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The Dark Truth About These Avengers: Endgame Characters

If you somehow haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity
War yet, spoiler alert: lots of superheroes die. “I’m sorry” Anyway, in Avengers: Endgame, the remaining
superheroes are gonna try and save everyone. Sounds good, right? Well…here’s why the superheroes in Avengers:
Endgame might actually be the last group of super people you’d want defending the universe. Like so many of the classics, Iron Man’s story
is about atoning for the sins of the past. He’s an ex-weapons designer who put profit
over morality until the day he came face to face with what his weapons were actually doing
to people. Then, in the span of a few days, he turned
his life around and went from giving sales pitches for ballistic missiles to shutting
down his weapons division and dedicating his life to protecting the vulnerable. He is, at his very core, a man who knows the
value of redemption. Maybe that’s what makes it so jarring when
he kills pretty much everyone who gets in his way. From the big bad guys all the way down to
their rent-a-henchmen, nobody’s safe from Tony’s willingness to repulsor blast somebody’s
guts right out of their body. That kinda seems like an extreme approach
from a guy whose whole philosophy was changed in an instant, and whose armored suit is definitely
sophisticated enough to have some kind of non-lethal options next to all the bombs and
laser beams. Tony Stark’s hypocrisy doesn’t end there. In Captain America: Civil War, racked with
guilt over the people he’s accidentally killed, the Invincible Iron Man advocates for a more
transparent, lawful approach to superheroism. How does he chase after this ideal? By blackmailing a child, smuggling him across
international borders, and forcing him to fight superpowered demigods under threat of
revealing his identity. Thor has been a lot of things over the years,
up to and including a super-powered frog. But through it all, he’s had one enduring
characteristic. He’s always sort of the worst. “Strongest Avenger.” “uh, what?” Let’s start with his anger issues. The God of Thunder has always been a hot-head,
which is part of what makes his bro-down with the Hulk in Ragnarok so endearing. Unfortunately, it gets much less charming
when you see how far it can go. In the comics, Thor is prone to a bad case
of the godlike temper tantrums called “The Warrior’s Madness.” When this state overtakes him, he experiences
hallucinations, paranoia, and bouts of smacking his friends around. There’s one especially bleak example, when
the Mighty Thor went all hammer time on a laundry list of fellow heroes and then backhanded
his fiancee, Lady Sif. Needless to say, things didn’t really work
out between them. It’s also worth mentioning that Thor has a
running streak of abandoning his buddies when they need him. Putting aside the fact that just about any
of the MCU solo movie plots could’ve been solved with 30 seconds of lightning smackdowns,
he completely bails after Age of Ultron and doesn’t come back until Infinity War. We’re not saying the guy doesn’t need some
alone time, but when your best pals are trying to kill each other, maybe check in. Nobody’s breaking new ground by saying The
Hulk has anger issues. He’s the poster child for explosive rage. “I’m always angry.” But while onscreen representations serve up
Bruce Banner as the long-suffering victim of circumstance, the truth is that the guy
is mostly just a crabby jerk who loves to let small problems become giant smash-happy
green ones. If you want to see the consequences of that
kind of attitude, well, the good news is there are plenty of alternate futures in the comics
to draw from. The bad news is that they’re all just so,
so bad. The two most prominent future versions of
the Hulk are both pretty rough. One is Maestro, a hyper-intelligent Hulk who,
after an apocalyptic nuclear war, took over as sort of an enormous green Super-King. He’s an evil overlord. He loves to kill, and even took down every
single one of Marvel’s other heroes, leaving a room full of shattered souvenirs behind. But believe it or not, the Hulk from Wolverine’s
distant-future Old Man Logan comics might actually be worse. This version, hopped up on gamma radiation,
took over America’s West Coast, hooked up with his cousin, and got to making little
Hulks…all of whom grew up to be giant gamma-powered Deliverance-style members of society, just
without the banjos. In case it wasn’t clear from the flashbacks
to the Red Room or her constant mysterious references to her dark past, Black Widow has
a checkered history. Starting out as a Soviet secret agent, Natasha
Romanoff switched over to S.H.I.E.L.D., where she became the go-to red herring for comic
book stories where the team thought there might be a traitor in their midst. “Stop lying.” “I only act like I know everything, Rogers.” Flash-forward a few decades, and we have The
Ultimates, a series from the early 2000s that was meant to take a cinematic approach to
the comics. The Avengers in this story quickly turned
dark and edgy and just a little bit uncomfortable to read about. The take on Black Widow got especially nefarious
when she subverted years of Benedict Arnold fake-outs and actually turned on the team,
a betrayal that led to the gruesome deaths of Hawkeye’s wife and kids. Talk about having red in your ledger… On a team of super-soldiers, mega-geniuses,
and literal gods, Clint Barton shoots bad guys with a bow and arrow. He’s a superhero whose origin story is more
or less that he saw Lord of the Rings and got really into Legolas. “We’re still friends, right?” “Depends on how hard you hit me.” That said, like any goofy comic book character,
Hawkeye was always just one weird story away away from being truly unsettling. Once again, we can look at The Ultimates,
