November 20, 2019
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(Numerous great tips on trips) (Park Narae, Jang Doyeon) (Shindong) Travelling is a war! Battle Trip! Let’s continue the gourmet trip part 1 from last week. We’re continuing with One Shot Tour for those who like alcohol and pairing snack. Last week, we saw Hammered Hokkaido’s trip. You earned a lot of votes. – Thank you. / – Thank you so much. I guess Shindong must be nervous. How did they possibly get 90 votes? In fact, they ranked top 5. – They ranked top 5 of all time. / – We ranked top 5. – Thank you. / – So great. However, these guys prepared well. – They prepared well? / – He waited 21 months. A trip to Shandong with Shindong is prepared. Shandong. Somehow, he doesn’t seem to care very much about them getting 90 votes. – He’s not even nervous. He’s calm. / – Well… In fact, I wondered if that was worth 90 votes. – What? / – What did you say? What are you talking about? You know what they say about Shandong. (From all directions, the best drink is in Shandong) The best alcohol of the world is in Shandong. – He says that two weeks in a row. / – Boring. I’m afraid I’ll hear this in my dreams at night. I don’t know… The best alcohol of all directions is in Shandong. – It’s the One Shot Tour, right? / – It’s game over. I wonder if he’ll get over 90 votes. Please welcome our judges, 100 people in the audience. – Nice to meet you all. / – Welcome to the show. In fact, there is a harmony between alcohol and its pairing snack. Doyeon, what kind of combination do you like for beer? Recently, I like macadamia chocolates. – I love those with beer. / – It’s the best. – It’s really delicious. / – Really? Don’t chocolates go well with wine? – No, it’s quite okay. / – They go well with beer. – I don’t think so. / – Macadamia chocolates, whiskey… – I don’t know about that. / – It’s a bit… I’m telling you I like it. Wasn’t it a question for me? I pair soju with chocolates. – That’s even weirder. / – Chocolates and soju? Those who enjoy alcohol don’t mind the pairing. Have you tried bean paste stew with wine? – No. / – That’s a bit weird. – No. / – They go well together. – The combination is great. / – It’s good. – As a heavy drinker, I’ll give you a tip. / – Tell us a tip. – Really? / – It’ll be useful. Lee Sugeun taught me this. When you have nothing to eat and go to a convenience store at night, you can easily find dried laver. – Dried laver is delicious. / – Laver is good. Everyone has dried laver and sliced cheese at home. Or you can buy them at a convenience store. Place sliced cheese on dried laver, then roll them. That goes… – Well with both beer and soju. / – It’ll be nicely salty. – It’s hard to explain. / – I think it’ll be good. – I think it’ll be good. / – Seriously… It’s amazing. It’s good. Yet I still don’t get why it’s delicious. – Dried laver with sliced cheese. / – I better try it. – Good, good. / – Convenience stores are nearby. Go now and get dried laver or sliced cheese. – However… / – A can of beer. Everyone, I think you should save the money you would spend there. You would be greatly surprised. – Did your trip cost $30? / – That’s not it. – Did you walk there? / – That’s not it. Watch my footage first, then have something you want. You never know. You might want to eat something else afterwards. – That’s right. / – I heard… That it feels totally different from the other trips to China so far. I didn’t even know such places existed in China. – Really? / – Why? First, let’s check where Shandong is located in China. – I heard it’s close from Korea. / – It’s right there. It’s as close as Jeju-do. – It’s really close. / – It’s closer than Jeju-do. I went to Qingdao and Yantai in Shandong. It takes about an hour and 10 minutes by plane. – It’s really close. / – It’d take 50 minutes for Yantai. In late 19th century, Germany invaded Qingdao. It was their colony. This area is famous for beer because of that, too. – Germany? / – Germany. – That’s right. / – Beer… It was strongly influenced by Germany. The buildings there also remind you of… – Germany? / – Interestingly… – It feels like Europe there. / – Like Europe? – It’s similar to our trip. / – It is. Yantai may sound unfamiliar to you but in Korean it’s pronounced as Yeontae. – Yeontae? / – Then is it… Yeontae Kaoliang Liquor! Three kinds of liquor are famous. – Beer that represents Qingdao. / – Beer. Kaoliang Liquor from Yantai. – And there’s one more. / – What is it? – What do you think it is? / – Chinese liquor? – China? / – It can’t be sake. – You’ll be surprised. / – Wine? It’s wine. – What? / – Wine? – You didn’t know, did you? / – Wine? – It’s a bit… / – I can’t believe it. That’s why I said… “From all directions, the best drink is in Shandong.” – They have the best liquor there. / – Gosh, really. I just learned that for the first time. You’ll see once you go there. It’s completely different from China we knew before. There’s a mix of Chinese buildings and European buildings. There’s a lot of food and a wide array of alcohol. It’s a paradise. – On