February 21, 2020
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– [Interviewer] Whose idea what the snow? – [Both Children] Me. – Me. – No, me. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yes! – My name is Toby, and I’m eight years old. – My name’s Akyra, and I’m nine years old. – [Toby] We’re brother and sister. – I only get to see my […]

šŸ˜Super Muscle Builder – Ultimate Army Training Fitness & Workout
Navy SEAL Workout Series (2 of 3): Basic 101

I’m Navy SEAL instructor Lieutenant DeCoster. While Navy SEALs use some of the most advanced weapon systems around, we rely on something as simple as a rope to get us where we need to go. This basic training workout uses ropes, along with squats and pushups for a challenging combination of moves. Here’s Instructor Otten […]

Performance Triad Soldier Module 5: Fueling for Performance – Dietary Supplements

Proper fueling is all about getting the right nutrients at the right time to maximize your training results. If you want to be prepared for your next mission, nutrient planning before, during, and after your workouts will help you perform at your best. Did you know that fueling before you exercise improves overall performance by […]

NEFFEX – Soldier (Clip Music Top Video)

I spit raps like a heart attack, fast fatal hard impact Past painful scars in fact, I blast tasteful bars in packs I back up my actions, fact, don’t ask, grab reactions, jacked Attack with every word then act with class, as they hear me snap I got nothing to lose, ’cause I fought and […]

I Know a Soldier, Way Down in Georgia

I know a soldier Way down in Georgia He wears a black beret He wears it everyday Way down in Georgia Way down in Georgia Way down in Georgia Oh, way down in Georgia I know a soldier Way down in Georgia He wears a red beret He wears it everyday Way down in Georgia […]

Hey There We’re Gonna Fly – US Air Force

Hey there we’re gonna fly Fly all day till the day we die Flying up and flying down and flying up and fly around Hey there we are gonna fight Fly all day till the day is right Flying up and flying down and flying up and fly around Hey there we’re gonna run Run […]

The World of War Games & WarMachine | SubCultures

-I guess the miniatures players — We call them hobby gamers. -It’s a super-detailed version of chess, but there’s no board. “Well, how do you move?” Use a measuring tape. -You don’t just buy the pieces finished. When you buy them, they’re a model kit that you have to put together. You’re building the game […]

Inside the Moped Army | SubCultures

-The explosion of mopeds happened in the early ’70s during the oil crisis. -You’re not a motorcycle. You’re not a scooter. You’re not a bicycle. You’re kind of in this weird gray area. You feel like an outlaw. -It’s pure terror mixed with pure exhilaration at the same time. Sometimes you don’t know if your […]

Seated Barbell Military Press – Shoulder Exercise – Bodybuilding.com

Sit on a military press bench. Your grip should be wider than shoulder width. Once you’ve picked up the barbell, lift the bar overhead with your arms straight. Hold the bar slightly in front of your head. This will be your starting position. Now inhale and slowly lower the bar down to shoulder height. Then […]