November 20, 2019
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The President:
Thank you, colonel. I am really thrilled to be
here at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, home of
the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and the mighty
Miramar marines. Thank you very much. This is beautiful. (applause) And we’re here today
to celebrate your incredible achievements. So, relax, be at ease, and
let’s have a good time for a couple of minutes, okay? (applause) And thank you for
being here, Darryl. Colonel, I want to just
thank you and Colonel Woodworth. I salute you both. You are really tremendous,
the job you’ve done. You lead the 3rd Marine
Aircraft Wing and the Miramar marines with the
excellence and honor for which this corps
is admired. All throughout the world
they talk about you. I want to thank all of
the incredible soldiers, sailors, airmen, and coast
guardsmen who traveled here today from the
stations all across the San Diego region. I have a message for you
straight from the heart of the American people and
you know what that is. We support you. We thank you. We love you. And we will always have
your back like you have ours. Thank you. (applause) And very importantly, most
important, to all of the military spouses and
family members here today, we know that you
really serve, too. In many cases you’re the
real boss in the family, right? We know that. So, thank you. None of this would be
possible without your incredible sacrifice and
the tireless support that you give. So, thank you all. And finally, to the
thousands of marines here today from Miramar — (applause) And Camp Pendleton. I want you to know how
proud we are of everything you do and, you know, we
have General Kelly here — four star. And he’s doing a great
job in Washington. (applause) I think he likes what you
do better than what he does, but he’s
doing a great job. He misses you. Your devotion fills our
allies and our families with confidence. Your courage fills our
enemies with dread. (applause) And your example inspires
countless young Americans to dream of being the
best; to someday wear the uniform of the United
States Marines. (applause) All of you know the truth
of the famous saying, “Once a marine, always a
marine.” Now, I have to to say the army,
air force, navy, coast guard — you’re great, too. You know, we have a
couple of them scattered. (applause) But I’m with you
all the time. Today where are those
those marines. I tell you, I gave a
speech recently at the Coast Guard Academy. It was so great. And between Annapolis and
West Point, Air Force Academy, we’ve done them
all or we’re doing them, so we’ll see you
guys very soon. But today, I hate to say
it, congratulations. And I’m proud to say that
we have several really tough marines serving
in our administration. So not only John Kelly,
but Defense Secretary — now, did anyone ever
hear of Mad Dog Mattis? No. (applause) He’s doing a great job. Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff. General Fighting
Joe Dunford. You know Fighting Joe? (applause) And our new director of
the Secret Service and veteran of the 3rd Marine
Aircraft Wing, General Tex — you know general,
you know him? Tex A, I call him. Big General Tex A, right? We know him. So Tex, thank you. Our administration is
stacked with marines because marines are the
kind of people you want at your side and trust me,
you don’t ever want to be on the other side of
a fighting marine. It’s trouble. It’s painful. The marines are the first
into battle and the first to fight. Marines never give up,
never give in, never retreat, and never
ever surrender. You are faithful to each
other, faithful to your mission, and you are
always faithful to the country that you
love, the U.S.A. And as your Commander in
Chief, just like every president before me, I
have no greater comfort than knowing I can have
absolute faith in you. In 1918 when foreign
military aggression threatened our way of
life, we called on the marines. Marine Sergeant Dan Daley
urged his men through those horrible trenches
with the courageous battle cry that you all know very
well — “Do you want to live forever?” That was the question
and that was the cry. In 1945, when we needed
someone to scale the cliffs and to plant the
flag at a rugged mountain peak in Iwo Jima, we
called on the marines. In 1950, when setbacks
loomed in Korea — although we’re doing a
pretty good job with Korea right now — (applause) And hopefully something
positive will come out of it. Hopefully something very
positive is going to come out of it. We’ll see, and we’re
prepared for anything, right? We always have to be
prepared for anything. But I really believe
something very positive could happen — great for
Korea, north and south, and great for world, and
great for this country. So, when it loomed in
Korea and when we needed warriors who would fight
against all odds in the chosen reservoir, we
called on the marines, the legendary men of
the Frozen Chosen. In 1962, when America
needed a man to board a rocket launch into space
and orbit the earth for the first time, we called
on a marine, the one and only John Glenn. The legendary acts like
these or of sacrifice, courage, of heroism, are
the proud legacy of the United States Marines. Should be very proud. Your heritage drives you,
your heroes inspire you, and your actions
immortalize you in the pages of American history. Incredible history. And every day you push
yourselves to new heights of excellence and new
depths of courage, keeping America safe, America
strong, and America free. You honor your duty
to your country. Now, we must honor
our duty to you. For too long the men and
women of the United States armed forces have been
asked to do more with less. You’ve borne the costs
of underinvestment and deferred modernization,
