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RAVENFIELD STORMTROOPER | Custom Soldier Models in Ravenfield | Map Maker News & Tutorial

hello and welcome a big new feature has
been added to rain-filled map making you can now add custom characters alright so
we have a soldier to blend let’s make a copy let’s call it stormtrooper all
right so I’ve found the slow police tone trooper let’s download it and screw it a
try let’s just drag them over here let’s copy this path right so we’re opening up
the stormtrooper putting all these files in here as a stupid idea seriously
stupid but I’m doing it anyway and let’s import the SLT files
alright buddy whoa this is a bit big let us kill a bit and bit down move it over
here the problem is that visa these hands are
not usable whatever I don’t I don’t really care I’m just trying to show the
basics so let’s move it like this move it like this like this move it like this
not for me leaving over so now in prefabs map
elements after you open the map just put custom actor model somewhere in the map
you can see it on the left here and select the model I’m just going to drag
this M all right let’s see if it works at all
nope nope nope and actually I do realize why I forgot to combine the skeleton
within model I do have a skeleton I have a model but they are not connected yet
okay now we need to rig the model to the armature all right so now we can
right-click the model right-click the bones control P with automatic weights
with control tab we switch to pose mode yeah we can move around and because this
model is a bit problematic because the hands are not free why I don’t know
because of that this happens but that’s fine
mind let’s let’s save it right so now let’s
go back to the custom actor model make sure stormtrooper stormtrooper low-poly
body is still assigned and let’s let’s just let’s just export open magazine
alright it worked alright let’s give this guy a head shall
we so I’m going to try to add it directly to its model
import STL gonna have to scale this down a bit know about head size and stuff but now
let’s try to combine models we need to add a modifier and bullying and but Union apply all right everything is combined now
great and now let’s try to why is it still separate oh okay let’s get rid of
that select the thrid of as far mature alright not connected anymore now let’s try to
do this again ctrl P with automatic weights does not work
why does it work why does it work for the
stuff but not for we had a Pliner select the frickin older where is the
head is not called head that’s annoying lower
body right so here we have a neck let’s let’s just paint this all this do we
have ahead here it is let’s just
all this and remove this seems to be in order it didn’t work right pose mode it works kind of okay
great a problem that the partier
but I don’t even care let’s just save and export here we are please tell me it worked yes it did oh hell yeah I don’t know
what why this guy is white I understand that they have their pant their hands in
their pants all the time and they stretch our pants upwards
that’s just because the base model is like that but it’s great it’s it’s
wonderful so if enemies so ready we have to do
this again for red you can just copy paste custom extra model and just switch
it to red see we have two two of them now so let’s just build alright so these
guys are all white I don’t know why I mean it’s cool but why and these guys
are all blue so we have a hectare blue maybe extra red yeah let’s try a red I
guess we have to rebuild it again yeah yeah now that didn’t help
hey you know what let us import another model I think this will be fun let’s
just copy the soldier once more derp will be an appropriate name we’re
going to open the file I’m going to leave the character for now and I have a
little special something here for us rotate this beauty rotate it again and
scale it down of course now let’s get rid of this body and we will have to
move this around a little tab for edit mode and here we go and here we are this
looks pretty good there we are maybe a little less and from the side you’re
gonna have to move this around a little and this back a little let me give this
a hill little back maybe this a little back a little bit more a little bit more
perfect all right I think this is good select this select this control P with
automatic y treats weights and now let’s go to pose mode control tab yes yes
yes okay so we have a problem with the model there okay it it opens up I
believe yeah yeah it’s one of these kind of
models so let’s get rid of duplicates if I believe it’s control of it no no all
right edit mode control V and move doubles
isn’t that the right thing – yes yes yes this is the right thing to do
okay yes perfect alright that is it we can
export less beauty just save it derp overwrite and let’s
use derp or now so derp is over here let’s open it up and let’s see what we
want we’re going to change the blue team so custom Ector model let’s just move
those down so we can kind of have em in our eyes
let’s call this red and this blue blue team stormtrooper low-poly I want to
call this derp okay that’s not how about a real
human yeah real human being that’s it we’re going
to save the zoo gonna go to export open scene ignore this time for some Raven
field here we go now the eyes are missing but apart from that also this
movement is seriously weird yeah they are not derping around that’s kind of
it’s really not what one would expect but they they suit this perfectly they
even are they even adopted the color this is perfect mrs. great man if only
they had the eyes and red is and red for some reason still is white and it’s
still star wars in their pockets oh yes much better
all I had to do was disable smooth and said select flat its shader and blender
much much better much much better alright if you have any questions
because the process is a bit complicated write it in the comments we’re going to
figure out what these problem with actor rudders maybe students haven’t made a
mistake maybe I made a mistake I’m going to update the description show so check
out the description or the top comments I’m gonna pin it once we have a solution
other than that have fun making maps of your own custom units I recommend you
look for low poly models alright let’s keep the spirit of Ray and Phil intact
make sure it’s legal fair uses ok to a limit if somebody created a fan model
respect them give them attribution just write their name whenever you distribute
the map or put it in a readme with the map if you put it in a workshop put it
in the description of a workshop item so and so on so I very much hope this helps
I do these kind of modding and map making videos once in a while maybe once
a week depends on what kind of news are going around the topic right now so you
might want to subscribe and turn on notifications for that and apart from
all that I hope to see you in some other video at some point until then ciao ha
hahaha oh yeah I don’t know what’s up a few buddy you are unique you have to die
uniquely hey are your ears sensitive to bullets not my hitbox is still still the
old model Oh Mickey Mickey are you feeling all right thank you what are you
doing foot pistol all right let’s go greet our enemy Oh No

Tony wyaad



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