October 19, 2019
  • 12:51 am Professional Chefs Try To Guess Military Meals
  • 12:51 am General James M. Hutchens Military Chaplain Scholarship
  • 11:52 pm Trump Orders U.S. Troops To Withdraw From Northern Syria As Turkey Offensive Grows | Nightly News
  • 4:52 pm Ballistic Missile Submarine Borei-Class ⚔️ Russian Navy [Review]
  • 4:52 pm Military Training Continues In Long Beach
The last battle – WW2 soldiers- Last battle song + lyrics – Photos World War 2

We long ago, so we have not rested. We were simply not up to the rest to you. We have half of Europe on their bellies plowed, And tomorrow, tomorrow, at last, the final battle. A little more, a little bit more, The last fight, he – the most difficult, And I’m in Russia, home […]

U.S. soldiers were ambushed in Niger. Here’s what American forces are doing there

JUDY WOODRUFF: Three U.S. special forces soldiers were killed and two more injured yesterday while on a training mission with the military of Niger. The soldiers were Green Berets reportedly caught in an ambush near the village of Tongo Tongo, not far from the Malian border. Al-Qaida and Islamic State militants are active in that […]

Sturmgeschütz School – Choose the StuG Life

We all know, the old proverb: “You don’t choose StuG Life, the StuG Life chooses you.” Well, in case you are one of the chosen ones, I got my hands-on information for you. Namely from the “Sturmgeschütz School Teaching Staff” (Sturmgeschütz Schule Lehrstab), which in October 1943 published a leaflet (“Merkblatt”) for the crews of […]

Spoils of War: How Private Military Contractors Legally Steal From Taxpayers • BRAVE NEW FILMS

When I joined Halliburton, I knew I was gonna work on some big things. We put out a few fires at work, once ran into a small challenge of getting some supplies for our troops. But the biggest thing, serving our troops good old American food, so they’d feel just a little closer to home. […]

The Russian Civil War in Early 1919 I THE GREAT WAR

This episode of the Great War 1919 is sponsored by Battlefront Miniatures, the creators of Flames Of War, and their new miniatures wargame The Great War. Supported by a complete range of miniatures and terrain, including trenches, tanks, and guns, The Great War provides a full selection of models suitable for wargaming, collecting or modelling. […]

American retreat and the rise of Russia, China, and Iran | reTHINK TANK

GARY SCHMITT: The United States faces security threats from multiple states and groups, and in multiple regions of the world. But it does so at a time when public opinion is less supportive of American efforts to address those threats than anytime in decades. Since the inconclusive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 2008 […]

The US’ Overseas Military Base Strategy

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn complex topics simply with Brilliant for 20% off by being one of the first 200 to sign up at brilliant.org/Wendover. If you ask the US military how many bases they have overseas, you won’t really get an answer. They don’t make it all too hard to find […]

Air Force veteran helping cancer patients with housework | Mission SA
Gigi Hadid Debuts the FAO Schwarz Toy Soldiers Uniforms She Designed

-Every time you come on, I always talk to you about something that you did, that I saw a picture of you and I go, “Oh, that’s pretty cool that you did some cool fashion thing.” -Or you’re making fun of me. -Well, no, no. -It goes both ways. -Never. No, no, no. In the […]

[FREE] Luh Soldier x Boosie Badazz x Mo3 Type Beat 2019 | prod. @JayBeatzMuzik

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