February 17, 2020
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  • 10:51 am Who Can Keep The Soldier Alive The Longest? (PROS Vs. AMATEURS Ghost Recon)
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Is “Stranger Things” TV Show Actually Based On Real Life Military Project?

In the 1990’s a man named Preston Nichols went public and started saying the strangest things. He said he’d been involved with a series of military projects, and after uncovering repressed memories he said he now remembered working on things such as mind control, teleportation, telepathy and even time travel. This was all top secret, […]


It’s Christmas Eve, 2019. All is quiet, all is still- except in the skies above Earth. High in orbit over our planet, giant spaceships full of brain-eating aliens loom over our helpless world. The Zeti Reticulians are finally here, and they’ve come to harvest a bounty in delicious human brains. But the war for our […]


Ten-hut! Straighten up there soldier, because today we’re taking you to boot camp so you can learn what it’s like to leave the civilian world behind and become a soldier in the US military. Well, actually, we went ahead and had our favorite lab rat, and third-from-the-bottom-in-importance writer, go ahead and relive his boot camp […]

Did the US Navy Actually Teleport a Ship?

The year was 1943. The USA had been involved in World War Two for a couple of years and during that summer on the high seas U.S. destroyers and other Allied ships were involved in a bloody battle with German U-boat submarines. The “Battle of the Atlantic” would become the longest continuous military campaign of […]

STRAPPED INTO A SINKING HELICOPTER (with U.S. Marines) – Smarter Every Day 201

(helicopter flying) (alarm systems beeping) – [Instructor] Ditching, ditching, ditching. (water rushing) – So, I’m alive. (laughs) All right, here’s the deal. My last mission as a U.S. government civil servant was in a helicopter off the coast of Hawaii. We’ll learn about that in a future episode, but this video’s different. This is not […]