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The new Army program to train troops to fight underground

career right now has over 5,000 people
to grab facilities so if you think you’re never gonna see this like SF
commanders tell me you’re very very wrong. megacities huge complex and no
place you want to fight a war. but even worse fighting beneath one. when you
enter a city something got to worry about is the sewers subway tunnels other
other underground threats that can pop up at anywhere and cause a problem
so with the armies doing is they’re creating ways to address that they’re
teaching people when you go in that tunnel you may have to breach a door you
have to think about – maybe think of how oxygen explosives you got you may have
to bring in a k-9 to go sniff out a threat or go through a door before the
soldier does all in an underground very constrained or limited environment and
so the Army’s you know doing this training now that a second airborne here
at Fort Bragg we’re here to check some of it out so here at Fort Bragg with the 82nd
airborne where that training comes down to the Troops so we’re gonna go through
some evolutions of that training with members of the first group Brigade
Combat Team. So captain though we’re here as he’s been training he tell us a
little bit about like where we’re at what we’re looking at what’s going on
today so we’re out here today part of the maneuver center of excellence so I’m
actually with the asymmetric warfare group we’re training 1st Brigade Combat
Team of the 82nd Airborne Division all in subterranean operations and really
were focused on tactics that pertain to the underground environment the kit has
a variety of different tools in it these are their power Hawks which are actually
a battery operated jaws of life type unit all it is is battery you stop it on
press the power button and say anything open close so you would use this for
breaching doors opening doors ripping them open now I guess you don’t always
have pneumatic tools on hand or maybe it’s not always feasible so there’s also
just straight-up muscle power sometimes you got to put into things right
absolutely soldiers being soldiers so what we’re showing them here is just
tools that can be manually carried on the back of soldiers and you can
actually have multiple kits within the formation and these are really similar
to firefighters tools and we’re teaching them how to utilize those tools in order
to to breach lower level doors that will show some resistance through the process
together but what we’re doing over here is teaching the basics and familiarizing
the soldiers with how to use a thermal breaching tool to get through a
reinforced door thermal breaching is nothing more than using devices and tools to burn through at extremely high temperatures to burn through mechanisms so you can gain entry into secure area. That’s what we’re about. career right now has over 5,000 people
to grab facilities. Since that community can only handle four guess whose gonna handle the rest? So the guys create our training all this breacher techniques for
some chief but if somebody has to back him up who’s gonna be? We’re tapping you guys. Tarawa… the Japs had
to be shot, blown, and burned out of that coral fortress. Though some of what
is being trained is new this is far from the first time the military has dealt
with the subterranean from trench warfare in World War I to caves and
bunkers in World War II and even more well-known the tunnel rats of the
Vietnam War even in the most recent Wars like Afghanistan Iraq and Syria
underground threats dotted the battlefield from rural mountains to
major cities. you’re the really difficult thing for the military is we don’t know
what we’re gonna fight next so the military has to be prepared for all of
these kinds of environments fighting in jungles and mountains and deserts in
urban terrain it’s certainly very critical for the military the world is
becoming increasingly urbanized an increasing portion of the population is
gonna be living in cities and large cities and the military’s got to be
prepared for those kinds of environments so what we talked about like the ways
that maybe the military the US military at least treated cities in the past
versus now and why we have to go into them yeah well all things being equal we
would prefer not to fight in cities or underground that’s challenging terrain
but the enemy gets a vote we may not get that choice so the reality is we may
have to go underground because our adversaries are underground they’re
hiding there or there are things we care about underground like you know
sensitive WMD sites so captain we’ve seen a lot of like
pieces of this larger puzzle kind of building blocks leading up to today but
today they’re kind of moving more as a cohesive unit what are we gonna see
inside these buildings today yeah so today basically what we’re doing is
we’re starting to compile the things that they’ve been learning at each of
the stations in the past three days so what we’ll do is we have multiple
different scenarios where we’re going to start to introduce those stressors and
make them actually run an entire situational exercise with some of those
stressors or enabler or just those other components and tie them into a full
mission. we are standing inside here this squad is about to rush in there got a
simunition rounds here and paper targets were trying to avoid that of course as
we watch them kind of approach the building and come in take over all the weak points
and they do their squad tactics. gunfire so right behind me a squads gonna come
through that door they’re gonna be going down the hallway covering each doorway
and and basically leaping forward providing rear security for security “rapid gunfire” what we’re doing out here is actually no
different than we’ve been we’ve previously done we’re just learning
hey this is underground some things changed specifically like oxygen how
much time should we be underground probably no more than an hour do we have
the assets to continue moving underground are we gonna outrun our our
sustainment that’s a scary thought I’m going to model underneath the tunnel
with not a lot of sustainment because it’s not wide enough for vehicles to get
down there those are the things that we need to prepare for and start thinking
about for the for the unknown fight. So what we saw this past week with the 82nd
airborne is something that’s being repeated across the Army. I mean Brigade
after Brigade some have already received this training someone some will
receive this training it’s a it’s building blocks its introduction much of
it is very similar to what they might see in some standard urban trading or
close quarters battle inside buildings and around buildings but they got to take
in all these other limiting factors think about using enablers such as dogs
robots chemical detection you know welding breaching all these different
add add-ons in that very tight confined kind of scary environment of
subterranean so this is a real-world situation I mean there are places in
Korea near Israel Eastern Europe locations even cities in Iraq and
Afghanistan cave systems tunnels sewer systems that have to be dealt with they
are a feature of the modern battlefield and these brigades have to be ready for
them this is a beginning step toward that and there’s a lot more to do these
commanders have to think about.

