over his handling of the case. The story has a lot of moving parts, a lot
of different elements. First, let’s go back to see what Eddie Gallagher
allegedly did, what he was actually found guilty of, and why this is a big story today. So from September of 2018 until July of 2019,
he had been accused of committing war crimes during that time period. And he actually faced serious charges as a
result, including attempted murder, premeditated murder, aggravated assault with a dangerous
weapon two times on non-combatants, discharging firearms to endanger non-combatants. A picture with a casualty, operation of drone
over human casualty, wrongful use and possession of controlled substance, it was an opioid. And there were other offenses that he was
accused of as well that I didn’t include in that list. But a charge of obstruction of justice was
also brought against Gallagher for alleged witness intimidation. According to the claim, Gallagher allegedly
threatened to kill fellow SEALs if they reported his actions. And by the way, many of them did. The reason why all these allegations came
up in the first place is because his fellow Navy SEALs had reported him because of what
they perceived to be as war crimes. Now, Gallagher was acquitted in a murder and
attempted murder case in July, but he was convicted of posing in a photo with a dead
body of a 17-year-old ISIS member. Trump ordered to rescind the medals of prosecutors
who worked on Gallagher’s case. So Trump got involved almost immediately. And Pete Hegseth over at Fox kept encouraging
Trump to get involved and basically get Gallagher off.>>Yeah, and so guys, important context here
before we get to who’s right and wrong within the chain of command is that, understand that
Donald Trump, Pete Hegseth, Fox News are against the military in this case. Okay, and they’re against the normal rules
of the military. And they’re against all those Navy SEALs who
reported him and who Gallagher threatened to murder. Okay, it wasn’t just that he killed an ISIS
member. That’s the whole point of the Navy SEALs is,
yes, they kill ISIS members, that’s not the issue at all. He apparently committed war crimes, as Anna
pointed out, including murder, and including going after non-combatants. To the point that his fellow Navy SEALs all
united to say, this guy committed war crimes. Now, how often does that happen in the military,
not very often. So it has to be outrageous, unbelievable for
them to do that. And then this out-of-control guy turns around
and then says, okay, I’m gonna kill all of you SEALs. And Donald Trump says, you committed war crimes,
You’ve destroyed military morale, and you’re attacking fellow Navy SEALs. Great, you’re my guy. Pete Hegseth, another guy who disrespects
the military and the Navy SEALs by saying, hey, threatening to kill Navy SEALs, no problem. I’ll back the guy who did that threat. So understand, they’re not on the side of
the military here. So they’re totally against the brave Navy
SEALs who originally said, we follow military protocol and we follow rule of law, and this
guy committed war crimes. Hegseth, Fox, and Trump has united against
them, so understand who the real players in this conflict are.>>Right, and I wanna emphasize one thing,
just to be fair and absolutely clear about what happened during the trial. So he was acquitted of all the allegations
with the exception of posing with a casualty. But there was an unexpected moment during
his trial where a medic claimed responsibility for killing the ISIS fighter. He’s the one who said, well, he was suffering,
he was gonna die from his injuries, so to basically have mercy on him, I decided to
kill him, but->>I have no idea if that’s true. There was a bunch of people who supported
the war criminal Eddie Gallagher. And so I don’t know if that medic came in
and was like, I don’t know, sure, Trump’s on our side, who cares? And no one cares about the truth anymore,
so why don’t I just go roll a hand grenade into the middle of this trial, basically. Or maybe he’s telling the truth, I don’t know. But if you’re on that jury, that makes it
nearly impossible to convict. So well-played, pro-war criminals.>>So now let’s get deeper into how Trump
got involved, and how this has led to chaos within the military. Now when the jury found him guilty of posing
in that photo with the dead ISIS fighter, they also decided to demote Gallagher. And at that point, Trump got very involved. Okay, so Trump reversed Gallagher’s demotion
a week ago and pardoned two other service members accused of war crimes, deeply upsetting
military leaders. In response, military officials launched a
formal review to determine if Gallagher was fit to serve as a SEAL, which is protocol
after a conviction. That review was expected to lead to his expulsion. But then, again, Trump got involved. And ABC News explains in greater detail in
this clip, take a look.>>Just last week, President Trump intervened
in the case, ordering the Navy to promote Gallagher back to his rank, restoring his
pay and pension. The Navy than announced it would review Gallagher’s
case, which could lead to him being kicked out of the SEALs and losing the highly valued
trident pin identifying him in the elite community. But then President Trump publicly intervening
again with this tweet. The Navy will not be taking away warfighter
and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s trident pin. This case was handled very badly from the
beginning. Get back to business. But Navy Secretary Richard Spencer responded
