February 19, 2020
  • 2:51 pm BREAKING Obama Training Army & DHS To Kill Christians!
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  • 10:51 am Who Can Keep The Soldier Alive The Longest? (PROS Vs. AMATEURS Ghost Recon)
  • 8:51 am Military Kids Get a Christmas Surprise While Dad is Away
  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12

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Creating a Very ENERGETIC Abstract Painting | War Machine

Thanks for watching this video. If you loved it remember to like this video to encourage me Think also to click subscribe and click on the bell to receive my new videos. If you want to go further and become an painter abstract I have created a DVD called the secrets of abstract painting to […]

US Army Europe Opens APS Site in Belgium

So, the purpose of the Army Pre-Positioned site is to add credibility to our deterrence mission. So, the equipment that we have stored forward must be stored in a manner that is ready for use immediately, ready for a unit to come fall in on. And, it sends that strategic message, that we are always […]