April 8, 2020
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Syrian Army with the help of Russian Aviation started an assault in the morning of August 22nd on one of the last terrorist groups which allow the supply of rebel groups in east Aleppo it is important to note that the walls of the Aviation Academy are very strong the bombardment of aviation does not force the foes to retreat after a massive artillery barrage the infantry went forth by noon the government forces made substantial gains forward battles were fought in each building within the Academy meter by meter Syrians bit into enemy protective holds from the nearby high rises Syrian forces shot constantly suppressing enemy firing positions soldiers shot from automatic rifles and high caliber machine guns we are located in the last district of Hamdamiya that joins with the aviation academy not long ago our soldiers went into an attack and entered the building of the aviation academy on the left is the Umriya Neighborhood the rebels are there farther away is the artillery academy with god’s hope we may also get there the assault team will be comprised of different platoons there is the republican guard and teams of Muhabarat (secret police) the Syrian armored vehicles freely move through the territory of the academy there is a bmp driving wounded from battle there is a tank that drove straight into the line of fire and shoots the walls up close inside the intensity rises a sniper shoots at our position several times this is why the soldiers try to avoid open spaces after intensive fire from our building we were bombarded by a mortar the terrorists just shot at our building with a mortar 2 rounds fell under the balcony and two on the roof finally some silence the soldiers gather in a small room close to the television the machine gunner that just shot at the enemy show his wound his body was shot three times 2 times into the body and one time into the arm but he is still in the ranks the soldiers here are from all corners of Syria from Damascus, Homs, Sueda and other and it is impossible to go on without a battlefield story we had one instance Abdu Rahman and me were at Alme place one day we notice that a car is rolling down the hill right at us everyone starts yelling that this is a terrorist car and everyone starts to fire from automatic rifles we hit the truck with a large caliber round and it was still rolling then we shot it with an rpg and it stopped everyone got happy and started yelling and it started rolling again the most important thing is that it was empty, it stood on an incline and kept rolling by the end of the day the governement forces fortified themselves in several positions more then ten buildings went into Syrian control a sleepless night awaits the advancing forces and then new attacks soon the rebels will be tightened in Aleppo they will have no option but to surrender

Tony wyaad