April 7, 2020
  • 11:33 am US Navy Must Do This to Defeat Chinese in War
  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
  • 11:32 am Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser content from ICRC]
  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison
Modern Soldier Vs World War II Nazi – Who Would Win?

Nazis- is there anything worse in this world? Well, yes, and that’s Nazi zombies, but luckily we’re not dealing with any master race zombies today. Nope, instead today we’re dealing with the living, breathing variety, in our latest installment of who would win? A modern soldier or a World War II Nazi? The date is […]

Hitler’s secret weapons [VR/360]

1942, Peenemünde. Nazi Germany. The first ever operational rocket has just taken off. It’s the V2 rocket and it’s about to change the outcome of the war. On the ground, the Nazi leaders are enthusiastic. For nearly 6 years, 2000 Nazi scientists have been working on a revolutionary weapon. Fast, autonomous, unstoppable, the rocket should […]

Donald Duck – Der Fuehrer’s face | eng sub

When der Fuehrer says we is de master race We Heil! Heil! right in der Fueher’s face Not to love der Fuehrer is a great disgrace So we Heil! Heil! right in der Fuehrer’s face When Herr Goebbels says we own the world and space We Heil! Heil! right in Herr Goebbels’ face When Herr […]


Top 10 Stupid Military Blunders NUMBER 10: THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE During the Crimean War, a simple error of miscommunication led to the deaths of over 110 British soldiers. In 1854 Lord Cardigan led the British Light Cavalry against the Russian forces. The cavalry of almost 700 men wasn’t equipped with heavy armor […]

The Soldier Who Voluntarily Became a Prisoner in Auschwitz

The Soldier Who Voluntarily Became a Prisoner in Auschwitz Nazi troops invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, despite the best efforts of Captain Witold Pilecki and his fellow Polish soldiers. On November 9th of that same year, Witold and Major Wlodarkiewicz founded the Tajna Armia Polska (TAP or Polish Secret Army), an underground organization that […]

Britain’s “Unkillable” Soldier, Adrian Carton de Wiart

Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart. Not sure how well I’m pronouncing that, but I’ll be calling him Adrian throughout the remainder of this video. With his eye patch and empty sleeve, just his image alone is enough to ask questions. This guy served as a British officer in the Boer War, […]

WW2: The Resource War – The Engines of War – Extra History – #3

[Music] To understand the strategic decisions of the Second World War, you have to understand the struggle for resources that underpinned it. All wars to some extent are about resources, but this war was like no other conflict in history. To power the vast engine of war, to feed the complex machine that turned out […]

Top 10 INSANE Nazi Superweapons — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Terrifying Nazi Super Weapons For World Domination 10. The Panther Tank To start off this list, we must first talk about the Nazi Panther tank. What makes this war machine stand out of all the other tanks of WWII is a combination of firepower, armor, maneuverability and speed. Originally intended to be used […]

Kaiser Wilhelm And Strategy in Pre-War Germany VS. Hitler and Nazi Germany

the pre-war german army contrary to what people said I mean people like max hoffman who was usually the brits will tell you the great strategic genius of the first world war and regardless of what we think of ludendorf he was a very talented guy these were not aristocratic prussians ok and in fact […]

Air Force legend Bob Hoover stole a Nazi plane to escape a POW camp

Bob Hoover has been called the greatest stick and rudder man that ever lived. He flew in World War II, escaped a POW camp, and flew experimental air frames with the Air Force. As a child, Hoover was inspired by his parents talking about Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight. He got a job bagging groceries for […]