April 9, 2020
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Navy Sonar & Whales

Well we saw a destroyer on the horizon, coming towards harrow straight, and actually before we even saw it, we heard it. [Navy Sonar] And then we saw the local j-pod Killer whales, crowded up against the shore, and also moving north away from the vessel. For an extended period of time, these whales stayed near the surface. They didn’t go diving and forging as they had been prior to the ship showing up. They also came very close to shore. They just kept changing direction all the time, as if they were seeking some direction that would be out of this sound field. We were seeing extreme eversion or avoidance of the sounds, by the porpoises and whales at twelve to
fifteen miles from the ship. I was present in the Bahamas
in March 2000, when we had a study population of beaked whales who mysteriously began swimming ashore and scramming on the beach, all within a few hour period. There had been a sonar excercise in the area, and that they maybe ultimately admitted
that they were the probable cause of these strandings. Seems as though it may have been just an extreme avoidance or eversion
behavior. That whales are just trying to get away from this incrediby loud scary sound, and painful sound. They went to the beach and had a lot of problems with their vascular system and hemorrhaging. The navy needs these systems, so what they need to learn is when and where to practice. You know they have to practice nuclear weapon delivery too, but you don’t do it downtown in populated areas with people or wildlife. So first of all they have to learn when and where, and we can help them do that. When they actually are going to conduct
an exercise that they ramp up gradually, giving whatever animals – they will try to avoid
the sound – so give them a chance to get out of the area.

Tony wyaad