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Pro Football Hall of Fame/U.S. Army Award For Excellence Presentation – Courtney Cecere

you good morning today we were honored to be
joined by representatives of the United States Army and the pro football hall of
fame to recognize one of our student-athletes as one of only 20
students in the entire country to be named as a finalist for the US Army pro
football hall of fame award for excellence we’re pleased to host today’s
presentation which reflects positively on our entire student body and every
member of our staff it is an honor to have representatives of the United
States Army and the pro football hall of fame travel here take the honor of our
own with that I would like to welcome Jerry shockey from the drum Football
Hall of Fame Thank You her just real quick just a
happy people I guess if you guys would if you keep Joe green his water for 47
years is a basin tunnel answering absolutely appreciate our Steeler Nation
obviously to keep in the mountain recipe was like I guess so will appreciate that
but her begging for for just everything done for us here today I tell you what
the I’ve had the opportunities global personal connection here with my good
friend generalized a warrior Jay’s party okay from you are can see right now
hooked up he’s up top JJ mosteller become very close friends of mine I’ve
had an opportunity to work with your students meet them in person I think it
gets to the field trip up three years no to the protocol of Fame and everybody
I’ve encountered from from top to bottom from side to side that’s just been
outstanding ambassadors for you community for your school and just just
do a tremendous job so thank you very much Jay and Jenna can compete
hesitations kick yourself in the butt today but but thank you for being who
you guys are work I can tell you on behalf of the growth of all day we are
extremely extremely proud to partner with the US Army obviously we both know
where we all know that the both highly revered institutions the protocol ball
day in the US Army are founded on strong values and of course a commitment to
excellence together we established this prestigious award the US Army pro
football hall of fame award for excellence to honor the nation’s top
sophomores juniors and senior level high school athletes but this what’s cool
about this or is it now that honor some of us achieve greatness in
but also academics and for me person I think haven’t learned it not more
important is the community involvement at the protocol of aim our mission I
think the best way to just get going out there for you guys to give you a little
bit of our mission statement the pro football thing and first off it is to
honor the heroes of the game guys like John meds that you see here we honor
those to a variety of ways we preserve its history because there was a museum I
went to our to our institution we promote the values we feel so strongly
about this is one of the reasons why we’re here why we’re partnered with the
US Army’s we feel so strongly that the pro football then we build the sport of
professional football football in general teachers not only about
characters on the football field with character parts to be a halt immer in
life so we promote those vibes and then I make help with the last bullet point
and I think drums probably done this one as well but we have monthly staff
meetings all 50 55 of us are giant enormous cousin an executive director
David grew by the win if I said giant right he’s 6 foot 9 400 pounds he is
enjoying all this am i right drone he’s a ginormous man but he is a gentle giant
one of the great leaders in our country well giving of heaven meeting we recite
our vision our mission just to make sure that we all recognize that what it is
that we are here to accomplish a staff at the purple talking and that last
bullet point when we repeat it it’s celebrate excellence but then everywhere
is catalyst and we as a snapshot that out so I need help with you guys here
today we celebrate excellence cha tian celebrate excellence one more
time seller that’s one for you guys here so and thats up two o’clock I mean we
had one of the best ways we can honor excellence is I try to be a salon and
I’m not to just talk about on the gridiron I’m not just talking about
academics that for me personally is a better father than my kids to be the
best husband I knew my life to be the best community member that I can be in
my community so you know these are the things that we try to convey at the
purple ball let me just give an idea of the outer it is again trying to grow
cobalt in there have been hundreds of millions of you that have played
youthful obviously there have been times thousands of millions into play at the
college level there have been about 25,000 players in a plane at the NFL
level since the NFL star in 1920 in campbell honolulu on all fans there and
there are only 200 in ninety five members of the pro football team and I
was 295 there only 250 that our players playing mr. Bevis up here sweet we would
only know about excellence we kind of know what it means to be important
moaning teen watch our friends here at the US on so this break and i think i
guess i can see a past tenses we’ve got two of this frame the US Army the pro
football a vein of travel the country recognizing the top 25 of this award and
we are here today and my dad will up here to recognize one of your own for
their achievements it’s quite a bit lately so this is a great opportunity
for the recipient but to the school the community and then we have a family
affair is very popular as well thank you for being here joining us to the
