November 13, 2019
  • 10:51 am Jake Schroeder, Avs Anthem Singer, Reveals Motivation – His Father’s Military Service
  • 12:50 am Air Force Report: Dropping Bombs
  • 11:50 pm Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together
  • 1:53 pm The most emotional military homecomings compilation | Militarykind
  • 1:52 pm US Army Considers Boston For Site Of New Command Headquartesr

The President: So, we’re
with the Future Farmers of America, a tremendous
group of people. A tremendous gathering. It’s the future. And we look very much
forward to that. And what happened today
is a horrible, horrible thing. We’re learning
a lot about it. It looks definitely like
it’s an anti-Semitic crime. And that is something you
wouldn’t believe could still be going on. But it would seem to be
an anti-Semitic crime. We’ll have a lot of
information over the next hour. The FBI is involved. Everybody is involved. And I spoke with the
Governor, Governor Wolf. I spoke with the Mayor
of Pittsburgh, who is a terrific guy, and
he is devastated. So, we’ll have a lot of
information over the next hour. But a lot of
people killed. A lot of people
very badly wounded. And they say as a crime scene, it’s one of the worst that some
professionals, that have seen many, many crimes
scenes, they say it’s one of the
worst that they’ve seen. So, we’ll be back with
you in a little while. I’m going to, in my
remarks, open with a statement about
what took place. Thank you all very much.

Tony wyaad