April 8, 2020
  • 11:33 am US Navy Must Do This to Defeat Chinese in War
  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
  • 11:32 am Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser content from ICRC]
  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison
Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons?

Even though the number of nuclear weapons in the world has declined significantly Since the Cold War down from a peak of about seventy thousand three hundred in 1986 to an estimated fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety five and that was as of this year 2017 but despite the drastic cut today’s forces are a […]

10+ Incredible Facts About Finland Navy

To continue to add more to our military playlist on Finland We look at the Finnish Navy and although they may be smaller than other navies around the world They do make up a major part of the defence of the Scandinavian countries And with that mind we’re gonna dive as far as we can […]


So we’re on FTD facts we’ve done a lot of videos on different aspects of the Armed Forces of not just every other country but specifically Sweden I’ve talked about how powerful the country is from military perspective and about the Marines the Navy the Air Force and the special forces group as well which […]

10+ Incredible Facts About Swedish Air Force (Svenska flygvapnet)

So Sweden, we all know is a pretty neutral kind of country It’s one that doesn’t really start a lot of fights, but did you know that it had an army and an airforce? Yeah For some people that might shock them but for others you guys might already know that and that’s the theme […]


Sweden and Russia are both influential nations with very powerful Militaries and in this episode of FTD facts. We’re doing a side-by-side comparison of the military power of Sweden and Russia How’s it going everyone my name is Leroy Kenton and before you continue hit the like button on this video guys give a big […]

10+ Incredible Facts About The Denmark Army (Hæren)

Although small the everyday soldier of the Danish Armed Forces Remain, well trained individuals who are versatile in their professional fields of defense and today here on FTD facts We are going to continue to learn more about the military of Denmark and find out what is great about it. Hey everybody How’s it going? […]

INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Military is Better?

In This episode of FTD facts. I’m comparing the military power of the sister nations of India and Pakistan So let’s start this how’s it going guys? I’m Leroy Kenton, and thank you guys so much for joining me before you continue Don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and for you […]

FINLAND or NORWAY – Which Military is Better?

The Finnish Defence Forces and the Norwegian Armed Forces are very similar when it comes to their military But also have some very different aspects to them and today here on FTD facts We are just for fun gonna look at the differences and compare these two great military forces Hey, everybody what’s going on […]

The Differences Between INDIA and PAKISTAN Air Force

Both India and Pakistan have very powerful and well-equipped air forces and in this episode I’m gonna give you a side-by-side look at these two air forces from their size their Structure as well as you’re going to be looking at some of the inventory that they have and more welcome everyone My name is […]

Incredible Facts About The Finland Army (Suomen maavoimat Finlands armé)

Here on FTD facts we’ve been learning a lot about the great and noble people known as the Finns and in case you weren’t sure by that I meant The people that are from the great country known as Finland and we’ve talked a lot about its country and discovered What’s great about it but […]