Tony wyaad



  1. Gia Love Bella Child Posted on February 25, 2019 at 9:16 pm

    I read about this. It's incredible!

  2. BigPhallus4u Posted on June 18, 2019 at 11:23 am

    You can go to (or just below) every major country in the world and never breach the surface world! This is nothing new either.

  3. Rocky MTN Posted on July 10, 2019 at 12:34 am

    This is about the Army’s upcoming need to clear out a bunch of Deep underground bases in our country soon to root out some traitors and rogue elements.

  4. BigPhallus4u Posted on August 19, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    These are the SSp. SECRET SPACE program, underground DUMBS! Its a play on words, we cannot pass the Van Allen Belts or "The Great Firmament" as the bible called it. The Fallen Angels were cast into the earth, the last frontier for humanity vs the aliens, winner take all!!

  5. Brad Phlipot Posted on September 7, 2019 at 11:05 am

    While this is an important battle space to be mastered I am concerned by the tools and methods employed in this training video. Typical breaching tools are heavy, cumbersome and generally require a level of brute force all of which will cause casualties and fatalities. You probably do not want to be anywhere in the vicinity of a sealed door trying to open it because you have no idea whats on the other side or wired to the door, night vision has its limitations, if the enemy does not want to be found you are probably going to find their booby traps. If we are to be proficient in underground urban warfare or otherwise then we need an entirely new set of tools, tools that are light weight, powerful and can be employed by one soldier. A soldiers optics need to have heat sensing technology, tools that can be employed to quickly map out the space ahead, what comes to mind is the little ball thrown in the air in the movie Prometheus, it took off flying through the caves mapping them and identifying heat as well as biological life forms, sounds crazy I know but we are not far off from tech like this and it should be considered. There are so many unknowns that can be used against us in this type of warfare that have not and are not even being considered. To name a few, lethal gas weapons, electronic or conventional booby traps, high explosives above or planted within the framework of a subterranean tunnel, pools of water wired with high voltage cabling the threats to fighting in this environment are so numerous I do not think it is possible to sum them all up here. My point is this battle space needs considerable thought and a whole new set of tools to fight in. JMO. Peace.