by saying he does not consider tweets an order. But the New York Times reporting that both
he and Admiral Collin Green, commander of the Navy SEALs, threatened to resign, something
they deny.>>I have not threatened to resign, I am here,
I work at the pleasure of the President.>>So Richard Spencer is a curious guy. Because while publicly, he spoke out against
Trump’s involvement, apparently privately, according to reports today, he was working
some sort of secret deal with Trump on this case.>>So I have a theory on why that is. So Spencer wanted the regular rules to apply. And Trump said, no, I don’t care about your
stupid military rules. I don’t care about the military or stupid
rules, I just like war criminals. And by the way, that’s a fact too. If you remember during the campaign, he said,
we should not only kill terrorists, we should kill their innocent family members. So he’s always been in favor of war crimes
from day one. And so now that he’s president, we shouldn’t
be surprised that he is aiding and abetting war criminals. So he told Spencer, no, I like that he’s a
war criminal, so I’m paraphrasing now. Okay, so make sure that he gets all of his
stuff back. Now, Spencer was trying to get it to a point,
it looks like from the outside here, where to the rest of the military, they could say,
hey, we went through a process. Remember, you can’t just ignore the rules
in the military cuz that would cause massive damage to the military, right? And you can’t just say, okay, I’m just gonna
commit war crimes and murder people, threaten my fellow SEALs or service members, and then
hope that Trump bails me out with a tweet. So in order to effectuate that it looks like
Spencer went to Trump and said, what if we said we did give him his trident pin back,
but we said we went through a process so it doesn’t destroy military order, right? And of course, trying to do even half of the
right thing is gonna get you fired.>>Well, I think your assessment is completely
right. And you’re correct about the the lack of morale
following Trump’s involvement in getting Gallagher off. And look, Defense Secretary Mark Esper was
unaware that Richard Spencer was working with Donald Trump behind the scenes to do this
deal. And so he finds out about it, and he says
that he was baffled by it and decided to pressure Richard Spencer to resign. And that’s exactly what happened, and in his
resignation letter, he made clear that he disagrees with what Trump is doing. That even though Trump is the one who appointed
him, he completely disagrees with Trump in this case. And then one other thing that I wanted to
bring up, look, Donald Trump, why is he doing this, what is the point? Why is he so intent on getting people off
after they’ve been convicted of war crimes? Well, look, he gets encouraged by the shows
he watches, and he loves to watch Fox News. And Pete Hegseth has been trying to get Gallagher
off since the beginning of this case. And so over the weekend, there was a segment
that featured Eddie Gallagher. And he had no problem trashing people that
he reported to in the military, take a look.>>You saw the president’s tweet. Ultimately, he allowed you to get your rank
back, you reported back to duty. React to everything that’s going on right
now.>>It just keeps getting more and more unreal. We got the President’s tweet on Wednesday
that->>Saying he’s gonna restore your trident,
it’s not being taken away from you.>>Exactly, and I’m overjoyed that he stepped
in again as being the leader that he is. But at the same token, I just get a feeling
of embarrassment for my community, that Admiral Green is letting the ego get the best of him
at this point. And he’s trying to take my trident because
it’s all about retaliation.>>So Rear Admiral Collin Green wanted to
kind of clean up shop within the Navy SEALs. Because he saw behavior that was problematic,
to say the least, I’m really underplaying it here. And so he wanted consequences for SEALs who
had been doing bad things. And so obviously, Gallagher didn’t like that. He didn’t like the fact that Admiral Green
was keeping an eye on him, and has decided to go on Fox News and trash him. Now when it comes to the whole issue of Gallagher’s
retirement and his ability to retire as a Navy SEAL, he actually did make a plea to
Trump directly on Fox. And I wanna show you that clip, take a look.>>What would your message be to the president
about your case? You wanna retire, what would you say?>>I just wanna retire peacefully with all
the honors that I’ve earned, get back to my family. And I don’t know how many times I’ve thanked
the president. He keeps stepping in and doing the right thing. And I wanna let him know that the rest of
the SEAL community is not about this right now, they all respect the president. And what the admiral’s doing, showing complete
insubordination, is not a good example of good order and discipline.>>When you say the SEAL community, you’re
saying the guys you’ve served with have your back in this? They appreciate what the President’s doing?>>They definitely do.>>Wait, the ones you threatened to murder
or the other ones? Because the ones that you threatened to murder
turned you in. So it doesn’t seem like they’ve got your back. And God knows what you’ll do next with your
threats now that you are above the law. Now that Trump says, you can kill anyone you
like and I’m not gonna do a goddamn thing about it. I’m gonna make sure no one is allowed to do
anything about it. Let’s look at the irony of him saying that
