March 30, 2020
  • 11:33 am US Navy Must Do This to Defeat Chinese in War
  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
  • 11:32 am Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser content from ICRC]
  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison
US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison

It is imperative for powerful countries to showcase their strength, and nations often like to flex their military might like bodybuilders posing in a mirror. And, why not? What would be the point of keeping such strength a secret? We thought it would be cool to compare the main aircraft carriers operating in the two […]

BREAKING! Putin: Trump Told Me That Costs For US Mil Budget Are Too High; He Advocated Disarmament!

20 Questions To Vladimir Putin The army. Ok, and so? The armor is strong and our tanks are fast, right? Sure. Azokhun vey and our tanks are fast! (famous humorous song) And so? Who are we going to fight against? We are not going to fight against anyone. We are going to create conditions so […]

HYPERSONIC RACE! Putin: Russia Always Had To Catch Up With America! USA Now Has To Catch Up With Us!

And now there is a unique situation, I have recently spoken of it at the Defense Ministry. This is the first time in modern Russia. We always had to catch up with our strategic weapons competitors. The first atomic bomb was developed by the Americans. We caught up with them. Then the first strategic aircraft […]

High-Precision American Weapons Didn’t Really Work

On Friday morning, our military correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny sent the very first shots from the Syrian airbase Shayrat immediately after the missile strike. Today we can show more. Here is a new report from Yevgeny. This video was made just a few hours after the American Tomahawks exploded on the territory of the Syrian military […]

Top 10 Weapons Of The Future

In the words of Tony Stark, “The best weapon is one you never have to fire.” We’ve come a long way since sticks and stones, and it’s almost inconceivable that only a few hundred years ago, Man was still waging war with bows, arrows, cannons, and muskets. Modern militaries are constantly in the process of […]

DPR Defensive: Western Training doesn’t Help the Army

How to choose the worst scenario? Our war correspondent Valery Sladkov reports from Avdeevka which borders the DPR. To the dug position, fast! Hello! Go, go, go! One has to be careful in the industrial zone of Avdeevka near Donetsk. You have 2 seconds to hide for the mine after you hear a shot. -Hello! […]

How US Military Spy Plane Drove the USSR Crazy

In the early part of the Cold War, the United States had a serious problem- gathering intelligence on the Soviet Union was proving incredibly difficult to do. Several attempts to establish intelligence networks behind the iron curtain had been violently put down, and a number of American and British spies, along with local collaborators, had […]

Appeal to Poroshenko – Please Send More Weapons !! / Eng Subs

I’ve been asked to convey a request to Mr Pol Pot No not Pol Pot Poroshenko… Please send more munitions and equipment into the so-called ATO zone We’ll take the equipment and use this very equipment all these devices and ammunition against you all the equipment, munitions, weapons and uniforms against his invading, punishing hordes […]

Russian MoD: Syrian Army doesn’t have chemical weapons as confirmed by the UN and OPCW

The ceasefire, which had been established on December 30, 2016, has been observed throughout Syria. The number of detachments of the opposition, which had claimed to observe the ceasefire regime, has reached 204. Within last two weeks, representatives of 55 inhabited areas have signed agreements on joining the ceasefire regime. The total number of the […]

Red Navy Choir – Salt water (English subtitles)

Clouds are standing overhead Like a white level. With a choral song for us It’s good to sail! Ah, that salt water, The wind blows in the open! And forever we’re in love With the blue sea! Ah, that salt water, The wind blows in the open! And forever we’re in love With the blue […]