February 17, 2020
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– Your objective’s out
here somewhere, alright? – We’re on our way to connect a point reconnaissance through the
woods, about 700 meters to a ORP, objective rally point. We’re trying to track a village elder and make sure that they’re there. This is my second time out, and it’s just a great time to be out here. – [Woman] Raider one-six,
this is raider one-seven, what’s happening? – This area’s called the
tactical operation center, the TAC itself is the beating heart of the battalion, and nothing goes through or moves unless the battalion or the TAC itself knows what going on, how it’s going and when it’s going on. – What time are they supposed to be on their next objective? – [Calob] We have over
126 personnel on site. This opportunity really
just helps mold me. – Raider two-six be informed that it is currently 70 degrees outside and expected to get warmer. I’m in charge of any and all things relating to intelligence, it’s my job to put the
pieces on the puzzle together so that everybody has a clear picture. – [Man] We are moving
out, time now 11:15, over. – [Woman] We’re taking the road down and then cutting to the objective . – We got to find distance
and we have to find azimuth when we get to that point. – That’s fine. – Everyone really has
to be on the same page and has to happen pretty quick. – [Woman] Where my
squad leaders, let’s go. – Great positioning – We just reached an LDA,
or linear danger area. and that can be a road or
a stream. (water rushing) – [Man] My liberal arts
education is really applied here ’cause it helps me become
a better critical thinker and problem solver and
that really applies well to being a leader in the army. – We need to get people
out of there comfort zones, they need to be ready to
face a challenge head on because after commissioning, they’re going to go off and
lead America’s soldiers. – [Man] Three copy, out.

Tony wyaad