the admiral’s committing insubordination, as he is way lower in the chain of command
and is being insubordinate to the admiral. So apparently words don’t mean anything anymore,
and military rules don’t mean anything, laws don’t mean anything. So he got convicted, right, so he got convicted
of taking a picture with a dead solider, right, the dead ISIS solider. A lot of people might say, well, if that’s
the only thing he actually did, eh, it’s not that big a deal. So yes, first of all, he’s convicted, and
when you are convicted, you lose those medals. So if you say, well, I know, but I kinda like
the guy because he is a war criminal, so I wanna ignore the military rules, well, then
you’re gonna have chaos. And secondly, it is a big deal, why is it
a big deal? Remember the pictures in Abu Ghraib? They said, don’t take those pictures, it’s
against military rules to take those pictures. But they took the pictures anyway, and then
what happened? They got released, and then what happened? It created a massive civil war where our guys
got killed. God knows how many people got killed because
of those pictures. That’s why they tell you, don’t take the goddamn
pictures, right? And he did it anyway cuz he thinks, I don’t
care. And Trump thinks, war criminal, I love it. And Trump, at every turn, whether it’s the
military or domestic law, is against law enforcement, why? Cuz he’s a lifelong criminal, so he sides
with other criminals on a regular basis. Finally to Defense Secretary Esper. So he says, man, I can’t believe Spencer went
behind my back and did this deal. And under normal circumstances, that would
actually be a pretty good case. Hey, you know what, the Navy secretary should
have checked with the defense secretary before talking to the president. Fair enough, right, but then Esper goes, Spencer,
you shouldn’t have done that. Then who does he back, does he back the play
of, no, we’re going to follow normal military rules, or does he back Trump? He goes, Spencer, you’re fired for not following
military rules. But Gallagher, you get everything back. Everything is fine, Trump wins, it’s over,
he gets everything he wants. And while I get to pretend I care about military
rules, which I obviously don’t want, cuz I kiss Donald Trump’s ass for a living, okay? So that’s what happened with Esper, understand
that.>>Okay, so it is funny because, on one hand,
you have Gallagher accusing Rear Admiral Collin Green of being motivated by his own ego, influenced
by his own ego. But the only person in the story so far who
is being influenced by his ego really is Esper, because why is Esper upset at Richard Spencer? He’s upset at Spencer because he went behind
Esper’s back and negotiated some sort of deal with Trump, so Esper’s ego was a little bruised. And by the way, one other thing that Secretary
of Defense Mark Esper just said was that Trump ordered him to allow Gallagher to keep his
status in the elite service, despite resistance from Navy leaders.>>Okay, so if you’re saying, hey, listen,
ultimately, the president’s the commander-in-chief and he can order that, that’s true. So in this case, Trump is a rare case where
Trump is not breaking a law. Okay, I think he’s destroying military order
and morale and all the things that all the admirals, the generals are all concerned with,
right, cuz they don’t wanna get their guys killed. Okay, but he doesn’t care about any of that,
he’s not a deep thinker, to say the least, he is allowed to do it. But Esper, you don’t have to follow the rules. Nobody’s making you continue to be defense
secretary. What I mean by that is, yes, if the president
ordered something, you have to do it, but you could also resign. You can say, hey, listen, all the Navy leaders
disagree with this. It’s against everything we’ve ever been taught
in the military. And it destroys our credibility when we go
into a different country. And the reason they allow us to go into a
lot of countries is because we have rules. And we actually hold people accountable when
they break the law in a different country. Now when we take that away, which is what
you’ve just done here, you’ve greatly endangered all of our troops, all of our service members,
so I’m resigning. But that would take principle, and Esper doesn’t
have principle. He goes, well, I mean, maybe I was against
this cuz it’s against everything I’ve ever been taught and everything that anybody in
the military has ever been taught. But on the other hand, I love my job, I’m
so powerful and famous. Yes, yes, Gallagher, you wanna be a war criminal,
who cares? I wanna break the rules to give you your medals
back, who cares, who cares, who cares? Am I still the defense secretary, am I still
the defense secretary, okay, great.>>Going back to ego.>>Exactly, and so at the end of the day,
this unfortunately has done great damage to our military. Cuz now wherever they go, they will be trusted
less. And when they’re trusted less, people fire
at them and more people die. But Donald Trump has never cared about any
of that. All he’s ever cared about is, I like people
who break the law. And just like I said during the campaign,
I want you to murder people who aren’t combatants. And Eddie Gallagher did that, according to,
remember, even before the so-called acquittal on those charges, Trump didn’t mind that he
did that when he thought he did do it, right? And so that’s why he did it, because he’s
a monster and doesn’t understand anything about rules or laws or the military.

Tony wyaad