April 7, 2020
  • 11:33 am US Navy Must Do This to Defeat Chinese in War
  • 11:32 am Dragunov Variations: Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger, Chinese NDM-86
  • 11:32 am Autonomous weapons could change battlefields of the future [Advertiser content from ICRC]
  • 11:32 am US Nimitz Class vs Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier – Military / Navy Comparison
Modern Soldier Vs World War II Nazi – Who Would Win?

Nazis- is there anything worse in this world? Well, yes, and that’s Nazi zombies, but luckily we’re not dealing with any master race zombies today. Nope, instead today we’re dealing with the living, breathing variety, in our latest installment of who would win? A modern soldier or a World War II Nazi? The date is […]

Call of Duty 2 – Intro & Mission #1 – Red Army Training (Soviet Campaign – Veteran)

1939. The armies of Nazi Germany begin their conquest of Europe. First of all is Poland, then Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Now the year is 1941. With an army over 7 million strong, the Nazi War Machine turns to the east and begins the invasion of the Soviet Union. Using Blitzkrieg […]

The Deadliest World War II Weapons | World War 2 Secret Weapons | Rajak

The Deadliest World War II Weapons

I Am Audie Murphy (The Epic Story of a Tiny Soldier)

Most kids when they grow up want to be an actor, or a songwriter, or an author. I’ve been lucky enough to be all of those things at one time or another. But all I really ever wanted to be was a soldier. And my dream came true. I was a soldier. I am a […]

The Truth About The Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo soldiers were a real thing, not just a reggae song. Buffalo Soldiers were some of the bravest and most decorated soldiers to serve in the United States military, and yet their accomplishments aren’t very well-known because of racism. This is the untold truth of the Buffalo soldiers. During the American Civil War, all-black regiments […]

Night Swallows – Episode 2. Russian Tv Series. StarMedia. Military Drama. English Subtitles

Dedicated to the female pilots of the 46th Guards Female Regiment of Night Bombers Tatyana Arntgoltz, Yelizaveta Nylova Denis Nikiforov, Yevgeniy Ganelin Ekaterina Olkyna, Maria Pyrogova Anatoliy Pashynin, Mikhail Yevlanov and Igor Savochkin Created by Igor Ter-Karapetov, Vladimir Valutskiy in association with Andrey Zhitkov Directed by Mikhail Kabanov Director of Photography – Ivan Gudkov Produced […]

An Introduction to Fold3: Historical Military Documents

Welcome to Fold3 where you can explore the web’s premier collection of american military records from before the revolutionary war, to the war in vietnam. These images and pages honor America’s military heroes. Explore historical records of the men and women who played a role in US history for their service to the country. Here […]

Spies Must Die. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Military Detective Story. English Subtitles

Star Media presents a soap opera Spies Must Die Starring Alexander Pashutin, Nikita Tyunin Alexander Yefymov, Alexander Yatsenko Valeriy Zolotukhin, Natalya Kolyakanova Alexey Serebryakov as Major Dumansky Yuriy Nyfontov Maxim Konovalov, Eva Aveyeva Alexander Peskov, Valeriy Afanasyev Valentin Varetsky, Oleg Savkin Igor Savochkin, Viktor Saraykin Created by Mark Gres Directed by Sergey Lyalin Director of […]

US Navy Admiral planned Pearl Harbor attack in 1932

An American admiral launched an almost perfect carrier attack on Pearl Harbor during an exercise in 1932, but the military failed to learn its lesson, allowing the Japanese to launch almost exactly the same attack nine years later. Rear Admiral Harry E. Yarnell was an early proponent of aircraft carriers, but his displays of air […]

The Last Fallen Soldier of WW1 | Henry Gunther

On the eleventh of November nineteen-eighteen the most deadly conflict the world has seen up until that point was coming to an end. Over nine-million combatants had died, and the total death toll exceeded sixteen million. The armistice would be signed at eleven A.M., which would put a halt to the senseless bloodshed of the […]