top of that… / – On top of that? Things are cheap there. – You’ll be amazed. / – Was $590 too expensive? It’s way too expensive. How much did he spend? How much did he spend there? I’ll make a careful guess… That you’ll tie with them. – Tie. / – Tie? Do you think you’ll win? Well… They recorded the 5th highest vote count? – Oh, dear. / – Why? – Will they go down? / – They won’t be top 5 anymore. – You’re so irritating. / – They’ll be pushed out. – To 6th place. / – Yes. – Let’s watch it first. / – I’ll carefully predict that you… Will be hurt as soon as you’ve been discharged from the army. – I agree. / – I’ll be careful. You’ve also served the military. Be nice. Lee Teuk… A trip by Lee Teuk and Shindong. What was the name of your team? It’s ShinLeeKoala. Shin of Shindong and Lee of Lee Teuk becoming drunk on a trip together. ShinLeeKoala. Let’s watch the first half. (A man reading a book on a snowy day) – It’s Lee Teuk. / – It’s Lee Teuk. It’s been a long time since I saw Lee Teuk. His face became smaller. He was on the first episode of the show. On the first episode, I went to the film set of “Descendants of the Sun” in Taebaek. (“Descendants of the Sun” was the best drama of 2016) (To become the descendants of Taebaek…) (They even wore the uniforms) Why are you showing us this? It was his painful memory. – Lee Teuk didn’t know either. / – I’m flustered. How could he have known that the film set was gone? – Goodness. / – Oh, my. – They tore down the film set. / – There was nothing? The final result is? 92 to 8. – My goodness. / – He worked really hard with Henry. A drinking trip was requested. I don’t drink alcohol at all. – My goodness. / – What? How can he do the One Shot Tour then? – As I can’t drink alcohol… / – There’s Shindong. I’ll need someone whose alcohol tolerance is high. This would be his comeback program. I was discharged that day. Goodness. (Lee Teuk located his target!) (5m away from the target) For real? (The one Lee Teuk will kidnap is…) – I seriously had no idea. / – There are his fans there. – You really didn’t know? / – No. I was so surprised. Excuse me, sir. Where are we going? Excuse me… My friends came to see me there. What, “To Incheon International Airport?” – My goodness. / – Are you serious? Like this? – Like this? / – Let’s go. – Where to? / – Just go. – We’ll just go like this? / – We’ll just leave like this. You’re a civilian again now. Not until tonight at midnight. I know that you can’t take off until midnight, but we’ll go anyway. I like this. I have a good feeling about this. I’m glad that I’m on a TV show as soon as I’m discharged. But where are we going? As a gift for your discharge, I prepared something you’d like. I hate this but you love this. – You hate it? / – Yeah. It’s a one-letter word. – A one-letter word? / – Make a guess. – Can I say that? / – What is it? – Are you serious? / – Yes, it’s a one-letter word. – Alcohol? / – Correct. Are you serious? Where did you study abroad when you were young? – China. / – You’ve been to China, right? – You mimicked a beer commercial. / – Shandong? – Not again. / – That again? I heard the same thing since last week. Isn’t it his family motto? He even memorized it. – That? / – Yes, we’re going there. True. They said the world’s best liquors are there. – We’re going there. / – Really? Yeah. – What’s this? / – This is Qingdao. It’s gorgeous. – You’ll be surprised. / – Where is this? – It is nice. / – What’s this? Isn’t it a movie set? – You’ll fall in love with it. / – Seriously… I see hope. (Open the door for Qingdao) – This is your strategy. / – It’s meaningful that… You were on our show right after discharge. Yes, it was great. The name of our team is Koala. Pronounce it fast. Koala, koala, koala, koala, koala… It could be Chinese, too. New Year’s greeting in Chinese is… – ShinLeeKoala. / – Good. Let’s do this. – You’re smart. / – Let’s name our team as this one. – ShinLeeKoala. / – It’s ShinLeeKoala. And it means we’ll get wasted in China. – It means that. / – Exactly. Great. – We named our team. / – Let’s go quickly, then. – Where to? / – Change your uniform before we go. Wear something that makes you look slimmer. – That’s right. / – You look too fat right now. I gained so much weight. Oh, dear. I’ll become even fatter in China. (It only takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to Qingdao) Where are we now? – Qingdao of China. / – I changed a bit. I dyed my hair. – You went there later on… / – 11 days… – After getting ready. / – Yes. It was because I didn’t have a passport. – Right. / – I didn’t have one because I was a soldier. So I had to make one. It’s been a long time since you’ve been to Shandong? It was a really long time ago. Do you remember performing here in the past? – Did we perform in Qingdao as well? / – We did. – It’s amazing. / – You performed in Qingdao… I haven’t been abroad for long. – That’s right. / – Let’s go drink beer quickly. Anything would be delicious. – Let’s go quickly. / – Go. Let’s go.

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