April 2, 2020
  • 11:33 am US Navy Must Do This to Defeat Chinese in War
  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
  • 11:32 am Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser content from ICRC]
  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison
Chinese hunters threatened by Japanese army commander with a saber!Hunter soldier 43

Come on, move fast Hurry up Don’t kill time You, get up Come on, to your work Hurry up Assemble Come on, fall in Boss, there’s something wrong with those Japanese troops Do you job, never care about that What if I were right it’s gonna be a good opportunity we can take to get […]

Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese commander with sniper rifle!Jagged soldier 29

Commander Gongben is here Let’s go hi, hey okay, okay, I felt something wrong Hello, everyone, welcome to here We’re happy to be here city Chaoyang, have a show for our hero army and the people here. it is our greatest honor Hope you enjoy it, but before the show let’s give hands for commander […]

Chinese army used trench to resist enemy cannons, but enemy used gas bombs!Heroic soldier 48

Hurry in Do n’t be afraid, the enemy ’s shells ca n’t blow us up But my hands are out of my control The first time I was on the battlefield, I was more nervous than you, and later I was fine When will the enemy’s bombing end Regardless of how long they fry We […]

Chinese arrow soldiers burned enemy houses but were arrested!Arrow soldier 23

It’s on fire! Put out the fire! Find the butler! Put out the fire! Go, go, go. Move fast, come on. It’s on fire! Put out the fire! Stop. Go back to fight the fire now. I’m just gonna fetch something to fight fire. Watch out! Put out the fire! Now! It must be the […]

Chinese soldiers rescue hostages from bandit nest!Jagged soldier 13

Who the hell are you Why did you wanna be my pursuer Yu Deshn, where’s Xichenghaoer as well as that design Well, you’ve pulled my background What if I were right you guys are New Fourth Army mem Whatever Come on, hand that design over to me Well, you can’t afford to force things I’m […]

The strongest ninja dispatched to rescue the Japanese commander!Chinese soldier 07

Reporting! Reporting! Reporting to headquarters! Report. The fuel tank of the plane is leaking. The tank will last ten minutes. It will last ten minutes. What? The plane’s spilling oil? Didn’t you operate a preflight inspection? Someone changed the plane. Where’s your location? Your location. It should be in the enemy’s base area. That’s under […]

Chinese Kung Fu beauty defeated the Japanese army commander!Cheetah soldier 11

What’s wrong Captain Captain Captain Wu Ying Captain Get up Are you all right Fine Come on, turn up Dishes are ready this’s the drug you need You’ll have a taste You two, go there You, after I finish having this meal to give me a hand for getting me redressed What the hell do […]

Chinese soldiers shelled the enemy, but loaded with sand bombs!Fool soldier 02

Forward How’s everything going Brother Sir, why did you come here He’s right, sir For things like guns and cannons, they can’t see people You’d better stay in your camp I can’t imagine how is the play going without me Those bad guys put their main force into the battlefield Adviser Here Show our cannons […]

Chinese hunter army ingeniously beats enemies with terrain!Hunter soldier 24

Hei Zi, you’re coming Those Japanese troops are not coming here Boss, you and your people did a good job Thanks to you for saving our lives many times and taking revenge for me So it’s my pleasure to do that You’re talking politely We’re both in a single line in Qinglong Mountain so no […]

Chinese clown points a gun at the Japanese army commander!Hunter soldier 38

Shun Zi, did you have the visual of the guy you’re looking for Yep, I did You need to be more careful Got it Mr. Matsui You’re warmly welcomed for your appreciation But Please excuse me what if you wanna keep going on talking about our business Well, Mr. Mei, I came here today for […]