February 21, 2020
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“The Soldier” by KG Petrone Signing up, proud to be an American Soldier. Knowing the risk. The life of a man. He gathered his courage, brushed aside his fear. Kissing goodbye those he held dear. He entered the service giving up his years. Boot-camp complete. He’s called to the
campaign. To fight for our freedom through bouts
of heavy rain. The enemy vicious. The battle tiring. His ears ringing, from all the firing. Days, weeks, months have now passed. Fighting through the tall, weeds and grass. Witnessing the deaths of hundreds of men. Feeling death closing in… just waiting for when? Crossing the field, stepping
over the fallen. Hearing the enemy! Nowhere to run! Quickly dropping to the
ground… Customized by Author -English Camouflaged by the slain. Sharing their blood, transferring the stain. Disguised with their blood… laying ever so still. Holding his breath, to avoid being killed. They tested each body with the butt of
their guns Struck in the head – he passed the test. Thinking he was dead they moved
on in left. He woke seeing a white cloaked box. Dressed in a gown and hospital socks. The box held messages from those back home. Expressing their love… saying their
goodbyes. Filling the air with heartfelt monotones. Honorably discharged waiting for flight. After many years of this horrible fight. Back in the States, people are unkind. Not holding their tongues from expressing their minds. They tear at his uniform and spit in his face, What a terribly sad, horrific disgrace! Haunted by visions of all he endured. Thinking of those left behind immured. No bonus for the life, he was willing to
give. So we could all be free, prosper, and live… …could all be free, prosper, and live… …could all be free, prosper, and live! Thank you American Soldiers for your Service!

Tony wyaad