ceremony today is captain Stewart wars and your local army representative Staff
Sergeant David Ross I now like to turn over the microphone to captain Watters
come on boy Thank You Jerry good morning Rangers
morning it’s a pleasure to be here today I’m probably join I stephs are David
Ross SAS are armed Timothy Lawson and staffs aren’t Kristen the evidence for
the Johnstown of army recruiting station how army soldiers professional football
players and high school athletes know the importance of adaptability and
versatility when working as a team whether it’s defending your end zone or
defending your country teamwork is essential to accomplishing your
objective but the US Army and Pro Football Hall of thing also know that to
be truly successful requires character a value space Oregon foundation and the
commitment to reach back ensure that those who follow you are equally if not
better positioned for future success through this joint recognition we have
come together to recognize but also encouraged the aspiration for this
student and the accomplishment of excellence academically athletically and
through volunteerism the students athletes we celebrate to the US Army and
Pro Football Hall of Fame Award for Excellence are all integral members of
the team and not just athletic teams but their families schools extracurricular
programs and civic organizations like every armory soldier and certainly
Baseball Hall of Fame they understand the importance of every team member in
accomplishing the mission and that victory is only achieved when everyone
does their job and doesn’t well anyone can celebrate being the best
athletically but when the US Army pro football hall of fame came together to
organizations founded on strong values we wanted to celebrate those who strive
who aren’t achieve do not just be great athletes but on sending people my
celebrating not just physical prowess but academically
and civic mindedness we are just celebrating the student-athletes but the
community parents teachers coaches troop leaders and community organizers all who
have encouraged mentored and supported them our finalists success could not
have been achieved without the support of this outstanding school we’d like to
specially recognize Curt Vasus and the forest hills high school for creating an
environment in which students can thrive and become outstanding citizens mr.
vasus on behalf of the United States Army we’d like to thank you for your
dedication to the education of our nation’s youth so now I’d like to take a moment to
induce a very special guest is a true pleasure to introduce pro football hall
of fame soon-to-be gold jacket Jerome Bettis notice is a former running back
for the den Los Angeles Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers he was selecting the
first round 10th player overall out of a notre dame by the Rams in nineteen in
the 1993 draft at the time of his retirement 2005 Bettis ranked fifth
all-time rushing with 13,000 662 yards on 3479 career carries he scored 91
rushing touchdowns throughout his professional career and with 8 1,000
plus yard seasons that is his tie for the third best in the NFL history he’ll
be inducted into the pro football hall of fame this August ladies and gentlemen
please help me welcome Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis that that sounds so sweet it’s uh it’s
been a few years coming for that to be said but I want to thank all of our army
representatives for being here today the entire / football hall of fame and the
force Hills High School for letting me participate in today’s ceremony I am
proud to be here today as part of this award presentation the road to the Hall
of Fame demands commitment and hard work on and off the playing field to reach
that level of excellence requires a variety of skills dedication to teamwork
adaptability and versatility skills instilled in every US Army soldier that
is why this partnership is a perfect fit and why we are pleased to honor today’s
recipient and pass on some of the lessons that I have learned that will
help all of you in your given pathway and I wanted to share a little bit about
leadership a little bit about commitment and the story that came to my mind was it really wasn’t a good story and it
actually happened yesterday as i was trying to get here yesterday I was on television I was
doing some ESPN work obviously you guys probably didn’t see it because you
should have been at school but just finishing up but as my day ended on ESPN
and as I got ready to go to the airport I had a couple hours to wait for the
flight so I had did some work and started to do some things I didn’t pay
attention but my flight was delayed so I went over to the person I told him well
what time is this flight taking off because I’ve got a connection in DC
because I’ve got to get to Pittsburgh because then i got to drive an hour from
Pittsburgh I’ve got to go to and high school and the lady you really didn’t
care about all of that she said well I’m sorry for you and those high school kids
because you’re not going to be getting to Pittsburgh tomorrow so wait wait is
it what are you talking about she said well the connection you won’t make it so
I said oh my gosh and at that moment I thought about the dedication the team
worth the commitment that I had made to be here in front of you all
and so I told the lady i said no i will be at the school tomorrow we need to
find a way to make it happen and at that point when she saw the determination in
my eyes she turned to me and she said well let’s figure out how i can get you
there and we figured out a plan that I could drive from Hartford Connecticut to
New York jump on a plane in New York get the Pittsburgh drive through Pittsburgh