and also deferred maintenance. You’ve endured longer and
more frequent deployments. You’ve spent countless
hours fixing and maintaining old equipment. You have fewer ships than
we should, fewer planes than we should, and you have
fewer of you than we should. Today I am very pleased to
report that all of that is changing and all of that,
as you have seen, is changing quickly. (applause) The Trump administration
is committed to a policy of peace through strength. We have finally ended
the devastating defense sequester that you’ve
lived with for many years. We are now undertaking the
largest military buildup since Ronald Reagan
and one of the largest buildups we’ve ever had in
the history of our nation. Last year I requested and
received an additional $21 billion to address urgent
readiness shortfalls. The two-year budget
agreement I just reached with congress will provide
$700 billion in defense funding this year — the
largest ever — larger by far than any country
has ever spent. And next year we will raise
that number to $716 billion. That’s a lot of money. Even for you that’s
a lot of money. We’re also investing in
our greatest weapon of all, our most powerful weapon,
our most beautiful weapon, our most
brilliant weapon; you. In 2019, we want to give
you your largest pay raise in over a decade. (applause) You deserve it. You deserve it. You deserve it, and we’re
building new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and we’re
going to send them right here to Miramar, along
with lots of other fighters and lots
of other weaponry. Weaponry like we’ve never
had before or sent before. They’ll be sent, also,
all over the world. And I understand some of
you really great pilots could use some new CH-53s. Is that a correct
statement? You want to see
some new ones? Huh? (applause) Yes. (laughter) That’s the group. Well, you’re
getting them, okay? You know, you get brand
new right off the line. We’re getting a
lot of great stuff. I’m happy to report that
in the near future, Miramar is getting brand
new CH -53K King Stallions. The big ones
you’re getting. They’ll be sent soon. (applause) They’re coming. They are being made. We’re also modernizing our
nuclear capabilities and rebuilding our nuclear
infrastructure. We’re investing more money
than we have ever done before because we have to
be so far ahead of any other country. It’s a capability we never
even want to think about using, but we have to be
prepared, and in a nuclear front we are so far, and
will be so far ahead of any other country. We have no choice. We’ve increased investment
and hypersonic weapons systems by 50 percent
and we’re accelerating development of hypersonic
system that can fly five times the speed of sound. That’s pretty quick. In space, the United
States is going to do Colonel Glenn proud. We are finally
going to lead again. You see what’s happening? You see the rockets
going up left and right. You haven’t seen
that for a long time. Very soon we’re
going to Mars. You wouldn’t have been
going to Mars if my opponent won. (laughter) That I can tell you. You wouldn’t even be
thinking about it. (applause) You wouldn’t be
thinking about it. My new national strategy
for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting
domain, just like the land, air and sea. We may even have a space
force develop another one. Space force. We have the Air Force,
we’ll have the space force. (laughter) We have the
Army, the Navy. You know, I was saying
it the other day because we’re doing a tremendous
amount of work in space. I said, maybe we
need a new force. We’ll call it the space
force, and I was not really serious, and then I
said, what a great idea. Maybe we’ll
have to do that. (laughter) That could happen. That could be the
big break in store. Look at all those
people back there. Look at that. Oh, that fake news. (laughter and applause) Oh. They know. They understand. (laughter) So, think of that. Space force because we’re
spending a lot and we have a lot of private
money coming in. Tremendous. You saw what happened the other
day and tremendous success. From the very beginning,
many of our astronauts have been soldiers and
sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen and marines, and
our service members will be vital to ensuring
America continues to lead the way into the stars. We’re going to lead
the way in space. We’re way, way behind and
we’re catching up fast. So fast that nobody
even believes it. I also have released a new
national security strategy that underscores the vital
importance of homeland security. It’s all about homeland
security, right? (applause) We protect people all over
the world, but we’re going to protect them better
than ever before in a homeland. It’s about time, right? (laughter and applause) Nobody’s going
to mess with us. Dangerous criminal and
terrorist organizations relentlessly seek to
exploit our immigration system. I’ve just come from a trip
to the border where I met with our wonderful border
agents, the border patrol and the ICE agents,
unbelievable people, and we’ve viewed prototypes of
a new physical wall that will protect our border
and protect our country. (applause) We don’t have a choice. You need it. We need it for the drugs. We need it for the gangs. We need it for
lots of reasons. We have to have it. It will be 99.5
percent successful. People won’t be able
to come over it. The drugs will stop by a
lot, although, we have to get a lot tougher
with drug dealers. Have to. But that wall will stop so
much, and we looked at the different prototypes and
it was fascinating, and we have two or three
that really work. We had people
trying to scale. We’ve done them every way. You know, I’m a builder. What I do best
is build, okay? (applause) You know other people that
