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Soldier’s Solitude | The Verbal Disaster

Got this letter From the soldier Sent from the border Before he died fighting for the country Let me start up with the country name Yes its India we dearly call it Bharat Desh Hero’s dying on the border just to keep us safe This is story of a soldier one who fought for the nation’s grace Won’t be able to survive, I’m badly wonded, I might die This is message to the people, they don’t know me, who was I Ahh, My base is common people as you call them middle class Yes my dada left my mama when he had to go to war Never got to see my father as he passed and I was five And my mother had to work, there was no one to provide She was working day and night for the family to survive And I was Leading in depression even when I was a child To the delicate times when I was bullied and beaten up For no reason but religion, I was angry as teenager All my teachers in college they told me that I ain’t capable Had to prove them wrong, gear up no matter whatever’s standing up Hurdles coming and going yet I was holding and crawling up Now I was stronger than ever by giving constant endavors Then I was truly enabled to go and serve for the nation Man I was nervous and tensed but then the army was next Sorry mama, sorry sister, sorry lover that I left Made a promise, don’t you worry in no time I’ll be back t’s a whole new different track and I won’t be coming back Don’t you cry but be proud There’ll be two medals hanging in our house (Voice Over)
This is what our soldiers go through
They leave theirs families to protect us Even die for the country These are the real heros
But nobody knows their name While you are safe and sound at your home Some souls, are at stakes This is message to the youth, some are kept away from truth Yet this open minded folks are sometimes mistaken as cruel We can recall all the scenes from incident of JNU There are lot of things to worry which are all being refused By these fools, who just choose to exaggerate the news And the media’s the puppet all these politicians use Spreading chaos in the minds of people alrady confused They are doomed by the changes which are hapenning in rules Problem starts with the poverty, nobody is solving it Hypocrisy is spreading in the roots of democracy And honestly! Dishonesty, brutality, preposterous mentality Corrupting all the minds which are having no morality Blinded by religion ain’t no sense towards humanity This is making me provocative, I’m opposite of politics Nonprofessional leadership is dragging down economy You’re looking at the cover just ignoring what’s iside of it They call this freedom of the speech for the one’s who wanna share Man they never get to speak and even if they get it out You make them rebel to the fleet, But the real terror is,
Not the enemy outside but the enemy within. Rapes, corruption, crime have deeply infected the country It vandalizes the impression of our nation It doesn’t matter how much the army protect us Until we get rid of this diabolical intricacy Together, let the youth be united

Tony wyaad



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