March 30, 2020
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  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
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By 2020, India will acquire these state-of-the-art military weapons

Welcome to World Action and Reaction News, Todays News is By 2020, India will acquire these state-of-the-art military weapons Credit : Times Now News Not long ago when Manohar Parrikar was the Defence Minister of India, there was a report that the country wanted to spend approximately $223 billion over the next decade to upgrade […]

Defense ministry highlighted plans to acquire state-of-the-art weapons to implement…

the Defense Ministry highlighted plans to implement its reform plan aimed at modernizing the military it involves acquiring advanced weapons and boosting defense systems Kim Jin has more on defense reform a 2.0 the Ministry of National Defence of Friday it’s enforcing its midterm plan previously unveiled in August aimed at strengthening South Korea’s self-reliance […]

N. Korea fired from super-large multiple rocket launcher on Monday: KCNA

North Korea fired what the regime is calling his super large multiple rocket launcher on Monday some experts believe the weapons appear more lethal and advanced than those fired during last year’s missile tests kim jian brings us their analysis North Korea appears to be perfecting the strategic weapon that the country first released through […]

S. Korean military to ban leave, travel and visits starting Saturday to contain COVID-19

the South Korean military and US forces in the country are on high alert following this series of confirmed coronavirus cases among South Korean troops they’re taking measures such as canceling leave and advising personnel to limit travel to infected areas Kim Jiyeon reports following a meeting held late Thursday by Seoul’s defense minister chungcheong-do […]

S. Korean military helps fight COVID-19

the software military is helping nationwide efforts to combat kovat 19 troops have been deployed to help decontaminate streets and buildings in a military hospital to treat civilian patients have been opened Kim Jiyeon has the full story sweeping the streets our South Korean military decontamination vehicles originally designed for cleansing cities following a chemical […]

Some 300 S. Korean Army troops to train in Mojave Desert, California this year

a series of South Korea and the u.s. a joint military training exercises will take place this year in the US state of California the South Korean army said of Monday that some 300 South Korean troops will receive training at the fort Arwen National Training Center in California’s Mojave Desert an army official said […]

Korean army introduces training program aimed at expanding military drones

A couple of years ago, the South Korean military set up a unit to train with drones… researching a wide variety of uses for the machines, going beyond surveillance. The drone unit recently held a demonstration. Our Kim Ji-yeon was there and filed this report. If an enemy approaches… troops can dispatch drones like this […]

President Moon visits Army boot camp to encourage soldiers-in-training

and president moon Jane made a rare visit today to new recruits in basic training on the front line to encourage them ahead of the new year according to a blue house official the South Korean commander-in-chief went to the boot camp this morning and expressed his gratitude to the soldiers for their hard work […]


South Korea and the u.s. are still opposed apart on the amount each nation should pay to stationed American troops here in Korea with Washington reportedly demanding multiples of what Seoul has been paying an expert warns that could backfire on the Trump administration her Oh Sooyoung tells us more demanding South Korea to pay […]


and US president Donald Trump has hinted that Washington may use military force against North Korea if necessary after the regime warned that this end of year deadline is looming to resume nuclear talks easing Jay with the details speaking to reporters on Tuesday in London at the annual summit of NATO leaders u.s. president […]