October 19, 2019
  • 12:51 am Professional Chefs Try To Guess Military Meals
  • 12:51 am General James M. Hutchens Military Chaplain Scholarship
  • 11:52 pm Trump Orders U.S. Troops To Withdraw From Northern Syria As Turkey Offensive Grows | Nightly News
  • 4:52 pm Ballistic Missile Submarine Borei-Class ⚔️ Russian Navy [Review]
  • 4:52 pm Military Training Continues In Long Beach
U.S. Air Force: The First Space Jump

Space is hostile. It’s very hostile to man. Blood boils at 65,000 feet. the POSIX shelter was the first time anybody was outside of a spacecraft in a space environment. I’m Joe Kittinger I spent 29 years in the United States Air Force. Half my career was spent in research development, worked as a test […]

Changing Directions: Becoming a U.S. Air Force Nurse

I am Captain Petra Holloway. I’m a labor and delivery nurse. I was a migrant worker growing up, I remember just being out in the field, you know, picking tomato, bell pepper. It was hard I didn’t want to work that kind of hard life for the rest of my life. One day my dad […]

U.S. Air Force: 1st Lt Mike Fraioli, Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer

This facility is very secure. Two layers of razor wire fence, two layers of police officers, remote-controlled machine guns on towers. I can’t imagine very many more secure places than this one. I’m 1st Lieutenant Mike Fraioli, munitions and missile maintenance officer. Growing up I had no idea that nukes needed maintenance. I had no […]

U.S. Air Force: SrA Elijah Snyder, Missile Systems Maintenance

I completely enjoy it. I think it pushes me to be better. It challenges me and you need challenges to grow. I’m Senior Airman Elijah Snyder and I’m a missile systems maintenance technician. We do what it takes to get that intercontinental ballistic missile on alert. A category one is the highest level of mission […]

U.S. Air Force: Breaking Barriers

It’s easy to find your limits. Eventually you hit a wall. Or a ceiling. In the Air Force, we tell our own to aim high. Since the beginning, we’ve refused to accept limits. We don’t hit walls. It wasn’t that long ago they said man couldn’t fly. In 1947, we broke the sound barrier. The […]


My name is Technical Sergeant Alana Musson and I am a Security Forces Specialist. Security Forces for the Air Force are defenders who protect high-value assets: people, bases, secure installations, missile protection, in the Security Forces world, is very important. It’s our job, as defenders, to protect these high-value assets. When you go out to […]

U.S. Air Force: Life as an Air Force Nurse

In the Air Force, the nurses and the doctors have to develop a unified front, and I’ve often heard doctors say I don’t know where I would be without that nurse taking care of my patient when I wasn’t there, so that’s very important. We can give our patients anything they want. As in, if […]

U.S. Air Force G-Forces

Air Force fighter pilots can experience force on their bodies that most of us will never even come close to feeling. To get ready, they practice here in the Air Force’s human centrifuge. We’re at Brooks City Base and this is the centrifuge. This is what we use to train our pilots on g-forces. G-forces […]

Announcing CareStarter’s Intent to Partner with the Military

I’m Gillian Ring, the Product Manager for CareStarter. CareStarter is a Capital Factory Accelerator Program, and I’m really excited to share that we are recording from the 8th floor, which is dedicated to Defense Innovation. This is the perfect setting to announce our intention to provide our software solution to the US Military. And if […]

U.S. Air Force: The Enlisted

There was nobody better than us. The problem was, just about everybody outranked us. And the really sad thing is we weren’t even Airmen yet. We started as Army. But we were different. The road in front of us was a runway. We were all about the future. We were young. And so the future […]