and rush hour traffic on the side of the road so that I could be here in front of you all today fortunately I
know a couple police officers in Pittsburgh so I wasn’t a problem but it
stands to tell you about the commitment the dedication that you have to have not
only in sports but in life because when other people are counting on you it’s
imperative it’s critical that you be there that you’ll be accountable as a
person as a man as a woman and those are the things that you all have to
understand going in life it’s not about the things that you say it’s about the
things that you do and that’s why it’s so important to have that character and
your character is built by the things you say matching up with the things that
you do I made a commitment to be here and I was going to be here and that’s
what that dedication that commitment that teamwork is all about and so that’s
what I want to leave you guys with just to know that I moved heaven and earth to
be in front of you are today because it was that important to me so that I can
be here for her because she’s done everything in the world that she was
supposed to do so I needed to do everything possible to be in front of
you today and now it’s my pleasure to introduce to you your finalists for the
US Army pro football hall of fame award for excellence Courtney Cirie Kourtney is currently a member of Forest
Hills High School’s volleyball basketball and track teams additionally
she excels academically and has been involved in her community by
participating in community service projects projects with moose lodge 236
and Southfork area heritage days Courtney on behalf of the US Army and
pro football hall of fame it’s my honor to recognize you as a finest for this
prestigious award okay so I’m a little nervous so sorry
this is a little shaky good morning students faculty administration staff
family and guests I would like to thank the US Army for supporting high school
athletics and academics and for recognizing me and the other 19
finalists for the US Army pro football hall of fame award for excellence
excellence is not only at the heart of the u.s. Pro Football Hall of Fame Award
but it’s also a quality embedded in Forest Hills as I scan the audience I
see excellence in the faces of many students who excel in the classroom in a
variety of extracurriculars I see it in the teachers who go above and beyond
each and every day I see it in our community that supports its school and
student athletes I see it in the fine individuals on the stage who embody
excellence in character and in their works and lastly and most importantly I
see excellence in my parents who lead by example and human still qualities of
hard work and excellence in their children I would also like to thank all
of my coaches who have taught me great lessons of sportsmanship leadership and
how to be a good teammate excellence is the daily pursuit pursuing excellence
begins with character and a positive attitude excellence is not perfection it
is a commitment to becoming the best point can meet people who achieve
excellence experience setbacks like Miss foul shots a lesson perfect test score a
tough loss and occasional thoughts of doubt these are natural experiences
however those who seek excellence are not defined by missteps they learn from
them and commit to becoming better excellence is the tradition not only
adorns our hallways and appears on the school stationery but it also embodies
the values instilled in the students of Forest Hills High School excellence is a
mental mindset one that recognizes blessings by is individuals for their
strengths and truly believes that the means by which we pursue excellence must
be as pure as the ends we seek whether in the classroom in a competitive
environment or in the community on the weekends a
person’s character remains constant especially if excellence becomes her
pursuit because of my parents the many others who have shaved me along the way
and the school and community in which I proudly live I am blessed to say that
excellence is our tradition and excellence is my daily pursuit I humbly
accept this honor because of the many who contributed to it God for whose
purpose I live the coaches who have fed my passion and shaped my athleticism
teammates who support is invaluable the school of use mission drives us all and
my parents and family who taught me to love to respect and to insist on
excellence on behalf of all of you I say thank you to mr. Jerome Bettis 2015 hall
of fame inductee I wish you great joy on Saturday august eighth as you join those
enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame I also extend my heartfelt thanks
to the US Army for the many sacrifices and services the army provides our great
nation with having all of you here has helped make this an extraordinary day
thank you outstanding job Courtney the winner of the ward for excellence
will will be announced Saturday August 8 2015 at the pro football hall of fame
enshrinement weekend at this time I’d like to thank all of our guests today
from the United States Army mr. Bettis for coming today mr. shockey from the
pro football hall of fame we really appreciate you having the ceremony for
us today it’s been a great honor to have you here at this time let’s give a big
round of applause for all the representatives from united states army
and your local army representatives for supporting the pro football hall of fame
and for everything our soldiers do so that we can continue to enjoy our
freedom you and finally let’s give it up one more
time for the US Army Pro Football Hall of Fame Award for Excellence finalists
Court necessary you you

Tony wyaad