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S. Korea’s Reserve Army training embraces newest technology

Korean men who have served in the Korean military,
as almost all of them are required to do,… must also receive a minimum 8 hours of training
a year as part of the country’s reserve army for a number of years afterwards. Eight hours may not seem like much, but the
training is becoming much more effective with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Our Kim Jung-soo has the details. Starting from March 2017, the Geumgok Reserve
Forces training site in Gyeonggido Province will be the first facility in Korea to implement
the “SMART Reserve Forces Training Management System” in its training curriculum. ” Our SMART management system implements the
latest in ICT. Our training curriculum is often limited by
physical and logistical obstacles, such as local terrain or weather. But with the latest technology, we can streamline
the experience, and overcome practical challenges.” Those taking part in reserve army training
are given a wearable device upon entering the training site. The device helps keep track of various data
including time and biometric information, readily accessible for both the wearer and
the trainers. This also means soldiers can now test their
sharpshooting skills indoors, aiming at digital screens that recreate various conflict situations. Relying on virtual indoor training has other
obvious perks; sessions can now take place regardless of weather conditions, and more
importantly, keeping track of ammunition is no longer a problem. Another staple component of reserve forces-training
– urban warfare – has also received a noticeable upgrade. Before, soldiers would use paint-ball guns
– which were inaccurate and often prone to malfunctioning – but now, they use guns that
emit electric signals. This way, the control tower can accurately
analyze each exercise session, keeping track of how many virtual bullets have been used. “I think the new technology makes the urban-warfare
exercise feel much more realistic and immersive. I believe lot of other reserve army trainees
are also going to enjoy this as well.” Korea’s defense ministry has stated that it
plans to make the SMART Reserve Forces Training Management System applicable to all 260 training
facilities nationwide by 2024. Kim Jung-soo, Arirang News.

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