November 13, 2019
  • 10:51 am Jake Schroeder, Avs Anthem Singer, Reveals Motivation – His Father’s Military Service
  • 12:50 am Air Force Report: Dropping Bombs
  • 11:50 pm Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together
  • 1:53 pm The most emotional military homecomings compilation | Militarykind
  • 1:52 pm US Army Considers Boston For Site Of New Command Headquartesr

My favorite part of being a nuclear weapons technician is being elbow deep in a nuclear warhead. I love having the opportunity to work on the world’s most powerful weapon system and by proxy keep America safe. I am Staff Sergeant Aaron Hayworth and I am a nuclear weapons technician. We work on nuclear weapons […]


My name is captain Elena Arushanyan, and I work as a family nurse practitioner at Randolph Air Force Base. I’m originally from Russia. My family immigrated to the U.S. in 1995. I’ve worked as a nurse in several civilian institutions and then I joined the U.S. Air Force in 2004. I pursued the Air Force […]

U.S. Air Force: Lt Col Kirk Rowe, Psychologist

I grew up in South Lyon, Michigan about 15 miles north of Ann Arbor. 1987, I was in a class talking about the brain and they were specifically talking about vision and how vision works. I started thinking about this neuro-psychology thing. I met my wife at graduate school at University of North Texas, then […]

U.S. Air Force: Maj Paul Puchta, Physician

I grew up in Warsaw, Poland, continued through medical studies while working in laparoscopic surgery. I was offered a research position in the United States. After 9/11, the Air Force was looking for foreign-born physicians to fill up international health positions. Where at that time we’re building coalitions with our Eastern European partners. I interviewed […]

U.S. Air Force: Capt Zarah Davis, Social Worker

I was a clinical social worker for a local hospice agency. I was also a clinical social worker working for a local home health agency. I wanted to join the Air Force because I wanted to hone more in on my clinical skills, be able to focus more on anxiety, depression, PTSD, more mental health […]

U.S. Air Force: Col Kristin Goodwin

I look at it as having the great opportunity to serve our country and try to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I am Colonel Kristin Goodwin, the Wing Commander of the second bomb wing, home of the mighty B-52 here at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. I just had a strong desire to […]

U.S. Air Force: The First Space Jump

Space is hostile. It’s very hostile to man. Blood boils at 65,000 feet. the POSIX shelter was the first time anybody was outside of a spacecraft in a space environment. I’m Joe Kittinger I spent 29 years in the United States Air Force. Half my career was spent in research development, worked as a test […]

Changing Directions: Becoming a U.S. Air Force Nurse

I am Captain Petra Holloway. I’m a labor and delivery nurse. I was a migrant worker growing up, I remember just being out in the field, you know, picking tomato, bell pepper. It was hard I didn’t want to work that kind of hard life for the rest of my life. One day my dad […]

U.S. Air Force: 1st Lt Mike Fraioli, Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer

This facility is very secure. Two layers of razor wire fence, two layers of police officers, remote-controlled machine guns on towers. I can’t imagine very many more secure places than this one. I’m 1st Lieutenant Mike Fraioli, munitions and missile maintenance officer. Growing up I had no idea that nukes needed maintenance. I had no […]

U.S. Air Force: SrA Elijah Snyder, Missile Systems Maintenance

I completely enjoy it. I think it pushes me to be better. It challenges me and you need challenges to grow. I’m Senior Airman Elijah Snyder and I’m a missile systems maintenance technician. We do what it takes to get that intercontinental ballistic missile on alert. A category one is the highest level of mission […]