February 19, 2020
  • 2:51 pm BREAKING Obama Training Army & DHS To Kill Christians!
  • 12:51 pm Box of Toys Military Toys Toy Guns for Kids Toy Weapons Army
  • 10:51 am Who Can Keep The Soldier Alive The Longest? (PROS Vs. AMATEURS Ghost Recon)
  • 8:51 am Military Kids Get a Christmas Surprise While Dad is Away
  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12

Last September 24 Last September 24 2019 Last September… excuse me Last September 24 2019, I’m getting tongue-tied here Last September 24 2019 Why is it so hard to pronounce this Last September 24 2019 I joined my son’s school field trip and we went to Clark Pampanga and Subic Zambales I was supposed to […]

Army Mule at Hill `n’ Dale

Army Mule had a short but brilliant career on the racetrack where he won the Carter Handicap in his third start. He retires undefeated to Hill ‘n’ Dale in 2019 and John Sikura makes a case for the horse as a sire. I think the horse accomplished phenomenal things in the short period of time […]

Old time tactics in U.S. Army Cavalry

Times have changed for military tactics, techniques, and procedures, but some remain the same. Specialist Richard Coletta shows how. We’re doing exactly here what 1-4 Cavalry and the 4th Cavalry Regiment did on the plains of Kansas or in Nebraska or in Colorado or Texas or New Mexico back in the 1870s, probably more so […]

U.S. Air Force: Life on Base – Base Saddle Club

Hi, I’m Staff Sergeant Frank Joseph and this is my wife, Alexis. Today, we’re here at the Base Saddle Club and this is how we spend our free time. [Music] Boarding on base is a wonderful benefit to being part of the Air Force. You pay a significantly less amount to board your horse and […]