February 29, 2020
  • 12:50 am Air Force Report: RED HORSE
  • 12:50 am Nike Air Force One Sneaker Measurement
  • 11:50 pm Harrisburg student excited to serve country and attend the Air Force Academy
  • 10:50 pm Navy Racks – Boot Camp
  • 9:50 pm 4.5 Marla New House in Military Accounts Housing Society| Lahore Property

Enclave here! Why isn’t your video feed working? CALLER: Pardon? Why isn’t your video feed working? CALLER: I don’t have video feed… Who is this? CALLER: Who am I speaking with? My name is Emmy i’m with ***** Look i’m tracing you right now pal CALLER:Pardon? Look i’m tracing you right now pal CALLER: What do you mean I have no idea what you’re talking about CALLER: Who is thi– Ehh a few more moments and i’ll have your sorry ass in a sling CALLER: Who is this? Oh? You a wise guy huh? CALLER: I don– I’m a business, I’m a consignment shop and i’m in ***** CALLER: So I don’t know who you’ve think you’ve reached Yeah well whoever you are, I just dispatched a Verti-assault team to your location CALLER: You dispatched what? Usually they just go in shooting They let someone else sift trough the ashes to figure out what was going on CALLER: Who is this? Who the hell is this! CALLER:That’s what I’m asking WHO THE F*** WHO IS I– WHAT!? I SHOULD KICK YOUR F***** ASS WHO IS THIS?! CALLER: My name is Emmy, I’m a small business owner in **** CALLER: And I don’t know how you got my number, but I think you’ve reached the wrong number Ohhh? You a wise guy, huh?! CALLER: Okay wh- what’s your name please? DICKHEAD CALLER: *HANGS UP* *PHONE RINGING*

Tony wyaad