December 8, 2019
  • 4:51 pm Air Force – Aircraft Structural Fitter
  • 3:51 pm Genji’s Sword – Overwatch – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
  • 2:51 pm Navy SEAL and his Family Need Your HELP
  • 1:50 pm Gunman watched shooting videos before rampage, says official
  • 11:50 am Retired Lt. General slams idea of pardoning soldiers accused of war crimes

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Brilliant, a problem solving website that teaches you to think like an engineer. The US military has the strongest and most diverse navy in the world. The US militaries fleet of aircraft carriers is so large, it makes the US navy the second largest airforce […]

Seabee/Navy Reserve  John Austin

The Seabees were created as a need during World War II. It was realized that a military force that we were going to need construction of facilities, so we had to have trained people that could build ah the facilities, but also know how to fight. I’m John Austin and I’m in the Navy Reserve. […]

War & Military Vocabulary: Understand the news

Hi again. I’m Adam. Welcome back to Today’s lesson is a little bit unfortunate. We’re going to talk about the military, and I’m going to give you some vocabulary to talk about military and war, armies, etc. Now, the reason we’re doing this is because we actually had a few requests for this type […]

Soviet Air Force 1941/1942 – Defeat & Recovery

The Soviet Air Force in World War II got a very rude awakening. It endured one of the most devastating defeats in aviation history. At the time of the German attack, the force consisted of about 10 to 15 thousand aircraft, of which 7 500 were deployed on the Soviet western theatre, whereas the German […]

Why 278 Men for a Frigate? #Nelson’s Navy

A 36-gun frigate of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic era had a crew of around 278 men. So let’s find out what they were up to. There were 24 fore-topmen, divided into two watches; the starboard and larboard watch. Next there were the main topmen, with 30 men on each watch. Then the mizzen […]

U.S. Navy Microbiologist- Dr. Rockabrand

In many ways, the Navy offers a situation that you don’t normally see in the civilian world. If you wanna experience and learn about infectious diseases you have to go where they are. The idea of a house call is, is old but in the Navy you go out into the field and you take […]


Everybody has to deal with hardship. Everybody has to deal with struggle. And there’s this great quotation from Hemingway, “The world is a hard place and the world breaks everyone”, he said. “And many are strong at the broken places”. Now people often remember this phrase strong at the broken places but it’s also important […]

Weirdest Bomb Created By the US Military

Humans have come up with many strange ways to kill people, including an array of different types of bombs. Bombs such as the barrel bomb, which was just a big barrel full of nasty things that caused so much damage they were deemed unethical. There was the famous bouncing bomb, the British invention that bounced […]

Navy vet and Native American student gets PSU masters certificate after living ‘several lives’

I’ve had a couple different lives so far. It’s completely changed to the trajectory of my life being at Portland State. I really feel like I learned how to think here. I really like had to challenge my own beliefs. I live in my vehicle but I chose that so it’s vastly different than people […]

Space Corps: A new military branch? | IN 60 SECONDS

The last time America created a new military service was in 1947, when the Air Force split off from the Army. Seventy years later, the House of Representatives has asked the Air Force to reorganize and spin-off a new Space Corps. But the result would not be akin to the relationship between the Navy and […]