January 17, 2020
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“26 July’s march” – The Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1962)

Cuban Revolutionary Song “26 July’s march” performed in Spanish language We march to our ideals, Confident of our victory. For the sake of peace and prosperity We all will fight for freedom! Forward on the way, Cubans! Cuba will reward us for heroism! We are soldiers, We will liberate our Motherland, We will pass through […]

The United States Army Band Command Video

From our nation’s capital, the premier musical organization of the United States Army The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own.” The United States Army Band, the premier musical organization of the senior armed service, delights audiences of all ages throughout the country, and around the world. At the end of World War I, General of […]

Lady Antebellum’s “Army” | The Long Road Home

[MUSIC – LADY ANTEBELLUM, “ARMY”] She can hold my dreams right there in her pocket and shoot down fear with the other hand. She’s the parachute, bulletpoof, oh. She’s the softest place for land. On the front line, she’s a statue, a safe place to run to, the strength I need to get through every […]

U S  Army Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors

>>>>Hello and welcome to the Oklahoma City Community College Visual and Performing Arts Center. This new venue places Oklahoma City Community College at the heart of arts programming in Oklahoma City. We are excited to be presenting a variety of touring attractions during our inaugural year. I invite you to experience the upcoming performance in […]

Concert of the Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1962)

We begin the concert of the Twice Red-Bannered Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army under A.V.Alexandrov “The people praise the party” Music by Boris Alexandrov, lyrics by Y. Kamenetsky The soloist is Konstantin Gerasimov The cherished word goes right from the heart With the rays of the spring sun From blue seas and […]

Battle of the U.S. Army Europe and Austrian Military Bands – Both Were Winners
“Take care, soldier!” – Ivan Bukreev and the Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1962)

“Take care, soldier!” Music by Y. Milyutin, lyrics by M. Lisyansky. The soloist is Ivan Bukreev. It’s far to the cherished threshold, To this one familiar gate. Take care, soldier, of this bright dream, Of this land and this native home. Take care, soldier, of this bright dream, Of this land and this native home. […]

Chorus of the Soldiers from the “Decembrists” Opera – The Alexandrov Red Army Choir (1965)

The performance of the Alexandrov Red Army Choir Chorus of the soldiers from the “Decembrists” opera Music by Y. Shaporin, lyrics by A. Tolstoy Behind the Danube, behind the Danube, behind the Danube river We marched, we marched on the Turkish troops. Oh, in the garden, in the green garden Yearning all the time, a […]

U.S. Army Europe Band and Chorus
The Soldier’s Dance “Barynya” – The Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble (1962)

The Soldier’s Dance “Barynya” The director of the dance – Alexander Khmelnitsky The conductor – Vladimir Alexandrov (the director of the orchestra). The comic soldier’s dance “Barynya”