February 20, 2020
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Next week in Geneva we will have a meeting
of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention and at this particular meeting
we will be trying to reach agreement on common understandings that will drive effective action
toward further implementation of the Convention. The Biological Weapons Convention is an important
international framework that brings the global community together to try to deal with
all types of threats in the biological world whether it be naturally occurring or man-made.
The Ebola crisis which clearly was a naturally occurring outbreak was something that was
critical for the international community to deal with and deal with successfully. It did not
go as successfully as we all wanted but there are a lot of lessons learned and what we hope
to be able to do in the future is apply those lessons learned, particularly at the
upcoming meeting next week here in Geneva of States Parties, to figure out a roadmap
for moving forward for dealing with these types of scenarios in the future. What we
can do is, States Parties to the Convention we can meet here agree on how to move forward
in implementing the treaty. It’s very important that we come to common understandings. I mentioned
this earlier, the common understandings are important because what that would do is if
we can agree on areas that need attention then we can take effective action in terms
of further implementation. We are encouraging all nations to sign up to the Convention and
ratify it. It’s important, it’s a powerful international instrument for ruling out the
development production and stock piling of these weapons. We just need, next week, to
roll up our sleeves and get to work for the international community, because the international
community demands that we take effective action to ensure that our world is free from the
threat of bioterrorism. I’m very excited about this upcoming meeting, I think we can accomplish
a lot, and we are going to be working with a certain number of friends and colleagues
and other states to see what we can do to further implement this Convention. It’s an
important meeting because next year is the Review Conference, it comes around every five
years, and this is the decision making body of the Biological Weapon Convention, so we
do have a number of issues that we need to prepare for in order to have a very successful
Review Conference. This treaty is important not only for this generation but we want to
ensure that future generations never have to deal with the scourge of biological weapons
or bioterrorism. It’s fundamentally important what we do today in order to have a safe future
for our children and grand children tomorrow.

Tony wyaad