build a wall and then say, “You know, it doesn’t
work.” Well, wait a minute. We just built a
thousand miles of wall. “Well, we made a mistake. It doesn’t work. We should have done it
a different way.” We’re doing it before we build. Better idea, right? Do you think? A little better. (applause) We’re going to
have a great wall. It’s going to be
very effective. It’s going to stop people
from — you’re not going to see them climbing over
this wall too easily. That, I can tell you. I’ve also called in
Congress to close dangerous loopholes
that are exploited by traffickers,
smugglers and cartels. Human trafficking in
this modern age is worse throughout the world
than it’s ever been. Who would think that? In this modern — human
trafficking is worse than it’s ever been. Each of you has sworn an
oath to support and defend the Constitution of
the United States. Our task in government is
to ensure that we preserve what we have gained
through incredible sacrifice of you and
many people before you. That is why my
administration is confronting sanctuary city
policies that nullify federal law, violate our
Constitution, and threaten the safety and
security of our nation. They shield criminals. We can’t do that, and
that is why we are asking Congress to ensure that no
federal funds subsidize this dangerous and
unlawful behavior. We want to protect you and
we want to protect all of our families. We want to protect
our nation. We’re also taking action to
protect our homeland from rogue actors overseas through
enhanced missile defense. We’re spending a
tremendous amount on missile defense, and
that’s money well spent, and it’s also jobs. We make them here. We make them right here. It’s also jobs. We’re adding new
interceptors, improving sensors and advancing
radar capabilities by many, many times. I have empowered our
commanders in Afghanistan with the authorities. They need to win enabling
the full might of the American military. The coalition to defeat
ISIS has now liberated almost 100 percent of the
territory previously held by these terrorists
in Syria and Iraq. We did a great job. You did a great job. You did a great job. (applause) Really. They would have been
around for a long time, and they were getting
bigger and stronger and you saw it, and we knocked
the hell out of them. We knocked them. I want to say a special
thanks to all of the men and women from the Third
Marine Aircraft Miramar Air Station and stations
across the San Diego region, especially the two
Miramar-based squadrons who have just returned
from deployment. The Death Rattlers
and the Greyhawks. Where are you? (applause) Right. Good. It’s a good looking group. Good. That’s great. Thank you. Great job! Your service has
been extraordinary. We won’t let up until ISIS
is completely destroyed. ISIS never thought
this would happen. They never got
hit like this. We took off the gloves. In one year, we did more
damage to ISIS than other administrations, a certain
other administration did, in many ways. (applause) We took off the gloves. We’re also working with
allies and partners to block Iran’s path to
a nuclear weapon and confronted sponsorship
of terror and bloodshed around the world. Everywhere we go in the
Middle East, it’s Iran, Iran, Iran. Behind every
problem is Iran. Well, we’re dealing with
it in a very serious fashion. One of the worst deals
I’ve ever seen was the Iran deal. One hundred and $50
billion we gave them. For what? With your skill and your
bravery, I know that the United States Military
will forever remain the greatest fighting force in
the history of the world. And we’re making it now
with $700 billion and $716 billion the
following year. We’re giving you the tools
that they were trying to take away from you. It’s so important. And the Marines, as
always, will be the tip of the spear. So, to the fighting men
and women of Miramar and all across the San Diego
area, we must all think bigger, build faster, push
farther, bear higher, and be greater than ever,
ever, ever before. Each one of you is
vital to our mission. You are fighter pilots,
helo pilots, mechanics, engineers, hospital
corpsmen — (applause) — sailors, and sergeants. But above all, you are
great American patriots. Just great
American patriots. You race into battle,
rush into fire, fly into danger, and you give all
to defend our Nation, our people, and the
American way of life. And they love you. A century ago, every man
who heeded Sergeant Daly’s battle-cry was pushed on
to victory and glory by that same love of country. As war engulfed Iwo Jima,
our young heroes set their eyes upon the same
beautiful sight: red, white and blue perched
atop that incredible rocky peak. And when Colonel Glenn
looked down on the United States as he soared
beyond the limits of our atmosphere, he was filled
with the same pride of one beating American heart. Our pride makes us strong. Our strength
keeps us free. And because of heroes like
you, our freedom will never die. We are becoming stronger
and stronger and stronger as a Nation. And while a lot of you
don’t think about it, our economy is
setting records. Our unemployment is
at all-time lows. African-American
unemployment is the lowest it’s been in history. Hispanic unemployment is
the lowest it’s been in history. Women unemployment is the
lowest it’s been in 18 years. And we’re setting records. And last week, we had
over 150 million people working. That’s more people working
in our country than ever before in its history. We are making a lot
of progress for you. (applause) All across this Nation, we
pray for our country and we thank God for our
United States Marines. Today and every day we
pledge to remain always faithful. It is an honor
to be with you. You are very, very
special people. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America. (applause)

Tony wyaad