and find out what kind of man would dedicate his life to becoming the most deadly person
on the planet with one of the oldest weapons there is. The answer was “a total freak show.” After witnessing the executions of his wife
and children, Hawkeye is tied up and interrogated by a group of enemy soldiers. Knowing that his uncanny accuracy made him
a living weapon if left with anything to throw, they stripped Clint of anything that he might
chuck at them from the interrogation table. What they didn’t count on was Barton meticulously
prying off his own fingernails and using them as tiny, deadly projectiles to take out the
whole crew. You know, we take back everything we said
about his weapon of choice. It turns out the bow and arrow is a lot less
gross than the alternative. Hey, remember how the whole story behind Iron
Man 2 revolved around Tony Stark not wanting to hand his technology over to the government? How he thought doing that would be irresponsible,
since it would just wind up in the hands of the military and contribute to a perpetual
cycle of violence he himself had witnessed? “I’m not a joiner but I’ll consider Secretary
of Defense, if you ask nice.” Well, here’s James Rhodes, ostensibly Tony’s
best friend, to unapologetically steal the Mark 2 armor and take it straight back to
the military. He’s not even subtle about the fact that he’s
realizing Tony’s greatest fear: He glues a canon to the suit’s shoulder and literally
calls himself War Machine. That’s the only name more obvious than being
a man in an iron suit called Iron Man. Carol Danvers is the MCU’s newest, biggest
strongest Avenger, but she’s been around for decades in the comics, and it hasn’t always
been the best of times for her. Back in the ’80s, still going by Ms. Marvel
and struggling to come to terms with her powers, she had them abruptly yanked out of her by
future X-Man Rogue, who was a supervillain at the time. Luckily for her, the Brood, Marvel’s equivalent
of the Xenomorphs from Aliens, tortured her until she became a different laser-blasting
cosmic dynamo named Binary. That wasn’t her last reinvention, either. She’d later go by Warbird, then Ms. Marvel
again, then finally settle on Captain Marvel, and that lack of personal stability was apparently
stressful enough to make her want to get drunk and shoot a dog. Yeah, comic book Carol had a drinking problem. Most of the time that meant a lot of slumping
over a bottle and talking about how miserable she was. On one very special occasion, though, it led
to her getting sloshed and blasting Lockjaw, the Inhumans’ lovable teleporting pet, with
a fistful of energy projection. You know, like a hero would. Despite being on a team with a boozy mech
suit enthusiast and the angriest man in the world, Hank Pym always managed to stand out
as pretty much the grossest Avenger. In the comics, he was responsible for the
creation of Ultron. He was physically and emotionally abusive
to his wife. He performed wacky experiments on himself,
leading to further mental instability. Further down the road, in The Ultimates’ universe,
he had a particularly bad day and literally bit off Blob’s head like he was snapping into
a Slim Jim. And that’s the guy Scott Lang chose to emulate. He doesn’t create his own superheroic persona. He wears the same outfit and uses the same
name as the Avenger with the most publicly horrifying personal life. Sure, it’s pretty cool to shrink or turn into
a giant, but why not try literally any other superhero on the planet as your role model? Rocket loves two things: his best friend Groot,
and committing murder. “More incoming!” “Good! I want to kill some guys!” You like violent antiheroes? Guardians of the Galaxy has got you covered. Despite being their fuzziest, most pocket-sized
member, Rocket’s so far deep into a killing spree that it’s tough to remember what makes
him a good guy to begin with. Then again, it’s not like Rocket has had an
easy life. The movies make some offhanded references
to the fact that he was tortured and experimented on, but in the comics, his story is a whole
lot stranger. Rocket started life as the chief security
officer on a planet-sized insane asylum where animals were turned into cartoonish, intelligent
creatures to… help comfort the patients, maybe? Because nothing makes you feel more sane than
watching a talking, gun-toting raccoon fly through space on rocket skates. He’s one of Marvel’s longest-running characters. He’s the sentinel of liberty. He socked Adolf Hitler square in the jaw more
times than we can count. He’s Captain America, and boy is he problematic. While he’s usually portrayed as a stand-up
guy, Steve Rogers hasn’t always been the kind of person you want in charge of defending
the downtrodden. He’s spent a few months as a werewolf, for
instance, and during the enormous bummer that was the Secret Empire storyline, he turned
out to be a Hydra operative who had been playing the good guy as a long con that lasted for
about 70 years. Was it because of the reality-altering powers
man was not meant to control? Of course it was, but that’s the problem with
superheroes, isn’t it? There’s always an excuse. In what might just be his Worst Moment Ever,
though, Cap once watched a character who was heavily implied to be Richard Nixon shoot
himself in the head after being revealed as the sinister leader of the original Secret
Empire. The guilt Steve Rogers felt over the incident
led to his abandoning the identity of Captain America. Instead, he took the name Nomad and returned
to action in an old-school yellow and blue superhero costume… and then his first move
as the new character was to immediately trip on his own cape while trying to fight some
bad guys. Should’ve listened to Edna Mode, and ditched
the cape, Steve. She had it right all this time. “I understood that reference.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about The Avengers
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