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The Time Zack Morris Tricked His Friends Into Joining The Army Then Abandoned Them

♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫ – Screech says he has
his eyes on a young lady. Zack laughs out loud. Screech makes a move, but when her menacing
boyfriend arrives, he hides. Zack wants Screech to tell him all about that humiliating thing he just saw happen, then slams a door in his face. Belding has great news. – Madonna’s the new school nurse? – Spoken like a virgin. Bayside is hosting the
California Cadet Corps. Lieutenant Adams says it requires
discipline and hard work. Zack says, “Hard pass.” Belding wants to know
who’s in, and Slater says, “Sign me up.” Zack needlessly announces he’s out, then laughs at his own dumb ass for the second time in two minutes. Belding is done with Zack’s assholery, and says he’s earned 30
Saturdays of detention. Zack whines like a child about
his long overdue punishment. Belding says he’ll let Zack off
the hook to stop the whining if he joins the Corps. But because they need a full class, Zack has to recruit peers. Zack’s delighted to dupe
rubes into joining the army to avoid the consequences of his behavior. Zack tells two nerds the army
serves cake at every meal, Then Zack tells the guy whose
been threatening his friend “Hey if you join the Corp,
you can beat up anybody you want” “and not get in trouble.” then provokes Jessie by saying women don’t belong in the army. Then reminds Kelly that
her family has seven kids and is poor and an army scholarship could be her one chance at college. Then exploits Lisa’s sexual
attraction to the Lieutenant. But he needs one more sucker. Bingo. Screech strikes out again, and Zack says the only
way he can get a girl is by being a real man in the army. Zack paints Screech a fantasy where he becomes a decorated officer who can throw dudes into outer
space and gets babe smooches. The gang is nervous, but
Zack tells them to relax because it’s just the army. Lieutenant Adams is doing his
army thing, yelling and such. Zack tells him to chill. The Lieutenant tells Zack
to drop and give him 20. Zack cracks a dumb joke. Lieutenant says, “Make it 50.” Zack continues to goof, thinking that will decrease
his number of pushups. The Lieutenant says, “Make it 100.” Zack considers ways he
can maybe bribe this guy. Zack shows up the next day, in his quitting uniform, but Lieutenant Adams says
he wants to make a deal. There’s an athletic competition and if Zack’s team wins he
can quit with no detention. He’ll even let Zack pick the teams. Zack senses nothing suspicious about this man suddenly being
nice and agrees to his trap. Zack puts all the nerds
and weaklings together on Slater’s red team, then picks all the jocks
and able-bodied babes for his blue team. Slater says that’s unfair, but Zack promises the teams are balanced. The Lieutenant says Zack
is now on the red team and Slater is on the blue team. And it shouldn’t matter
because the teams are balanced. And this was obviously a trap, you dingus. Slater’s team is killing it. Thriving with a real leader. Zack’s shit is a disaster. The team he built to
fail is doing just that. And he’s yelling at
cadets who are only there because of his lies. Zack’s team struggles with
the first obstacle of the day, which is all it takes for him to loudly call them losers and
storm off like a pouty bitch. Screech pleads with Zack to come back but Zack says he doesn’t want to waste any of his precious beanbag
chair magazine time. Screech reminds Zack he’s the only reason any of them enlisted. Zack says he lied, so what? And scolds his friend for trusting him. Screech says he used to look
up to Zack, but not anymore. Hitting Zack the only place he feels it, his fragile blonde ego. Zack returns, not dressed to compete, and says he’s ready to compete. He begs to reenlist, because he can’t stand being made to feel like less than Screech. Lieutenant Adams says
it’s up to his teammates. Zack says he’s sorry
for calling them losers and he wants back in. They say yes, because the
team he designed to lose needs him to win. And they have a deep
insecurity about losing since he yelled they were
losers just one day ago. The games are going great. Who cares. Zack’s only win is during
American Gladiator combat when he distracts his
opponent to sucker punch him. It’s all tied up! Each team has to pick one member to run the final obstacle course. But instead of taking that responsibility, to make up for the many events he skipped, Zack puts the burden
on Screech’s shoulders. And Screech wins, and gets
the girl, no thanks to Zack. Lieutenant Adams says he
guesses this is goodbye. Zack says it isn’t because
he’s not a quitter. Except he certainly is. Because we never see Zack
in Cadet Corps ever again. And who knows what happened
to Lieutenant Adams, he probably fucking killed himself. Let’s review. Zack Morris disrespected a
soldier visiting his school, and instead of accepting his punishment, took a deal where he
had to convince students to join the army, which he only accomplished
through lies and manipulation. And quit after day one,
when he had to do pushups for his insubordination. Then was given a second chance, that he used to cheat his
way onto a winning team. And when the team he built
to lose started losing, abandoned everyone. Then only returned to
repair his damaged ego, and only won a single event
because of a sucker punch, and when the pressure
was on to win it all, he stepped away like a coward, and didn’t learn anything from any of it because he quit one last time, right after saying he’s not a quitter. Zack Morris is trash. ♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫

Tony wyaad



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